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IP² Profiles & Presets

$97  $49

(259 customer reviews)

There is a common misconception that all genres of images need to be edited with different tools.  Honestly, you don’t need different tools,  all you need to do is rethink how you use those tools. 

The IP² Profiles & Presets are not “Genre Specific” they work on any photo you throw at them.

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Zone System Express 6

$247  $147

(244 customer reviews)

The Zone System Express is an all-inclusive Workflow Education Bundle.   With it, you can master Photoshop with an actionable workflow backed by over 15 years of extensive testing.

Over 10 hours of education and a Panel make your processing more efficient, this course is a workflow workhorse!

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Palette Effects III

$247  $147

(190 customer reviews)

Palette Effects takes Color Theory to a whole new level.  You will learn Color Theory from a painter’s perspective and know exactly what tools to use in Photoshop to Color Grade your work.

Palette Effects boasts over 10 hours of unique education and includes a Panel that resembles a painter’s palette.

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Want to give f.64 Elite a try?


f.64 Elite members gain access to all of the past Live Events and they also gain access to:

►  Monthly Photo Challenges to hone their skills and learn new ones
►  Monthly Critique Sessions that show how to improve their work
►  A course archive with more than 30 courses available
►  Extended Vlog content you won’t see anywhere else
►  15% off all Premium Products (even the ones you see on this page)

For a limited time, you can snag a one-week free trial.  After your first week, you will be charged 19.99 per month, you may cancel at any time. 

$19.99 / month with 1 week free trial

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