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FINALLY, you can access your Artistic Vision!

I’ve spent the better part 3 years researching the brain, neuroscience, and artistic vision so you don’t have to! Discovering Your Vision is the best and most unique resource on the topic of artistic vision.

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What They're Saying

Coal to Diamonds

Blake, you’ve done it again. We, your students, are the best-fed kids in the photo art world. Gawh (yea, I know, it’s not a word except in comic books) your mind is an engine, you share and you teach. You take coal and turn it into diamonds in weeks, you’re an alchemist without the magic and tricks and on top of that, YOU SHARE. I can’t wait to see what strikes you next! Thank you!

Stanley- February 5, 2022

The Key!

A key in my hands and the door is already open!
I just needed to realize, there is a door at all 🙂

Heike- February 4, 2022

It makes sense now!

This is going to be eminently helpful to everyone from beginner to expert, I feel. The descriptions of beginner, competent, expert, and comparing differences of mastery to expertise make so much more sense now.

Jeffrey- February 6, 2022

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