Day To Night

Whoever said taking a photograph at 2 in the afternoon under a pale blue sky was a bad idea?  Okay, maybe I have said that a couple times.  However, that is until I got a little creative with some daytime long exposure and some nighttime post processing!

It is possible to turn a daytime photo into a night time  work of art.  The image you see above was taken at about 12 in the afternoon with a horrible midday son with absolutely zero cloud cover.  I put 16 stops of ND Filters on the front of the lens and worked with what I had.  I thought about how wonderful this site must be at night, but because of my schedule, there was no way of being there.  So I got a little creative and turned the son off and the lighthouse on in Photoshop.

In this course, you will see how easy it is to transform a daytime sky into a nighttime paradise!  The workflow for the course is broken down into specific segments.  We will cover the basic nighttime effect and elaborate on it with stock photos and techniques to create mood and atmosphere in the scene.

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to make a basic day to night look (with an Action provided in the course)
  • How to recover color and detail from the beginning photo
  • How to composite stars into the night sky
  • Creating the night time mood and atmosphere with dodging and burning and curves layers
  • How to create custom star-shaped brushes to “Turn the Lights On” in the scene.

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