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What’s Included with
MyPanel Standard?

MyPanel Standard includes the Panel for Photoshop and many useful extras.

We have included a fully PDF Workbook to follow along with the video content and a PDF Manual to help you install and learn MyPanel. 

There is a series of videos in the package as well that will give you all kinds of tips and tricks for building the best panel you can build.



Minutes of Education

Pages of Documentation

Practice Actions

Panels in One

Who is MyPanel Standard for?

MyPanel Standard is for anyone who is well versed in Photoshop’s Actions, has a ton of Actions,  knows very well how to create their own, and doesn’t need anymore of them.


What’s Included with
MyPanel Premium?

MyPanel Premium includes the Panel for Photoshop, everything included in Standard, and 30 Actions to build your first Panel.

These are not 30 random Actions.   The Actions included are called Mini Lumi-Glow. When combined with MyPanel you will create a miniature Luminosity Mask and Radiating Glow Panel.

Don’t let the name fool you.  While it is mini, it is quite mighty!



Minutes of Education

Pages of Documentation

Practice Actions

Panels in One

Who is MyPanel Premium for?

MyPanel Premium is for anyone who has a basic understanding of Photoshop’s actions but would also like some help with creating a workflow from the actions that they currently own.  The inclusion of the Lumi-Glow actions will help get the gears turning, and they are some pretty good actions <wink, wink>


Building a Panel with MyPanel in Under 95 Seconds 

Watch me build a panel in MyPanel in under 95 seconds.  

Building a panel in MyPanel is a breeze.

Once you have your actions ready it is a matter of dragging folders,  renaming them,  then customizing your sections and color coding your buttons.


MyPanel is Like Having Three Useful Panels in One 

Frequently Asked Questions About MyPanel

Do I need to know how to make Actions in Photoshop?

You will either have to know how to make actions, or have a collection of actions from other educators that you can use to populate the panel.  The Mini Lumi-Glow Actions in the Premium package are a great starting point.

Furthermore, after you begin the checkout experience there is an opportunity for you to purchase my “Workflow Automation Series.  This series will teach you everything you need to know about building actions and more.

Can I install MyPanel on my laptop and my desktop?

Yes!  You may install MyPanel on both devices.  However, the two devices may not “talk” to one another.  So you may have to setup MyPanel on both devices to mirror one another.

Do I need to change my workflow to use MyPanel?

Nope!  MyPanel adapts to your current workflow and can actually help you tremendously because you can add your favorite workflow actions to the panel!

Will MyPanel work in Photoshop CS5 or CS6?

Unfortunately,  no.   MyPanel is only for Photoshop CC.   With your most up to date version of Photoshop CC, MyPanel will work flawlessly!


Does MyPanel come complete with actions?

Yes and No.

The Standard MyPanel download includes 10 Actions that you can install so you can work along with me in the video instructions.

The Premium MyPanel download includes the 10 follow along Actions and a 30 Actions pack called “Mini Lumi-Glow”.  These 30 actions will set you up for success with a Luminosity mask and Glow Panel specifically designed for MyPanel by me.  These are Never-Before-Seen actions that you are sure to love!

So is MyPanel really a blank panel with no buttons right out of the box?

Yes, sounds strange right?   Tonee Gee and I developed this panel as a clean slate for  you to fill with your favorite workflow actions so you could very easily develop your own piece of “software” to make your workflow easier in Photoshop.

We did add a plethora of extremely helpful workflow tools for you like automated Blend If,  Blend Modes, Opacity and Fill settings.  The other side of the panel is like a panel within a panel for resizing, saving, and watermarking your photos.


Is this an update to the Zone System Express or Palette Effects?

No.  MyPanel is a panel in its own league.  It does not replace the panels that I have built, but think of it like the panel you’ve always wanted to build to supplement your favorite workflow panels.

If there was ever a time you said, “Gee, I wish _______ was included in the ZSE”…   Well now you can build your own panel with your very own custom buttons.


Is this MyPanel a subscription service?

No.  MyPanel is a downloadable product and is not a part of the f.64  Elite  Subscription service.  It is, however, discounted by 15% for f.64 Elite members.

Logged in members will see the price reduction automatically at checkout.


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