… and create the images you’ve ALWAYS dreamed of!

You’ve got the 30 Days to Ps Mastery which will help you learn Photoshop.  Now learn how to activate your Artistic Vision to make the best work you’ve EVER created! 

What’s Included with this
Discovering Your Vision offer?

Discovering Your Vision includes an entire course about your brain and the science behind your best shot yet!

I have included a full PDF Workbook to follow along with the video content and a PDF Manual, essentially an eBook on the topic.  

Here is how I will show you how to find your vision:


Module #1 The Artistic Brain
✓ Video #1: 8 TRUTHS About Your Vision
✓ Video #2: Art and Reality
✓ Video #3: Understanding Your Brain
✓ Video #4: Reality, the Brain, and the Camera
✓ Video #5: Novice vs Expert
✓ Video #6: Developing Your Vision
✓ Video #7: Nurturing Neural Pathways

Module #2 Practical Application
✓ Video #1: Documentation Strategies
✓ Video #2: Panoramic Point, Badlands NP (Two Parts)
✓ Video #3: Watchman of Badlands, NP (Two Parts)
✓ Video #4: Boulder Beach, Acadia NP (Two Parts)
✓ Video #5: Bass Harbor, Acadia NP (Two Parts)
✓ Video #6: Rock Cut, Rocky Mountain NP (Two Parts)
✓ Video #7: The Danger of Simulations

Module #3 Vision in Post Production
✓ Video #1: Elements of a Photograph
✓ Video #2: What is Artistic Vision in Post Production
✓ Video #3: Optical Illusions in Post Production
✓ Video #4: When is it Enough?
✓ Video #5: Activate the Senses in Post
✓ Video #6: Deliberate Practice
✓ Video #7: What’s Next?

I have purchased a number of courses from f64 and they have all exceeded my expectations, and this one was no exception. Blake Rudis provides a huge amount of information but presents it in a logical, well-thought-out, understandable, and enjoyable manner. This course provides a fascinating insight into how the brain works and how as photographers, we can understand this power and use it to discover our own artistic vision. It is packed with practical ideas and additional study suggestions and I would recommend it to anyone striving to find a more creative direction for their work.

Colin B

What an AMAZING Course!

Blake, you have done it again with another fantastic course!!!!

Thank you so much for relighting my vision I already had inside of me.

It will be easier now to make my Images explode with my feelings, colour, excitement and power for the viewer to experience and feel with me, how I saw it at the time.

My fire has been ignited again, to let my photography express my vision.

Yes!! I am an ARTIST!!!!

Maureen J

Absolutely amazing. I got to realize a lot about my photography and editing within the first 5 lessons.

Tim B

The best most insightful course I’ve ever taken concerning how to develop your photography skills. It was very much worth the effort to learn how to get your vision from your mind to the Photo.

John T

This was a perfect fit for the direction I am moving my photography to. It gave me the tools to hone my vision along with the more than thought provoking way to see as a possible client. Some would want more of a tutorial on how to accomplish certain things in processing an image. However I think that this is indispensable since it is a visionary look instead of just a tool tutorial. This was a game changer for me!

Doug P

Why You Should Consider Discovering Your Vision?

Let’s face it, trying to access your artistic vision without a road map for success seems nearly impossible, right?

No matter what direction you go, or how many videos you watch on YouTube, you just seem to flounder around aimlessly hoping one day it will just happen, but it never does.  I think many of us assume that great photos are the combination of:


Great subjects, experience, and expensive gear do not make great photos… great vision makes great photos.

If you feel like you wander through your photo editing without VISION, then what I’m about to share with you is going to be a complete game-changer.

Because… I have built a system that gives you the knowledge to tap into your artistic vision on command and guide you to do your best work yet!

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