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A Different Approach to Presets
Ted on Jan 21, 2020

I have bought presets in the past and promptly deleted them. Most presets try to set a mood or look a photographer was able to get with their camera, settings, and location with little regard for ours. The GPS presets take a different approach that quickly and intelligently lead me through Lightroom adjustments that results in a starting point for Photoshop and in many cases a completed image. The difference being the GPS presets are not camera based. Excellent job on this Blake.

Fast Look Presets
Charles on Jan 21, 2020

After a photo trip or shoot I normally start working on my photos to attempt and redevelop the scene I captured. Many times I miss developing an aspect of the photo because I was not concentrating on part of the photo. Blake’s presets give a fast look at things I may not have thought about trying to develop. It has helped me see things that I may not have seen with my own eye. Highly recommend to help develop your creative edge.

Not a Fan of Presets
Gary on Jan 31, 2020

Not a big fan of presets BUT these are great helps me to get to what I saw when I took the photo a lot faster

Easy to Install, Love the Education
Susan on Feb 04, 2020

I use the RAW GPS presets within Lightroom. They are so easy to install and very easy to use, obtaining fast results. The fact that Blake shows you how to make and save your own presets makes the purchase worth it alone.

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