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Now is your chance to get your hands on my Photoshop MEGA BUNDLE!

··• Here’s the Main Idea for Each Course •··

Game of Tones

Game of Tones is a tone theory course from f.64 Elite. The course teaches you how to edit photos with tone in mind, and how to read and understand tones so you know what is going on when your viewer sees your work.
Tones play a huge role in navigating the viewer’s eye around a photo. The difference between a good photo and a phenomenal photo rests in one critical place: the tones.

Blend Modes

The problem with Blend Modes is we find one maybe two or three that we like and we tend to stick to them and tell all the others to take a hike.  While many people will tell you to stick to Luminosity, Soft Light, Overlay and Screen, I am telling you that there is a treasure trove of color grading goodness in Vivid Light, Hard Mix, and dare I say it,  Difference!  This course was tailored for everyone.  It contains the perfect blend (see what I did there) of the how to use them with the why behind them.

Linear Light

The Linear Light Blend Mode is great, but you have to know the formula to make it work.  I guarantee if you try using it right now without the formula you are going to say “Blake has lost his mind!” There is a very specific formula that makes the Linear Light Blend Mode Magical!  I will teach you the secrets and all the in’s and outs of this incredible Blend Mode.

The Unrivaled Blend If

Are you tired of blending layers in Photoshop with little success?
You’re not alone. Many photographers and designers share the same frustrations. That is soon going to be a worry of the past for you!

No more endless tweaking of blending modes and layer masks. No more frustration trying to get the right look with incapable tools. With this panel and knowledge you’ll be able to create beautifully blended compositions in seconds, not hours.  This panel and education for Photoshop is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Blake is by far the ‘nerdiest’ PS tutor going. For nuts and bolts stuff, he’s the top of the line. And when he starts talking about Blend If like it was the second coming… he knows what he’s talking about. The plug in with the Blend If sliders is indeed a feature that should have been built into PS from the START. But since it wasn’t, leave it to Blake to figure it out, recruit the help and get it done. Simply put, I love the thing, but it would have been worth much less without Blake’s enthusiasm and talking up a feature in PS that too many of us have shied away from for lack of understanding. Good job, Blake. Keep it up, and thanks.


Linear Light was a blend mode I have never heard mentioned in my 12-year photo journey. Then, Blake started to talk about it and fortunately for my education by the time he mentioned it, I had a strong positive opinion that he knew what he was talking about. So, I held my breath and jumped in. It is now a core technique for improving photos. And, it can be used in conjunction with standard PS techniques to add value to any photo. Well worth spending the time to learn the materials and to practice enough to integrate Linear Light into your skill set.

Tom B.

You do not need a PhD in photoshop to follow this course. Blake is an excellent instructor and takes you step by step through the course so both a beginner or an expert can follow along. The Game of Tones takes a deep dive into both the theory and application of TONES. Taking the “correct exposure” in camera outside of a studio setting cannot always be achieved due to the dynamic range of both the dynamic range of both the outdoor lighting and our cameras. So, a dull day with no contrast and small dynamic range or a sunrise/setting with a glaring sun and shadowy foreground need post-processing to create and or modify. Game of Tones is an excellent way to create and sculpt light where it does not exist or modify an image where there is a wide dynamic range. Now, the course is not only for correcting light. We are shown how understanding and working with tones can take good images to new heights.

Peter F.

I followed the `Blend If` course and to complete it, Blend modes are certainly included. Most `teachers` on the Internet are talking about a few blend modes, mostly screen and overlay. I thought, the other modes give mostly weird results, so don`t bother…
How wrong can you be! If you understand the cohesion and the way of using, a world will open to you…
Especially when you know when to use the Fill mode, that is great!
The way you can easily explain difficult things in a light way is only given to a `natural born` teacher. So, `Blend if` and `Blend modes` are a perfect combo, thank you!

Ab A.

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