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Keith R. on Aug 18, 2023

Great value for money. As a new user of photoshop I find it extremely useful to scroll through the various options to find ones which best suit my images. It has taken so much of the trial and error out of my work flow.

Gary Simms on Dec 21, 2020

These, along with the GPS presets, get you started down a path to an artistic image.

Richard P. on Dec 02, 2020

Excellent choice of presets, extremely useful

Kevin on Nov 09, 2020
Richard McKeever on Nov 04, 2020

I ordered the set of camera raw profiles and found them well worth the price – nice variety and they install and work very easily. I like profiles better than presets – but not sure why – Haven’t used them a lot yet – but it did wonders for my fall color photos

SALIM on Oct 26, 2020

Excellent product. I’m using it all the time. I would highly recommend it and an excellent investment!!

Sharon Fitch on Oct 25, 2020

Great educational product.

David Robinson on Oct 20, 2020

I have started to use the profiles and have had excellent results.

SUSAN B. on Oct 12, 2020
David Sordi on Oct 11, 2020

An incredible help as a start to expressing your artistic vision.

Cor van der Linden on Oct 08, 2020

Very useful Profiles for both Lightroom and ACR

Kevin FitzGerald on Oct 07, 2020

Excellent profiles for ACR and they save time by offering solid outlines for further processing in PS.

Marilyn C. on Oct 06, 2020

Great product. Love it.

Robyn on Oct 04, 2020
Neil Schaffel on Sep 26, 2020

Using them on almost every image

Ian on Jul 07, 2020

This product takes my hobby the next level

Clicking the "Yes, I Want This Button" will automatically add this product to your order for $27.
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