Palette Effects 2.0 Extended Edition Invitation

Join us!

The Extended Invitation

One last opportunity to hop in on the Extended Edition with 4 more weeks of Palette Effects education.

I must close this opportunity by September 27th at midnight!








Palette Effects 2.0 Extended Edition

The Palette Effects Extended Edition content is for individuals who want to take their knowledge of color grading and developing a personal style to the next level.

I am often asked if there is any additional content included with Palette Effects for developing a style.  There isn’t really, just the education to use the panel and some thoughts on Color Theory and how to use that to develop a style.

The Extended Edition is a 4-week series that will target a different area of study every week to have you better understanding color theory.  We are going to take a community approach to this and use your questions to develop the Extended Edition course material.

Is this a free service?

No, the extended edition is not included in your free upgrade.

Your free upgrade for Palette Effects contains the panel and the new education recorded for Palette Effects 2.0.  The Extended Edition is an add-on option for you, but is not required for you to use Palette Effects 2.0

Is this included in my f.64 Elite Subscription?

No, the extended edition is not included in the f.64 Elite Subscription.

f.64 Elite has its own content that will be updated throughout the month of October.

When does the 4 Week Series Start?

It will begin on October 1st and go through November 2nd.

Blake… that’s  5 weeks…

There will be one week off from the content in the middle of the Extended Edition series.  This will give you time to get caught up and my wife and I are going on vacation 🙂

Will the content be downloadable?

Yes!  All Live Events and Formal Tutorials will be downloadable after they have been accomplished.  You will receive information on how to do that when the time comes.

Will this be for purchase (a product in your store) after the 4 Weeks is over?

No!  You have until September 27th to hop on board the Extended Edition train 🙂  After that, it departs on a one-way excursion and it will not make an appearance in the Elite Store.

However, if you do make the purchase, you will have access to it indefinitely and will be able to download the content that goes along with it.


Each week will start with information gathering through surveys and questions.  I will use those responses to guide the content for the following weekly education.


On Wednesday of each week, we will meet in a webinar-style venue to discuss the questions asked at the beginning of the week.


At the end of each week, on Friday, I will gather the material from the week and produce a formal tutorial that addresses the questions and content from the Live Event.

Purchase the 4 Week Extended Edition Series

As a valued customer and current owner, you have the option to buy into the Extended Edtion series for Palette Effects 2.0

This is supplemental education and is not required for you to enjoy Palette Effects 2.0, however, we will be covering a lot more ground in 4 weeks.

The Extended Edition tuition fee is $50
Must be purchased by 27 September @ midnight!

($42.50 for logged in f.64 Elite Members)

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