CLiR-IR Mastery Standard Edition

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52 reviews for CLiR-IR Mastery Standard Edition

  1. Roy Branford (verified owner)

    OUTSTANDING! A few months ago I had one of my cameras converted to take infrared images. I was sadly lacking in IR photography knowledge and learnt a limited amount watching YouTube videos. I have just watched Blake and Tonee’s intros and also the history and technical video by Tonee, which is in depth and excellent. I have had a play with the PS IR panel and I must say I am very impressed. I can’t wait to conue my learning. Well done, Blake and Tonee. Your hard work has paid off. For anyone wishing to enter the exciting world of IR this is a must.

  2. John (verified owner)

    Incredible educational program. I have learned so much to augment my photographic images. Blake is a master at instruction and makes it an enjoyable learning process. I highly recommend this program to any photographer!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    excellent presentation, beginning with the basics

  4. Shadowerable (verified owner)

  5. Ed Alexander (verified owner)

    It’s not a program that is easy to learn, in fact it is very complex. The results when you are successful are a vast improvement over prior images.

  6. Patrick Hardman (verified owner)

  7. Jill (verified owner)

    This is the 3rd course/software I have taken by Blake Rudis. Frankly he is right there at the top. Fantastic teacher, makes it so easy to understand. Tonee Gee is a brilliant compliment to him in this course. Can thoroughly recommend!!

  8. Ralph (verified owner)

  9. Randy Bott (verified owner)

  10. Graham (verified owner)

    While I’ve done some Ir in the past and have some images I thing are fine art beautiful, I’ve always felt it to be a bit hit and miss as ot the actual process and options.
    This course just simplifies and give a very clear path.

    Highly recommended to anyone serious about learning IR and cutting through all the clutter and bed information, Wish I’d had this course 15 years ago.

  11. caroline j. (verified owner)

    Wonderful well laid out manual and compelling videos. I have no photoshop experience to speak of. With a bit of extra coaching, I’m on my way! Blake and Tonee have developed a method for infrared, all well explained even for the novice user of photoshop. I have studying and lots of practice coming up but – this educational course is worth every cent!

  12. Peter (verified owner)

  13. Siveesh (verified owner)

    Clear and precise editing tool combined with excellent tutorial video covering from basics of infrared photography and then taking us level by level to master infrared photography and editing to get the final image we had in our mind.

  14. Elias Siebenga (verified owner)

    Blake is a great teacher and takes you on a wonderful journey into infrared photography full of surprises.

  15. Johan (verified owner)

    This training has helped me to improve my IR editing workflow. However, I wish that the training could touch on recipes behind SWAP 2-6.

  16. Jon (verified owner)

    I just purchased this a few days ago and am totally amazed by the method taught. I was initially skeptical because I was taught IR from another master photographer a few years ago. However, this method takes my photography to a new level. Especially since the starting point is at the raw level. I never knew this before. The initial setup was a bit confusing for me, but Tonee Gee was able to help me personally on my computer. I never expected that kind of personal attention. The follow along videos are crucial to this method and make it easy to create images that go beyond my expectations.

  17. Christopher (verified owner)

    I love that the class is summarized in PDF form to complement the video making it easier to find something after the fact and reducing the need to be taking notes. Well done and comprehensive class and exciting product.

  18. Sam G. (verified owner)

    Well done on intro to IR and how to process IR files starting from zero. I have a fair bit of experience with IR and still found a lot of useful information. The CLiR panel looks great and I need to explore the uses for it a lot more…

  19. fari farag (verified owner)

  20. James C. (verified owner)

    Outstanding course and PS panel. Having fun with this and learned a lot along the way.

  21. Scott Oberle (verified owner)

    Results are far far superior to anything I have been able to get before.

  22. Russ (verified owner)

    One of the best courses for InfraRed photography out there. Blake and Tonee did a great job in both the software panel and the training materials. Anyone serious about getting into IR photography would benefit from getting this course.

  23. Joni (verified owner)

    Many techniques to master which will improve my post production. Since I shoot only at the B&W level of infrared I couldn’t use many of the colorization techniques but certain many others will benefit from the aspect of the training.

  24. Anthony (verified owner)

    Provided a good detailed explanation of infrared. The CLiR panel loads easily and offers a lot to infrared enthusiasts who want a specific infrared processing package to enhance their colour ir images and editing. The training videos are very helpful because I was not familiar with the use of panels, profiles, etc. Can’t yet get my head around LUT profiles but I need to view the video again and try in Adobe RAW/Photoshop CC. You need to be experienced in Photoshop and Adobe RAW to a reasonable degree to be able to understand and assimilate the training. A word of warning – I downloaded the Adobe DNG converter instead of the DNG profile editor. Took me while to realise my mistake but that’s me. A little pricey but well worth the cost if like me you want to develop/improve your infrared images processing skills. Well done to the two developers – infrared is a specific photographic genre and developing the CLiR software must have been a challenge and involve considerable development work and time. I can fully recommend the software if you love infrared photography.

  25. Martin Ray (verified owner)

  26. Thomas (verified owner)

    Helpful and interesting stuff. Good works and easy explanations

  27. Dennis Z. (verified owner)

    Blake and Tony do an excellent job of explaining the IR process and how it works. The Nerdy stuff is actually very necessary in my opinion so you can get a real understanding of the IR process. I would recommend this course highly to anyone who would has a real interest in IR Photography and how to post process IR photos. I’ve learned a lot! That being said, be prepared to take notes and watch each video in order. If you’re like me you’ll be watching the video over and over for a while. 🙂

  28. Helen (verified owner)

    Not got to grips with it fully yet, but enjoying it so far and expect to get more from it when I progress.

  29. Nick (verified owner)

    I preface this comment by saying that I have been doing IR for several years. As such the course was interesting but did not provide anything unexpected. However the game changer for me was the combination of camera profiles and LUTS. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere else. I have not used the add-in as I seem to be able to do everything in Photoshop without learning a new interface.

    To summarize – the course provided some valuable tools, but the I found the course expensive for what I got out of it.

  30. John Thompson (verified owner)

    I have just started in IR photography and I find CLIR invaluable in editing my photographs. The panel provides methods I would never have thought of on my own.

  31. Enrico (verified owner)

    The Clir panel is a great tool, which gives me completely new possibilities in the processing of infrared images. I’ve been involved with infrared photography for over 5 years and am finally pleased to have a professional tool for effective image editing.

  32. Gus (verified owner)


  33. Dawn (verified owner)

    I have been shooting IR for over 10 years. Using only BW and simple red/blue and lab channel swapping were not enough. To get what I wanted, I would use up to six different plugins/programs. CLiR gives me the tools to do that with ease. Thank you!

  34. Dheaton (verified owner)

    Up to this point I have been very disappointed with my Infrared photography. So much so that I put the camera on the shelf and never took it out. When I saw this software I knew I need to have it. Now that I am using the CLiR package I have a whole new excitement level. The panel has upped my game and my Infrared photographs are looking better.

  35. AMY (verified owner)

    CLiR is a great product, and I would like to learn more in depth the ways to use the panel. Not to be disrespectful, but I just didn’t get much out of Tonee’s processing examples, although his history and brake down of IR was fantastic. Blake is a great teacher, but I feel that more time spent doing different types of examples with the panel it’s self would have more valuable. I’m feeling a little lost at this point. There are so many “buttons” that weren’t addressed and I’m just not sure where to use them in the work flow. Additional tutorials on the panel would be very helpful, and maybe you already have some, if you do please let me know where to find them. I would like to watch someone with much great knowledge of the panel run through more examples.

  36. Linda D. (verified owner)

    CLiR is an incredible tool to use with infrared photos. I can do so much more than I did before when processing IR images plus the training videos are invaluable and got my creative juices flowing. Great job Blake and Tonee

  37. Amonsak (verified owner)

    The best shortcut to the world of IR photography, I will discover more with more.

  38. Sue (verified owner)

    I have never been disappointed in any of Blake’s products and I can honestly say the same about this IR course. I have been thinking of having a camera converted to IR for a while but held off until I’d done this course because of not knowing what to buy. I now know and the course has really spurred me on, so much that I’ve now bought a 2nd hand camera and will have it converted to IR – I’m going for the 665nm. I’d have made a huge mistake if I’d bought before the course, ie. I’d have gone for the popular 720nm.

    If you in the least bit interested in IR photography, then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this course. Not only do Tonee and Blake teach you about editing, but they give you valuable information about what each type of filter does.

    Definite recommendation from me.

  39. Serge (verified owner)

    Lots of useful information. Blake is a good narrator and the G in Tonee G must stand for genius.

  40. klaas (verified owner)

    Good Course, Overwhelming photoshop panel. I’ll have to learn a lot. very promising

  41. Jörg (verified owner)

  42. Henrik (verified owner)

    I bought this product because they said that it would show me how to do the channel swap in LR/ACR and begin my basic edits there. It did that in spades. That totally blew me away. That is the most important thing that I needed in my IR workflow. Tonee is an amazing genius and Blake is a natural teacher. The step by step video instruction was top notch. The panel in Photoshop is very imaginative and comprehensive. So why 4 stars instead of 5? I really battled with that one. It seemed to let me down when we came to the panel. It seems to me there should have been 2 or 3 videos on introducing the panel, it parts and all the power that it has. We were plunked right into each of their workflows. The workflows are important but they jump around very quickly because they know it so well. I was saying “Just a minute, what does that do?” Now this is not a big deal. It delivers in spades what is most important. I feel there is a little room for improvement on the extent of the instruction. I have gone back to my standard PS workflow and I will gradually incorporate the panel into it by using the amazing and complete manual provided. I offer these comments to reflect how pleased I am with the product but a suggestion for possible improvement.

  43. curtis Jackson (verified owner)

    I have not got my camera let, still waiting for it to come, but in the mean time from the lessons I have read and photographs members has sent in I can tell taking IR photos is something I should have been doing years ago. It seems to be a lot of work but the results will be well worth it.

  44. KENNETH (verified owner)

    try this on normal images this is wonderful on large format paper negatives when colors are not as they seem or indeed when images colors have gone wrong. waiting to buy my IR camera in the mean time. thank you.

  45. Ray Grace (verified owner)

    I have been stumbling about for a long time now with my iR camera not knowing exactly what I was doing and having no particular established workflow. This panel and the accompanying excellent information has changed that. It is an excellent package packed full of essential and useful information. The only issue I have, and it’s a slight one, is the grammatical errors in the pdf documentation. This has obviously been written by Tonee, whose spoken English is excellent (certainly much better than my french) but the written English is not quite so good. It’s perfectly understandable and nothing is lost but the slight grammatical errors take the gloss off the documentation. However, CLiR panel is still outstanding value for money.

  46. Douglas (verified owner)

    This course provides a great introduction to the world of infrared photography along with tools and examples to accelerate workflow and improve image quality. The CLiR panel included is a very powerful tool. All the sessions were enjoyable and informative. I am looking forward to putting my new tools and knowledge to work on some shots. Thanks for pulling together this invaluable information and presenting it well!

  47. mathieu (verified owner)

    very good explanation and documentation.

  48. Allen (verified owner)

    I’ve dabbled in IR for several years buy it took so much work to get the image I was looking for. Clir is almost magical and it makes IR fun again.

  49. amedeo adobbati (verified owner)

    A little difficult at the beginning especially for installing panel on PC and MAC; but after short time….it works!Now I have to read manual – more than 300 pages! – and it will be funny.

  50. Lewis (verified owner)

    Adds lots of skill sets conveniently arranged in the CLiR panel. Blake Rudis and Pierre “Tonne Gee” Guidera teamed up well for this worthy project.

  51. Fabrizio (verified owner)

    I have been in infrared photography world for 2 years but with Blake’s and Tonee’s tips and tricks and the CLiR panel now my approach is totally different and my skills have been extremely improved! The course is very detailed about all the elements of the infrared photography technique and the post-production of our shoots. After the course Tonee was so kind to help me with some troubles custom white balance on my camera, that’s great! It could be useful for the future maybe add subtitles on the videos for helping people less used to speak or listen to English. Great job and thank you!

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