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One of my good friends and fellow photo buddies, Jeffrey McPheeters, once told me that photo editing is like being a chef.   You can give the same ten ingredients to two different chefs, and each one will come up with something different.  Some of them may go for sweet, others for savory and some may not even know what to do with the ingredients.  Photo post-processing is no different.

In the Palette Effects education bundle, I simply showed you the ingredients.  Here we are going to make some recipes from them!  In the course material, I will share with you what I have come up with using some of the “ingredients.”   However, like any good chef, you may find you want a little more of this that and these recipes are 100% ready for modification.

We will create five different images from the provided recipes.

Recipe #1:  Black and White:  the Silver Lining
Recipe #2:  Warm Sunsets
Recipe #3:  Vintage Dreams
Recipe #4:  Bleached Lomo
Recipe #5:  Selective Saturation (a Workflow method)

What we will learn in Palette Effects Recipes:

  • How to make our own “Recipes” from the Palette Effects “Ingredients.”
  • How to use the Custom Selection tool to apply effects to specific areas of our images.

2 reviews for Palette Effects Recipes

  1. Riet (verified owner)

  2. Steven (verified owner)

    Well presented ideas on how to create and use “recipes” in Palette Effects.

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