RAW Workflow is evolving, DONT get stuck in the past!

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••• The Zone System Express RAW •••

Masking in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom is not easy.  You have a whole new interface with several new mask additions and they threw out the concept of the Adjustment Tools like bad bath water.  Several items have been rearranged and the whole Add, Subtract, and Intersect Mask thing… Forget about it!

Or should you forget about it? 
Would that be the best idea for your workflow?

Absolutely not!  The Masking area in ACR and Lightroom that came packaged with the Photoshop CC 2022 release is incredible!  While there are several changes to the way we worked in the past, it is all for the better, I promise.

In this course I will help break down some of the barriers you may have with the Masking tools.  I will supply you with knowledge and some incredible presets that use the principles of my Zone System Express as their base. 

After this course, not only will you be making better masks with the presets I have built, but you will know how to make your own and how to use this new feature to its maximum potential!

•••The Course in a Nutshell•••

•  10 unique video tutorials

•  100 minutes of education

•  37 ACR 14.0 and Lightroom Presets for ULTIMATE Masking Control

•  Access to all PDF’s and Follow Along Files

In this RAW Masking Course, You Will Learn:

► How to Install Masking Presets

► The Principles of the New Masking Section in ACR 14 and Lightroom

► Difference between and use of Luminance and Color Range Masks

► How the Zone System relates to Masking in ACR

► Intro to the ZSE RAW Presets!

► Understanding “Math Masks”

► Complete RAW Workflow with Masking Section and Presets

BONUS – How to make your very own MASKING PRESETS!


••• ZSE RAW •••

What to Expect

Your RAW Workflow is about to change for the better.  The new Masking Section in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom that came packaged with Photoshop CC 2022 is INCREDIBLE!  The possibilities are endless, so be prepared to spend a lot of time experimenting, your work is about to get a whole lot better!

Masking Made Easy!

Blake’s new tools make masking easier than ever with his incredible Zone System knowledge baked into every one!

Tons of Extras

Follow Along PDF, Presets, and Practice images.

It’s All In How You Slice It

Making GOOD Masks in ACR or Lightroom comes down to how you slice up the image to get the most accurate masks possible.

In this course you will learn about Zones 0-10 and how they are the basis for all image editing.

Sure, I’m going to give you presets that do all the hard work for you, but they are all for naught if you don’t know what is going on in the background.

We will break our images down together and through this, you will see the value of the Zone System in the Raw editing process.



Before & After Examples

Setting the Foundation


Working properly at the RAW level sets the foundation for all other work in Photoshop.  

Doesn’t Have to Be EPIC


Of course, we want all of our images to demand an audience with their presence, but not all images need to or have to do that.  Sometimes there is beauty in simplicity.  Either way, your raw processing plays a critical role in the viewers initial response.

Great Moments Come to Life

I can still remember taking this shot in Badlands National Park.  It was the end of a long day of hiking, the sun had gone down and it was nearly pitch black out.  I could feel the moonlight behind me as I walked back to my car.

When I turned around I saw the clouds part and the moon shining bright over the landscape.  I dropped my pack and quickly put my camera on my tripod and stumbled my way through a composition.  

When I got back to my PC to process the piece, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Several times going back to the image resulted in failure after failure.

I was so happy when I re-attacked this piece with the Masking Tools in ACR.  I had the drive to make this shot something spectacular, but I lacked the tools… until now!


No Matter the Subject


Sure, I love landscape photography, but you can use the knowledge I have for you in the Zone System Express Raw course on ANY genre of photography.  


As long as it’s a RAW file, its fair game!


RAW Workflow is evolving, DONT get stuck in the past!

Learn how to use the latest ACR and Lightroom update to YOUR advantage.

Lots of Content In One Very Small Package




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in the pricing structure for this course?

There are two ways to watch this course.

1.  You can pay one flat rate and download the course to your computer.  With this option, you own it and can download it to your iPod/Pads or any personal device for that matter and watch the tutorial anywhere at any time.

2.  You can become a member of f.64 Elite and stream the course for free.  As an f.64 Elite member, you have access to critique sessions, a community forum, monthly photo challenges, and discounts on all of Blake’s products.  Monthly Memberships are subject to a monthly fee, and the content on the site is only available for streaming.

If I become a member can I quit at any time?


f.64 Elite Memberships are paid for monthly, but there are no annual contracts.  You pay for each month as you go and may cancel at any time without penalties.

Does this course come with everything I need to follow along?


Blake includes all of his follow along images, actions, presets, PDF’s (if applicable) and or extras.  Some lessons have actions and images, some just images, others a PDF and some do not have any extras (usually the introduction and conclusion videos).  Everything you need to follow along is included in the course purchase.Programs, Plugins, and Software Applications are not included.  For example, if this is a Photoshop course, Photoshop is not included in your purchase.

I am a portrait Photographer, will this course help me?


It doesn’t matter what you photograph. There is always a reason to use masking in ACR 14.0 or Lightroom.  

Do I need your plugins to use this course?


This course was specifically built to build on foundational knowledge, therefore, no other plugins or software are necessary.  Just Good ol’ ACR 14.0 or the latest Lightroom update that came packaged up with Photoshop CC 2022!

I use Lightroom, will this course help me?


I don’t use Lightroom, I use Adobe Camera Raw.  However, ACR and Lightroom use the same engine so to speak for Raw editing.  
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