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Blind Editing YOUR Images with IP² NOIR!

You can make more meaningful Black and White photographs that evoke mood and emotion within your viewer.

Witness the Possibilities for YOUR BW Work!

All of the images below were created using the Intelligent NOIR Profiles & Presets.  Look at the before Color image combined with its Black and White equivalent.  Then compare it to the Noir version.

Dramatic Floral Images

The combination of the pre-built profiles and the presets for refinement make it really easy to get professional quality results with very little effort. 

The Mood Your Landscapes Deserve!

There are some places, like Olympic National Park and Yosemite, that scream Black & White.  However, getting that mood into your monochromatic images can be a real challenge.

With the Intelligent Noir profiles and presets, mood is baked into EVERY conversion!

Portraits with Feelings!

Leave an impression as lasting as the people you photograph with your Black and White processing.  Skin tone present a real problem in the black and white conversion process, IP² Noir has profiles built specifically for preserving skin tones while adding life to your portraits. 

It’s all in the light!

You will learn that good tones come from good color, that’s true!  However, light plays a very important role in the overall outcome of your Black and White image.

You will learn how to use the the filters in IP² Noir to direct the viewer’s attention.  Whether the light was there to begin with or you needed to add some for dramatic effect 🙂

A Conversion for Every Genre

Every photo of every genre, including wildlife or bird photography, has the potential to fall flat, or be moody and full of emotion.

The steps you take in your process will determine the outcome of your tones. 


No matter the genre you find yourself photographing, from Wildlife to Street photography or Portrait to Landscape, the Intelligent NOIR profiles and presets are your go-to for making impact with your tones!

What’s Included In
Profiles & Presets

This Intelligent Profile & Preset pack includes one set of hand-crafted profiles and 4 categories of presets: Profile Selection, Tone Refinement, Color & Finishing, and Filters.  

Each category was uniquely crafted to work hand in hand with the Profiles included in the bundle. 

I have done all the hard work for you by whittling this package down to the most effective profiles and presets.

Minutes of Education

Pages of Instruction

Methodical Presets

Hand Crafted Profiles

Laser Focused Videos

Profiles & Presets & Education

This Package is for those who want it all.  This type of person not only appreciates great tools but also wants to know how they can create their own.  

A proven system for creating epic Black & White photos with mood, emotion, and impact is waiting for you!

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