It’s like PHD Level Color Theory Education

The Extended Editions I provide are very in-depth and add much more value to your Color Theory Education.

I envision it like this.   When I was in Art School I would have 4 hours a week with my professor to ask him or her anything I wanted and get answers all while feeding off of a group atmosphere.  After the class was over, I would spend my time practicing and learning new things to bring to my teacher’s attention at a later time.

Extended Edition content = Time with the Professor and Classroom
     Palette Effects Education = Personal study & textbook style education

Right now, you hold the textbook and the tools.   They are great I spent years building them up to what they are now. But that time with the classroom and professor is integral to growth and learning,  otherwise, we wouldn’t need Universities and Colleges.

This is your opportunity to take you Color Theory knowledge to new heights and have a say in what you learn through group study.

the Extended Edition in a Nutshell

In the Palette Effects Extended Edition, we will take a deep dive into Color and Color Theory.  We will elaborate on all the things you will learn in the Palette Effects education, but we will take that knowledge one step further.


3 Main Components of a Photo

In the first session of the PE Extended Edition content, we will focus on the three main components of any photo.

We will do this by dissecting the most important visual elements in your work and show how they affect the viewer.


Painters vs

Photographers are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to capturing the viewers attention in the Art World.

In this session we will discuss our hardships and what we can learn from Painters to overcome them.


Film Study &
Color Grading

There is so much to learn about Color Grading our Photos from the film industry.  Have you ever seen a movie that captivated your attention from the very beginning?

I would say that the most compelling movies use color to their advantage and SO CAN WE!


Wrap UP, Review, & Workflow

In the final session of the Palette Effects Extended Edition, we will combine everything we learned in the bundled education and the Extended Edition and work on a photo together from start to finish.

This is where the rubber meets the road in an incredible workflow finale!

✓ 4 Topic-Focused Sessions 

✓ 12 videos targeting practical application of Color to Photography

✓ Includes PDF Documentation and Example Images 

Palette Effects Extended Edition

The Palette Effects Extended Edition content is for individuals who want to take their knowledge of color grading and developing a personal style to the next level.

I am often asked if there is any additional content included with Palette Effects for developing a style.  There isn’t really, just the education to use the panel and some thoughts on Color Theory and how to use that to develop a style.

Is this a free service?

No there is an additional fee associated with the extended edition as it will leave you with a lot more downloadable content and unique insights on Color Grading and Color theory that were not covered in the course material. 

This is also not included in the update from Palette Effects. As a previous purchaser of Palette Effects, your free update for Palette Effects contains the panel and the new education recorded for Palette Effects III.

The Extended Edition is an add-on option for you but is not required for you to use Palette Effects III

Is this included in my f.64 Elite Subscription?
No, the extended edition is not included in the f.64 Elite Subscription. f.64 Elite has its own content that will be updated throughout the month of September.
Will the content be downloadable?

Yes!  All of the content contained in the PE Extended Edition is yours to download and watch at your leisure.

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