Unlock Your Artistic Vision

Make better photos experiences for your viewer!

Have you always wanted to access your artistic vision, but never knew where to begin?

My name is Blake Rudis, and for the past three decades, I’ve been making art through my unique artistic vision. But, I haven’t always been successful with my vision. Until recently, I never really knew where to begin.

Maybe you are like me, and you just assumed that some people had an artistic vision and others didn’t. Like Dr. Seuss’ Star-Bellied Sneetches or the “have’s“, if you will.

Maybe you were like me and just worked through your photographs blindly, hoping something would pop out at you and say, “over here, yeah, me, I’m the source of your inspiration for your piece!”

Or maybe you feel like you don’t have what it takes to access your vision on command.

The truth is, all of those statements are lies. I firmly believe EVERYONE has an artistic vision. I think you can know precisely what you want to focus on in your work going into every piece. And I refuse to believe that you don’t have what it takes to access your artistic vision.

However, I wasn’t always this way. I longed for the ability to tap into my vision and do the best work I could, but I felt like vision and inspiration were almost like an ethereal vapor that would wisp away from me when I got close. So I did some deep soul searching, extensive research, and an uncomfortable amount of introspection.

Over three years of researching the brain, neuroscience, and neuroplasticity, I found the answer to the source of artistic vision. It turns out it’s not ethereal, and it’s closer to me than I ever imagined. Since I came to this discovery, I have done the best work I have ever produced, and I am happier than I have ever felt.

You can have this too. As a matter of fact, you already have everything you need right now to make it happen! Your most valuable resource for accessing your artistic vision is right between your ears!

What makes a photograph special?


All are Unique • No Two are Equal.

How well do you know yours?

What makes a great photo?


Not Stunning Subjects • Not Expensive Gear

Your greatest asset is between your ears!

Out of Camera •VS• Artistic Vision

Reality is perceptual. 

Stop letting your camera see the world for you.

Show the World YOUR vision!


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