An In-Depth Look at Creating Actions in Photoshop

In a Beginner’s Guide to Workflow Automation you will learn all about the art of creating Actions in Photoshop.  While this isn’t the most fun topic in the world, it is a bit on the nerdy side; it will unlock a whole new world for you in Photoshop.  I have spent the last seven years perfecting the techniques to make highly efficient Actions in Photoshop.  As a matter of fact, the Zone System Express started out as a set of Actions and morphed into something I never imagined.

Whether you’re interested in speeding up your workflow or making Actions that you can profit from, this course will give you the knowledge to get started!  This course is everything I wish I had seven years ago when I started my Workflow Automation journey in Photoshop!

What you will learn:

  • What are Actions?
  • Why use them?
  • What you need to know before you start making them
  • How to make, modify, and perfect the art of making your own Actions

Along the way, we will build several Actions that are specifically designed to teach you the core fundamentals of effective Action creation!

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