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The ZSE and Portraits.

I am often asked, "Blake does the ZSE work with Portraits?" It sure does!  I don't tend to think about it as does it work with this genre or that, I think about everything regarding the workflow process.  What do we need to edit?  Tone, Color, and Artistic Effects....

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February 2017 Critique

February's critique session was our first session to feature 12 images.  The survey results pointed very hard toward keeping the entries low so we could focus more on the content of the critique.  Thank goodness, too. I have been a part of several, what I call,...

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Printing with mpix

Printing with mpix is not the easiest thing in the world.  There are so many ways to print that it can be counter-intuitive.  I was asked if I could put together a tutorial on printing with mpix to get the hang of the backend and how to print with their...

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Black and White Challenge

February 2017 Black and White Challenge This month's challenge may seem easy by the title:  Black and White.  However, a truly astonishing black and white image has a strong focus on the key players, Black and White.  You may think, "well that is obvious, Blake", but...

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The State of HDR Photography

HDR... It is not Dead; it is Evolving!   In this Live Event, I will take you on a little journey down memory lane with HDR Photography.  For me it all started in 2010, February 28th to be exact. I made my first bracketed set of images for HDR and ran them through...

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2017 f.64 Elite Survey

Self Assessment isn't  Always Easy... I need your help!   Last year, shortly after f.64 Elite went live, we conducted a survey that was critical to the evolution of the site.  From the last survey, we decided to remove the point system and the achievements.  It...

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January 2017 Critique

Woo hoo! Our first critique session for 2017.  Overall I think it was a good one, lots of different images from all over the world of all kinds of different scenes.  It is always nice seeing a variety from month to month. I did see some trends this month.  However, I...

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