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Create Impactful Visual Experiences

Join me for an exclusive live event as I unveil a revolutionary approach to photo post-production that’s been a decade in the making. For over ten years, I’ve poured my heart and soul into mastering Photoshop workflows, constantly discovering new techniques to elevate my craft. Since October 2022, I’ve been crafting an entirely new workflow that has been thrilling, challenging, and at times, exhausting—but utterly necessary.

I believe that the entire photo education industry, myself included, has been approaching photo post-production all wrong. While learning techniques is important, we’ve become so obsessed with collecting them that we’ve lost sight of our true purpose: creating connections and memorable experiences for our viewers.

This new workflow shifts the focus back where it belongs—on the viewer. It emphasizes your vision and highlights the most critical elements in a photo to captivate and engage your audience from start to finish.

You may have noticed a little “V” in my Plugin toolbar over the past 12 months. Now, I’m excited to finally reveal what it’s all about. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform the way you approach photo editing and storytelling.

Thursday, July 25th at 2 PM   Hit the register button on this page, or go here.

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