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– The State of HDR Photography –


HDR Photography used to be a lively technique.  Many HDR photographers wore the three letters like a badge of honor.  I know I was a proud member of the HDR Kool-Aid drinkers club.

Lately, it seems the term HDR has been fading from the world wide web.  Not even 2 years ago, you could scroll through any social media platform for photographers and see the term HDR somewhere in the description.  Has the once praised technique become a thing of the past?

In this Live Event, I will share his thoughts on the present state of HDR Photography.  I will review the past, present, and future of the technique that launched my professional career.

Date:  November 26th

Time:  2 PM (Central)

Recorded?   YES 🙂  for Elite Members Only!


What are your thoughts on the current state of HDR Photography?