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My Passion for IR Photography

In this Live Event, I will discuss my 4-year journey with Infrared Photography.  I will reveal all the reasons why I have grown to love it so much and share some of my favorite images from the Infrared World. On March  28th we will be live with our brand new Infrared...

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Yosemite in the Winter Prep Event

In this Live Event, Jim and I will share how we prepare for Cold Weather Photo trips.  Well, actually, these principles can be applied to nearly any photo excursion at any time of year. In the video, I referenced a few websites you might be...

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Dodge and Burn Advanced Concepts (REPLAY)

  In this Live Event replay, I am going to take the Advanced concepts learned in the new Dodge and Burn course to a whole new level! We are going to take a look at two workflows, one portrait, and one landscape and I can't wait for you to...

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My Favorite Tips of 2018 Live Event Replay!

In this Live Event Replay I am going to share with you my top tips of 2018.  You may have learned a lot in 2018 from me and many others, but these 5 things are my personal favorite things that have had a major impact on my Workflow: The 5 Tone Heat Map (in...

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The Artist Photographer Live Event Replay

In this Live Event, I am accompanied by guest and longtime friend, Jim Welninski.  Jim is a fellow photography educator who goes above and beyond the norm with his insights on artistry. Jim is an Artist-Photographer, the best of the best, and he has a lot of knowledge...

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Catalina Island Vacay Live Event Replay

In this Live Event, I will take you on our trip to Catalina Island.  As with many trips we have an intention in mind, and more often than not it does not go as planned. In the case of the Catalina Island trip, I wanted it to be two-fold.  One, take some awesome...

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Palette Effects 2 Live Event Replay

Here is the Live Event Replay from Palette Effects 2.0 It originally aired on September 21st at 2PM Central.  It covers a few of the new features in Palette Effects that I think you will find helpful!

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Zion National Park Live Event Replay

In this Live Event, I shared my adventure through Zion National Park.  Matt Kloskowski and I made an impromptu trip out to the park to shoot,  chat, and enjoy the countryside.  It was a blast!   We used this book as a reference to make it through the park. In the...

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