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Palette Effects Big Reveal Event Replay

Here is the Live Event Replay for the long awaited Palette Effects!  I talked about finding and honing a creative vision as well as how to use the Palette Effects panel to easily craft your artistic...

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Let’s Talk About Workflow

An Introduction to Palette Effects! I apologize for the quality.   The Webinar Jam software is currently transitioning from the Google Hangouts platform and migrating to their own platform.  There are some hiccups. Well, Palette Effects is not going to be released...

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A Walk Through Arches National Park

In this Live Event, I will discuss the Adventure to Arches National Park!  It was a lot of fun traveling there with Hudson Henry.  He is a much more extreme adventure photographer than I will ever be and I learned a ton from traveling with him.  We only had about 72...

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The ZSE and Portraits.

I am often asked, "Blake does the ZSE work with Portraits?" It sure does!  I don't tend to think about it as does it work with this genre or that, I think about everything regarding the workflow process.  What do we need to edit?  Tone, Color, and Artistic Effects....

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The State of HDR Photography

HDR... It is not Dead; it is Evolving!   In this Live Event, I will take you on a little journey down memory lane with HDR Photography.  For me it all started in 2010, February 28th to be exact. I made my first bracketed set of images for HDR and ran them through...

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A Walk Down Christmas Card Lane

All of Blake's Family Christmas Cards from 2010 - 2016! In this Live Event Replay, we will take a look at all of Blake's Christmas Cards from 2010 til now!  They are a lot of fun, but moreover, you can learn a lot about looking at your work from years past.  Your main...

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ON1 Photo Raw + ZSE

Maximize Your Workflow Efficiency In this Live Event, we discussed how I go from ON1 Photo Raw into Photoshop.  The new ON1 Photo Raw is opening doors for us to do a lot of awesome work on the Raw surface of our images.  Couple that power with the Zone System Express...

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Ask Me Anything About the ZSE Extension

Ask Me Anything about the ZSE Live Webinar! This webinar was designed to kill two birds with one stone so to speak.  I first wanted to test a new webinar platform that allows me to interact more with the users.  There is a chat screen and a questions section in the...

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Beyond Comprehension Webinar Replay

Beyond Comprehension - The Webinar Replay October 22 and 23rd I was in Chicago teaching a 2 day Workshop.  The first day was all about shooting and the second was a post processing session with Jim Welninski at the Richard Stromberg Chicago Photography Classes (RSCPC)...

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