· Working With COLOR ·

I can’t tell you how many times I get these questions:

· Blake, what is the difference between color grading and color temperature?
· Why do you wait until the end of the workflow to apply color grading?
• How do I know what colors to use for Color Grading?
• Why would I add color that was not in my original scene?

These are all VERY important questions, and in many ways, I’ve spoken around them without speaking directly at them. In this live event, I want to get right down to it, address the many questions I get about color, and speak directly to them. Let’s face it: color is difficult to work with, but mastering it will open up worlds of possibilities for your photos.

This live event will be free for everyone to view live with a limited-time replay and then archived for Elite Members after the replay expiration.

Thursday, October 26th at 2 PM
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