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The Elephant in the room… or is it?

I just want to use this time to hopefully clear the air around here about my whereabouts with Creative Live. Did I have to record this?  Probably not, but I have always been 100% transparent with you, and I am going to continue that until the day I stop working. There...

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May 2018 Critique Session

Alright!  Another great round of images this month!  There were 21 images entered and 12 were selected.  I do appreciate all of you for entering.  I felt this selection of images was well balanced. If you have never entered an image for a critique session, have no...

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The “Go Back Five Years” Challenge

In this month's challenge, I want you to go back in your portfolio to a galaxy far far away... well, maybe not that far, let's stick to five years. I am going to be at Creative Live's studio again this month to record some courses for Photoshop...

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May 2018 Calendar of Events

Hello, hello! Here are your updates for May. The April Challenge Feedback Session is available A new Challenge:  Go Back 5 Years The Live Event Replay is up from April Stay tuned.  I will be bringing a brand new Architecture Photography Course to you later this month....

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Finding You in Your Work (Replay)

Finding You in Your Work In this Live Event Replay, I cover the importance of finding yourself as an Artist.  It is imperative to consider yourself an artist.  Labels enable, by labeling yourself as an artist you will be more apt to develop a style that includes more...

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April 2018 Critique Session

What a great critique session.  This was the first ever semi-curated created session.  I picked the images based on what I felt we needed to discuss in an open forum discussion.  I think it went very well! I have a short video here outlining the process and thought...

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April 2018 Elite Updates

April 2018 Updates! After the survey from February/March, you will be seeing some changes around the site.  Nothing major, just some basic housekeeping in the forum with a brand new submission process for the critique session. You may submit your critique...

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The Telephoto Challenge

This month's challenge I would like you to get comfy with the uncomfy.   More often than not a tight shot from a telephoto lens can be pretty uncomfortable.  Whether we are shooting a portrait and the client feels we are  "too close" or we are in a landscape where we...

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