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June 2018 Critique Session

As always, you all amaze me with your images from around the world.  I am honored and feel it is a great privilege to get to discuss your work.  I just might love my job a bit too much 🙂 I didn't see too many trends in the photos, but I did use the Selective Color...

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f.64 Elite Content Update for June

June 2018 Updates! Hello, hello! Here are your updates for June. We are shifting things around a bit for the launch and release of the Zone System Express 5.0  Bare with me as this is a big endeavor! The May Challenge Feedback Session is available A new...

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Long Exposure Photography Challenge

I have recently come back from a workshop to Olympic National Park where I did a TON of long exposure shooting.  I love long exposure images, I always have.  There is something about that space between the shutter moving where time freezes and a whole new...

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Profile Workflow Live Event Replay

Profiles have been in Photoshop for a long time!  However, they were always hidden in the camera calibration section and were more techy than user-friendly.  Well, now with the update to ACR and Lightroom, Profiles are better and more accessible than ever before! With...

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The Elephant in the room… or is it?

I just want to use this time to hopefully clear the air around here about my whereabouts with Creative Live. Did I have to record this?  Probably not, but I have always been 100% transparent with you, and I am going to continue that until the day I stop working. There...

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May 2018 Critique Session

Alright!  Another great round of images this month!  There were 21 images entered and 12 were selected.  I do appreciate all of you for entering.  I felt this selection of images was well balanced. If you have never entered an image for a critique session, have no...

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The “Go Back Five Years” Challenge

In this month's challenge, I want you to go back in your portfolio to a galaxy far far away... well, maybe not that far, let's stick to five years. I am going to be at Creative Live's studio again this month to record some courses for Photoshop...

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