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January 2019 Critique Session

Kicking off the New Year with an awesome critique session full of great image and many things we can all learn from.   I particularly learned a few things about my photos and I am certain you will too!***Since this is a course month (going live next week) there will...

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The Before and After Challenge (2019)

Last year,  to kick off 2018, we did a Before and After Challenge and it was wildly successful.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it and the results were astonishing!So why not kick off the new year by digging into our bag of tricks and use all that we learned...

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January 2019 f.64 Elite Updates

January 2019 Updates on f.64 Elite Good morning, Well, it is a new year.  How many times have you already written 2018 instead of 19?   Me, about 10 in this post alone 🙂 I am excited for this month on f.64 Elite as I will be bringing my A-Game with a new course on...

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The 2018 Year In Review

In this month's Challenge, I asked you to show me your best work from 2018 and my gosh you did!  What a great set of images.  I think my jaw hurt from being dropped for over 40 minutes of recording time.   I am amazed at how many phenomenal images were captured in...

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December 2018 Critique Session #2

 Awesome images for both rounds this month. I am always thoroughly impressed by all of you.  This month more than ever... 4 pano images that had me eating my words :)I also did a snappy Sky Replacement on image #7 and have it for you to download if you want to add it...

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The 12 Tips of Christmas!

Below you will find a video slider that contains all of the 12 Tips of Christmas.  These tips were created to give you an inside look at the Rudis Family Christmas Card and what went into building it.  You will find quick, bite-sized videos that are designed to help...

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December 2018 Critique Session #1

 Critique Round 1 for December and it is packed with goodness! Lots of great images were submitted this month.  It was hard to curate the session down to 24, but we made it and here is the first round of 12 for the month.  No real common themes here.  Dodging and...

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The Year in Review Challenge 2018

This should be the most difficult challenge you have faced in all year!  I want you to reflect on your year and pick only two images.  I want to see your personal best, your portfolio worthy, prize-winning pieces. We did this last year and it was wildly...

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