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The 5 Tone Heat Map

The 5 Tone Heat Map I have been working on this concept since out Milky Way Live edit in November of 2017.  It was a concept that was in its infancy stages then, but I have since developed it further.  You can download the action below (it is used in quite a few...

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January 2018 Critique Session

Alright! Our first critique session of 2018 and it was a mighty fine one!  Beautiful images as always, we have some incredibly talented world travelers here in f.64 Elite.  We are all very fortunate to have so many great photos to analyze this month. A couple of...

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Before and After Challenge

The Before and After Challenge! This month I want to challenge you to put your skills to the test on one image.  I would like to see two submissions, the before and the after.  So you are really only submitting one image this month, but you are showing us the...

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Year in Review Feedback Session

This year was incredible for me in many ways.  From the business to the work that I created, it was awesome.  I am proud of so many images this year and having to decide on just two for this month's challenge was very difficult! I have to add that your images this...

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The Anti Buying Guide for Photographers

I'm not a Scrooge, just a realist... In this Live Event, I will discuss the buying trap I have fallen into in 2017 and how the rapid accumulation of gear has stunted my creative growth.  It is not a fun position to be in.  Actually, it is quite paralyzing, but it is...

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December 2017 Critique Session

Such an excellent critique session this month.  I decided to keep the tradition alive and do 20 critiques instead of the usual 12.  Merry Christmas 🙂 There were a few common things that spanned the crop of 20 images.  Here are some of my thoughts:  Color...

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The Year in Review Challenge

The hardest Challenge yet! This should be the most difficult challenge you have faced in f.64 Elite history.  I want you to reflect on your year and pick only two images.  I want to see your personal best, your portfolio worthy, prize-winning pieces. I have been...

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December 2017 Updates

Hello! We are quickly approaching the end of another year!  I guess technically every day is the end of a year in some regard, but you know what I mean! Here is the gist of what's to come and what has been recently uploaded to f.64 Elite. December at a glance: The...

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Your Fall Colors Feedback Session

So Much Fall Color! Woohoo!  There were so many images sent in this month that I had to record two videos!  I love it!  Thanks for taking the time to either dig into your archives or go out and shoot your current autumn display. Here in Missouri, we had a very quick...

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