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Live Event Replay: Simple Compositions Demo

In this Live Event, I will demonstrate how I make simplified compositions in Photoshop.  It is based on the Challenge for this month.  We had a phenomenal conversation at the end of the live event about emotions and the creation of simple compositions.  It was truly...

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August 2019 Critique Session

Awesome critique session this month for f.64 Elite.   We will only be doing one critique session because it is a course month.  Stay tuned  for August 22nd for the course on Milky Way Photography!If you have never entered an image for a critique session, have no fear....

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August 2019 on f.64 Elite

Hello August! Here are your updates for this month. It's a course month.  That means I am only doing one critique session and at the end of the month, we will have a new course on Night Sky Photography for beginners! Stay tuned, it should be a good one! Listed below...

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July 2019 Challenge Feedback

This month I wanted you to show us some impactful sunsets and boy did you ALL deliver!   Wow! I was thoroughly impressed with everything I saw this month and feel honored to be the one to discuss my thoughts on them.   As always, what help would I be if I didn't give...

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July 2019 Critique Session 2

Woo hoo! Another critique session in the books. If you missed the first one of the month click here to watch them.If you have never entered an image for a critique session, have no fear.  It is 100% anonymous and all you can do is learn from it.Let's get into the...

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ZSE6 Raw Image Edit Live Event Replay

In this Live Event Replay you will see me use the Zone System Express 6 on f64 Elite member images.  There were two full workflows conducted here and there are some nuggets of information in this video that I have recently learned about the ZSE6 that...

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July 2019 Critique Session 1

Woo hoo! Another critique session in the books. It was refreshing, thank you for your wonderful submissions.Let's get into the critique!  How does it make the viewer feel?  Did the Artist convey the mood and ambiance well?  What works?  What doesn't work?  Are their...

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July 2019 Challenge: Impactful sunsets

It's Summertime!  That time of year when the sun sets later and actually gives us photographers more time to get out there and photograph it.   This month I want to see your impactful (I did Google that and Impactful is a word) sunsets! Try to showcase the...

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