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Let’s Talk About Workflow

An Introduction to Palette Effects! I apologize for the quality.   The Webinar Jam software is currently transitioning from the Google Hangouts platform and migrating to their own platform.  There are some hiccups. Well, Palette Effects is not going to be released...

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April 2017 Critique Session

We had a great round of images this month.  Another round that we can all learn a great deal from.  I think I did a bit more discussion about formal techniques in the field than I did post processing tips so nothing really sticks out for me.  Although, there were a...

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Ask Blake – Actions Management

In this Ask Blake installment I will focus on Actions Management!  It will show you how I manage my Actions and make my own "Favorites Folder".  When you do this you have to be wary of disconnecting and Action from others it relies on.  You will get an idea of what I...

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The Texture Challenge #2

Textures, textures, and even more textures! This month, I want you to use the knowledge you received from the Texture course from March.  I would like you to push your creative envelope and find a great texture to match your base image.  You can use any of the texture...

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