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May 2019 Critique Session #2

What a refreshing critique session! Many new things learned. If you have never entered an image for a critique session, have no fear.  It is 100% anonymous and all you can do is learn from it.  How does it make the viewer feel?  Did the Artist convey the mood and...

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Sky Replacements Live Event Replay

The Sky Replacements Q&A Live Event Replay In this Live Event, Blake asked the community what they needed more assistance with after watching the Sky Replacements Course.  From all of the gathered inquiries, here is the resulting Live Event.

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May 2019 Critique Session 1

Awesome Critique Session this month everyone!  50 images submitted and only 24 could make the cut.   It was very difficult to come to 24 images, but I think I picked a mix you will learn a lot from.If you have never entered an image for a critique session, have no...

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May 2019 Challenge Go Back 5

For this challenge, we are going to do the ever famous "Go Back 5 Years" challenge! How this works: Go into your archive of photos and go to any photo you edited in May 2014 Pick your favorite from that time period (+/- 2 Months) and re-edit it with your...

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May 2019 Elite Content Updates

May 2019 on f.64 Elite Good afternoon, Here are your updates for May 2019. It is a double critique session month.    I currently have 31 entries in my bin and 24 critiques to conduct.  If you would like a shot at a critique this month please be sure to enter your...

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April 2019 Critique Session

Great images this month, I loved having the opportunity to view them and am honored that you took the time to upload them.  I think we can all learn a lot from this round of images.  No common themes here, just a lot of useful techniques.  I learned a thing or three...

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April 2019 Challenge: Favorite Things

Just like Mary Poppins, this month I want you to explore your favorite things and show us what they are.  Try to find two things that you shoot that are distinctly different.   For me, I know I love wide angle landscapes, but I also enjoy taking a deep...

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