Olympic National Park Walkthrough!


Usually, after I take a trip to a National Park for scouting purposes, I like to report my findings with the community.  I did this with Moab and Yosemite in the last year and am doing the same thing with Olympic National Park!

I will be visiting the park with one goal in mind, scout for future workshops!  So with the Live Event, I will discuss the future of the on-location workshops for 2018.   I will discuss what the plans will be, how they will be changing in structure, and how they will be more affordable!

I want to kick all of this good news off with the Walkthrough of Olympic National Park.  You will get to see the locations I photographed,  I will share what gear I used,  and I will probably share an embarrassing story as I always have at least one on every outing!

Date:  October 31st
Time:  2 PM (Central)
Recorded?   YES 🙂  for Elite Members