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Photo Challenge: Perspective

It's all a matter of Perspective  Challenge One thing I learned over the last several years of taking photos is that perspective is everything!  I know it sounds cheesy, but its true.   When I first started taking landscape images they were horrible.  It wasn't...

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May 2017 Critique Session

Another spectacular round of images from the greatest Photo community on the web!  I love it. I did notice a few trends here that are worthy of notation:  Don't be afraid to let one color pop a little more than others.  Use the HSL adjustment to selectively edit...

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Photo Compositor’s Video Library

Photo composites made simple with a treasure trove of information! A while ago, I did a webinar hosted by the Photoshop and Lightroom Facebook Group with Andrew Kavanagh.  In this webinar, I discussed "Understanding Layers for Photo Composites".  I went into this with...

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The Abstraction and Patterns Challenge

Abstraction and Patterns Challenge For this month's challenge, I want you to look for patterns or abstraction as you photograph with your camera.  While I do realize these are both different topics, I also know how difficult it can be for some people to see...

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Let’s Talk About Workflow

An Introduction to Palette Effects! I apologize for the quality.   The Webinar Jam software is currently transitioning from the Google Hangouts platform and migrating to their own platform.  There are some hiccups. Well, Palette Effects is not going to be released...

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April 2017 Critique Session

We had a great round of images this month.  Another round that we can all learn a great deal from.  I think I did a bit more discussion about formal techniques in the field than I did post processing tips so nothing really sticks out for me.  Although, there were a...

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