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Ask Blake – Preferences in Ps

In this segment of the Ask Blake series I will discuss how I have my Photoshop setup.  From custom workspaces to my Preferences section, it should give you a good idea of how I operate in...

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Ask Blake – Actions Management

In this Ask Blake installment I will focus on Actions Management!  It will show you how I manage my Actions and make my own "Favorites Folder".  When you do this you have to be wary of disconnecting and Action from others it relies on.  You will get an idea of what I...

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The Texture Challenge #2

Textures, textures, and even more textures! This month, I want you to use the knowledge you received from the Texture course from March.  I would like you to push your creative envelope and find a great texture to match your base image.  You can use any of the texture...

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A Walk Through Arches National Park

In this Live Event, I will discuss the Adventure to Arches National Park!  It was a lot of fun traveling there with Hudson Henry.  He is a much more extreme adventure photographer than I will ever be and I learned a ton from traveling with him.  We only had about 72...

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March 2017 Critique Session

As usual, we had another great round of critique images.  It seems the images get better and better for every critique session.  I will have you know that I do not curate the submissions each month it really is on a first come first served basis and I like it that...

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Simplification Challenge

This month we are going to go in a different direction.  We are going to look at simplicity within the image.  We aren't focused on crazy landscape scenes or the chaotic hustle and bustle of the streets of New York here. We are looking for images that pride themselves...

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The ZSE and Portraits.

I am often asked, "Blake does the ZSE work with Portraits?" It sure does!  I don't tend to think about it as does it work with this genre or that, I think about everything regarding the workflow process.  What do we need to edit?  Tone, Color, and Artistic Effects....

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