BEYOND COLOR: Exploring Gradients

Your images will appreciate you for exploring Gradients!

Gradients harness a TON of power in Photoshop.  They can dramatically shift the look of an image in seconds with the simple click of a few buttons.  However, most people don’t use them because they don’t know what they don’t know.

After you see gradients in use, you will soon realize how they can benefit your images and increase your workflow efficiency.  I have been working with gradients for over seven years and can’t live without them!  As a matter of fact, this course is a complete remake of a course from 2017. Much has changed in the way of gradients in Photoshop since then.

In this course, I will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about gradients and then some!  Come with me. Let’s go BEYOND Color and take a deep dive into one of Photoshop’s least-used tools and get a leg up on your workflow with GRADIENTS!

In this GRADIENTS Course, you will learn:

► What are gradients and why do we use them
► How to use Gradients in ACR and Lightroom
► How to install and manage your Photoshop Gradients
► How to leverage the infamous noise gradient
► How to make Vignettes, Spot Lights & Sunset Effects
► How to use the Gradient Map to color grade your images
► How to make a versatile Black and White conversion
► How to use Gradients on Portraits
► How to use the provided Gradient Action

Included in this course:

• 15 Videos
• 189 minutes of education
• 315 Gradients
• 14 Actions




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