It’s here, and we cannot get away from it, nor will it ever go away. We have opened Pandora’s Box. I’m talking about AI-generated art.

Not AI programs that edit images but Artificial Intelligence that can generate artwork by simply typing words. It doesn’t stop there. AI also makes literary copy from simple queries and even videos in the future.

So what do you do?
Do you reject it because you don’t like it?
Or do you embrace it?

The truth is, it is no different than a purist rejecting Photoshop. The key is to embrace anything to the level you are comfortable doing so. I fear that if we don’t embrace it, it will swallow us whole and reduce our chances of success in the future with our art.

In this live event, I will show you the following:

• How to embrace AI
• How this AI stuff works using MidJourney AI
• The Strengths and Weaknesses of AI-generated art
• How I use AI in my business

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