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Adobe Camera Raw Q&A Live Event Replay

In this Live Event, I answer all of your questions pertaining to Adobe Camera Raw and Profiles!  It is the perfect continuation training to the Adobe Camera Raw courses here on f.64 Elite. I make reference to these courses quite a bit.  If you have not watched them...

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Zone System Express 5.0 Live Event Replay

Well it has been a year in the making (just about) and the ZSE 5.0 has finally landed 🙂  In this Live Event I will show you how I process both a portrait and a landscape photo with the all-new Zone System Express 5!

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Profile Workflow Live Event Replay

Profiles have been in Photoshop for a long time!  However, they were always hidden in the camera calibration section and were more techy than user-friendly.  Well, now with the update to ACR and Lightroom, Profiles are better and more accessible than ever before! With...

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Finding You in Your Work (Replay)

Finding You in Your Work In this Live Event Replay, I cover the importance of finding yourself as an Artist.  It is imperative to consider yourself an artist.  Labels enable, by labeling yourself as an artist you will be more apt to develop a style that includes more...

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2018 Content Survey – Event Replay!

I just want to start this off by saying thank you to everyone who completed the 2018 Content Survey on f.64 Elite.  I cannot make this website what you need without your input and I stand very firm in that belief.  In years past I have been transparent with the survey...

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Photos From France Live Event Replay

France was awesome!  We had great food, phenomenal fellowship, and an opportunity to see a lot of places in a short amount of time (with a 9-month-old)  🙂  Beat that! What you will see in this Live Event is a trip through Bourdeaux, St Emilion, and Paris.  Most of...

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The Anti Buying Guide for Photographers

I'm not a Scrooge, just a realist... In this Live Event, I will discuss the buying trap I have fallen into in 2017 and how the rapid accumulation of gear has stunted my creative growth.  It is not a fun position to be in.  Actually, it is quite paralyzing, but it is...

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Milky Way Live Event Replay?

I am so sorry!  This was supposed to be live.  I started prepping the webinar room at 1:30 thinking I had plenty of time.  However, my computer needed to reboot and then miraculously got caught in a one-hour reboot loop.   Words cannot describe how bad I feel right...

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