Sky Replacements Live Q and A

In this Live Event, I would like to follow up the newest course on f.64 Elite with a Live Q and A.  I understand that Sky Replacements can be a difficult task and could possibly leave you looking for more information even after watching the course.  

I figured the best way to give you more information would be to let you guide the conversation 🙂   What do you need more of?  What issues do you have with Sky Replacements?  How can I help you with the process?

I will be doing a live Q and A, but I would also like to get the conversation started.  If you could answer the first question at the bottom of this page and possibly the second (optional, I know people hate writing) that would really help get things moving so I show up with some content 🙂

If you haven’t checked out the course, you can do so here.   This is free with your Membership as a logged in f.64 Elite member!

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  • When:  Tuesday, May 14th 

  • Time:   2 PM Central

  • Replay Available?  Yes, for f.64 Elite Members after the event

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