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October 2017 Critique Session

It was another phenomenal round of images as usual.  I didn't notice any trends in the images, however, I noticed a trend in my suggestions!  I just can't get enough of those Gradients!  I refer to the Gradient Course a lot in this critique session as well as the...

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The Not So Self Portrait Challenge

A self-portrait doesn't always have to have you in it.  Heck sometimes a self-portrait can be as abstract as an inanimate object.  It just has to be something that is personified by you, your emotions, or your life experiences. For Instance, the piece you see above is...

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Street Photography Challenge Feedback

Street and Candid Photography, it's not the easiest topic in the world of photography!  Here is the feedback session from the September 2017 Challenge.  I appreciate everyone who put forth the effort this month.  I know for me that candid and street photography can be...

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September 2017 Critique Session

As usual, we had another phenomenal round of images this month.  You are probably going to get sick of it if you watch all of the videos, but again, I refer to Gradients a lot!   I am still shocked at how quickly they can make a photo look amazing with such subtle...

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September 2017: The Way Ahead

September Updates! This is a huge month for f.64 Academy and Elite.  The release of the Zone System Express 4.0 is just around the corner.   If you know what that means, I will be SWAMPED the beginning of the month with website building and everything involved in...

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Street Photography Challenge

Last month I was a guest coach for the ON1 Plus Community.   I had a blast there, like I usually do, but this time I leearned a lot.  I learned a lot because the community "Reversed Challenged" us.  Which means they picked the topic and Hudson Henry and I had to go...

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