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Photos From France Live Event Replay

France was awesome!  We had great food, phenomenal fellowship, and an opportunity to see a lot of places in a short amount of time (with a 9-month-old)  🙂  Beat that! What you will see in this Live Event is a trip through Bourdeaux, St Emilion, and Paris.  Most of...

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February 2018 Critique Session

February's Critique Session was a hit.  As usual, I had a blast putting it together and looking at your images from around the world. I only saw one main recurring issue among the images this time around.  That problem was oversharpening (adding too much contrast).  I...

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February 2018 Calendar of Events

New Content for February February is the beginning of my crazy time.  I will be headed to France in the middle of the month and when I return I am home for about two weeks and head back to Creative Live to record a vast Photoshop Course with them! Regardless, of how...

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The Quiet Challenge

The Quiet Challenge?  What is that? This month our course is on Noise Reduction in Photoshop.  Let's play on the word noise and make images that feel and look "quiet".  Maybe I just need some peace and quiet having 3 boys running around the house, but this challenge...

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The Before & After Feedback

The Before and After Feedback Session Holy crap on a cracker, guys!  This month's Feedback Session was indeed a great time.   You are all very talented, and it was so refreshing to see how well all of you handled your before and after images. Wow...  I am taken back...

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The 5 Tone Heat Map Download

The 5 Tone Heat Map I have been working on this concept since out Milky Way Live edit in November of 2017.  It was a concept that was in its infancy stages then, but I have since developed it further.  You can download the action below (it is used in quite a few...

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January 2018 Critique Session

Alright! Our first critique session of 2018 and it was a mighty fine one!  Beautiful images as always, we have some incredibly talented world travelers here in f.64 Elite.  We are all very fortunate to have so many great photos to analyze this month. A couple of...

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