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September 2017 Critique Session

As usual, we had another phenomenal round of images this month.  You are probably going to get sick of it if you watch all of the videos, but again, I refer to Gradients a lot!   I am still shocked at how quickly they can make a photo look amazing with such subtle...

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September 2017: The Way Ahead

September Updates! This is a huge month for f.64 Academy and Elite.  The release of the Zone System Express 4.0 is just around the corner.   If you know what that means, I will be SWAMPED the beginning of the month with website building and everything involved in...

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Street Photography Challenge

Last month I was a guest coach for the ON1 Plus Community.   I had a blast there, like I usually do, but this time I leearned a lot.  I learned a lot because the community "Reversed Challenged" us.  Which means they picked the topic and Hudson Henry and I had to go...

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Still Life Feedback Session

The challenge for August 2017 was to create a Classical Still Life.  I knew we'd have fewer takers than normal because this is not an easy task. I commend you all for challenging yourself. There were several excellent pieces in the challenge and I can say I am very...

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August 2017 Critique Session

Man, this was an impressive set of images to critique.   What an honor and a privilege!  The f.64 Elite community is a hard charging group of phenomenal photographers and I am so proud of everyone who entered their images this month.  A couple of topics we covered:...

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Making Something from Meh Live Event

I recently hosted a Workshop in the Tallgrass National Preserve in Kansas.  We had scheduled it perfectly to marry up with the near 4-hour window we were going to have for the Milky Way!  Our plan was to hike for a bit in the afternoon to scout locations, post up for...

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Still Life Challenge

Photo Challenge:  The Classical Still Life In January in the ON1 Plus Community, Hudson and I challenged the community with a Classical Still Life challenge.   Members were to create their own Classical Still Life compositions and submit them for the rest of the...

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