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April 2019 Critique Session

Great images this month, I loved having the opportunity to view them and am honored that you took the time to upload them.  I think we can all learn a lot from this round of images.  No common themes here, just a lot of useful techniques.  I learned a thing or three...

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April 2019 Challenge: Favorite Things

Just like Mary Poppins, this month I want you to explore your favorite things and show us what they are.  Try to find two things that you shoot that are distinctly different.   For me, I know I love wide angle landscapes, but I also enjoy taking a deep...

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April 2019 updates for f.64 Elite

April 2019 on f.64 Elite Good afternoon, Here are your updates for April 2019. It is a course month this month, so you can expect one critique session and a course to follow later this month. It is going to be a good one and invaluable for all...

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March 2019 Critique Session #2

An awesome second round of critiques this month!  I had several revelations in this one so I am grateful for you and your willingness to contribute! If you have never entered an image for a critique session, have no fear.  It is 100% anonymous and all you can do is...

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My Passion for IR Photography

In this Live Event, I will discuss my 4-year journey with Infrared Photography.  I will reveal all the reasons why I have grown to love it so much and share some of my favorite images from the Infrared World. On March  28th we will be live with our brand new Infrared...

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March 2019 Critique Session #1

Woohoo! Another critique session in the books.  This session had a WIDE variety of images that we usually do not see on f.64 Elite.  It was refreshing!  If you have never entered an image for a critique session, have no fear.  It is 100% anonymous and all you can do...

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March 2019 Challenge: Experiments

Show Us Your Experiments You all know how much I harp on experimentation, right?  It is something I think is critical to developing your workflow and building a strong artistic background.  So this month, well, this month I want to see what you are...

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