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The 12 Tips of Christmas!

Below you will find a video slider that contains all of the 12 Tips of Christmas.  These tips were created to give you an inside look at the Rudis Family Christmas Card and what went into building it.  You will find quick, bite-sized videos that are designed to help...

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December 2018 Critique Session #1

 Critique Round 1 for December and it is packed with goodness! Lots of great images were submitted this month.  It was hard to curate the session down to 24, but we made it and here is the first round of 12 for the month.  No real common themes here.  Dodging and...

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The Year in Review Challenge 2018

This should be the most difficult challenge you have faced in all year!  I want you to reflect on your year and pick only two images.  I want to see your personal best, your portfolio worthy, prize-winning pieces. We did this last year and it was wildly...

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December 2018 Content Updates

December Events on f.64 Elite Hello, hello! Alright, December, my favorite time of year around this house. The kids are all wired up for the Christmas Holiday, there's lots of hot chocolate, and the snuggles are given freely!  Yep, I'm a snuggler! This month we will...

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November 2018 Challenge Feedback

What a great batch of Fall images this month!  I am thoroughly impressed with all the work and truly enjoyed looking at your Autumn Themed images. I did want to mention that you shouldn't be afraid to boost up the yellows and reds in your fall images.   It is okay to...

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The Artist Photographer Live Event Replay

In this Live Event, I am accompanied by guest and longtime friend, Jim Welninski.  Jim is a fellow photography educator who goes above and beyond the norm with his insights on artistry. Jim is an Artist-Photographer, the best of the best, and he has a lot of knowledge...

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November 2018 Critique Session #2

This is our second critique session for November.    Great stuff as usual.   You can see from the tags that I spent another great deal of time discussing color grading in nearly every photo.   I think I drank too much of the Palette Effects Kool-Aid 🙂 In all...

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November 2018 Critique Session #1

Alright!  Another great batch of photos here on f.64 Elite.   I swear you guys and gals really don't need me 🙂  You have some phenomenal work to be very proud of.   No major themes this week, except for color grading, for some reason that came up on half a dozen...

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November 2018 Photo Challenge

Show us your Fall Colors! Since the beginning of f.64 Elite, and even going back to the days of HDR Insider, the November Challenge has been to show us the Fall colors in your area.  I love seeing the Autumn glow and can't wait to see what it looks like in...

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