5 Tips for the 5 Tone Heat Map Replay

The Introductory 5 Tone Heat Map Video


  1. Thanks for getting this up so quickly. Really good stuff, and without your great explanation on how to use the ‘5 Tone Heat Map’, I probably would be completely lost.
    P.S. Don’t beat your self up too much over the tech. issues with the live event. I know it must be very frustrating for you. I’m sure you’ll get the bugs worked out shortly.

    • Thanks, Eric! I am just so fed up with Live Events not working. I had a good run, but my webinar system updated recently and some of the stuff that used to work now has some either bugs, or new workarounds. I am experimenting with it today!

      I appreciate your feedback and thanks for watching 🙂

  2. Blake,
    Don’t beat yourself up too bad, not a big deal, but, I do understand.
    That being said, I now have a much clearer understanding of how the heat map is intended to be used and why it works as it does.
    Thanks again for all that you do.

    • Thanks, Steve. I appreciate it.

      It is a cool little tool. It is like the Contrast Checker, but with more visual stimulation, haha.

    • No, ON1 PR does not have a gradient map. That is the heart and soul of this tool.

  3. This was a great explanation of the 5 Tone Heat Map and your workflow. Thanks for using 1080 to record it. I will be looking forward to the inclusion in the Zone system. For now I will keep practicing.

    Would it be worth the effort to do a selection, as you demonstrated in the video with magenta, as you work on each zone?

    • Thanks, John! One of the many benefits of recorded vs live, 1080 and great audio 🙂

      As for the selections and the zones. I probably would convolute it, but this may be something to try and see where it goes. This heat map is in such an early stage of development that really anything goes right now!

  4. Much appreciated Blake – I’ve found heat maps a great visual tool to add to my image processing workflow. As usually, your approach and explanation are great. Thanks.

  5. Every time you post a video, I have a new aspect to think about. Fantastic what you teach me. I also saw the new version of ZE. I just hope that the export window remains or that you find another way to keep using it. It would also be nice if you can adjust the 1000 Wide button so that it is not standard 1200 instead of 1000 😉

    • Thanks, Raymond! The new ZSE and PE will have two folders removed, Proofing and Export. However, I am going to make a new Proofing and Export Panel that will go with either panel purchase. So there will be a separate panel with a proofing tab and an export tab. At which time I will add 1200, that is a good idea. I use that one a lot too 🙂

  6. as always, my jaw dropped with the subtleties of your technique when working on the photos! I also learned that with the passing of lessons, we mature our taste !! Thank you again for the excellent tips !!

  7. I am becoming more impressed with all your endeavors and this heat map tonal evaluation tool is what I’ve been searching for quite awhile elsewhere but voila …here it is! Next step is your panel along with the instructional videos.


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