An Expert’s Guide to Workflow Automation

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An Expert’s Guide to Workflow Automation

The final chapter in the Workflow Automation course!  We will be covering everything from exporting images from Adobe Camera Raw to Droplet creation.  This one is not for the feint of heart, and it is strongly encouraged that you watch both the Beginner’s and Novice’s Guides before pursuing this course.

The course material in the Expert’s Guide will give you an advanced look at automation processes specifically for batch processes.  Did you know that you can apply an action to an entire folder of images all without ever opening it?  Or how about Droplets, did you know that you can create a drag and drop method for editing your images that do not require any editing effort on your part?

Workflow  Automation is a critical skill to learn to increase the speed at which you edit so you can do the things you love most.  As the name of the course suggests, this is the culmination of workflow efficiency and will make you much more efficient in Photoshop!

What you will learn:

  • How to automate your editing and exporting process in Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw
  • This course focuses less on Action creation and more on Automated exporting for bulk edits
  • How to use ACR’s Save Image  Feature
  • How to navigate your way through the Image Processor in Photoshop
  • how to create Drag and Drop edits with Batch processing and Droplets!

Actions you will make along the way:

  • Resizing for The Web (Conditional for Horizontal and Vertical)
  • A Vintage Sepia Tone Effect




Lesson 2: ACR Workflow Automation

Length: 14 minutesComplexity: Standard

In Lesson 2 we will discuss the workflow automation hat Adobe Camera Raw affords us.  There is a little button There is a little button on the lower left-hand side…

Lesson 3: Conditional Action Creation

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

In Lesson 3 we will create two Actions.  One Action will be a conditional action for saving images.  The second action will be an effect based action. We will be…

Lesson 4: The Image Processor

Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Standard

In Lesson 4 we will touch on our first automated method for saving and editing our images in Photoshop. This is probably my favorite automation method because it is more…

Lesson 5: Batch Processing in PS

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Hard

In Lesson 5 we will open up the Batch dialog and use an action to save multiple images automatically.  The Batch feature and the Image Processor are slightly different.  The…

Lesson 6 Droplets

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

In Lesson 6 we will discuss Droplets.  Droplets are Photoshop made executable files that can give you access to Drag and Drop editing from anywhere on your computer! Of all…

Lesson 7: Experts Guide Conclusion

Length: 14 minutesComplexity: Easy

In Lesson 7 of “An Expert’s Guide to Workflow Automation,” we are going to do a detailed review of all the topics we discussed throughout this course. The major takeaway…