Game of Tones – a Tone Theory Course

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♠ TONE THEORY …  Its ALL a Game of Tones ♠

The difference between a good photo and a PHENOMENAL photo rests in one critical place, the TONES.  The tones in your photo do so many important things and have a strong influence on your viewer’s experience.  Your tones are responsible for (but not limited to):

♠  How your image will be received within the first few seconds of viewing
♠  How your viewer navigates throughout your image
♠  How vibrant or drab your colors will be
♠  How balanced your photo will appear from a distance

If you read through that list and wondered how that could be possible, then this course is for you.  I want to teach you not just how to edit photos with tone in mind, I want to teach you how to read them and understand them so you know EXACTLY what is going on when your viewer sees your work.

I have spoken countless times about Color Theory and how wildly important it is for understanding color, but where is the Tone Theory?

In this course, you will learn how the principles of Color Theory apply directly to Tone as well.  We will discuss Tone Theory and how it will help us formulate hypotheses, develop controlled experiments, and in the end answer our burning questions about tone to create predictable and reproducible results time and time again.

The Game of Tones Course in a Nutshell

♠  Eleven unique video tutorials
♠  159 minutes of education
♠  Access to all PDF’s and Follow Along Files
♠  15 Photoshop Actions for ULTIMATE Tone Control

In This Tone Theory Course, You Will Learn:

► How to Principles of Tone Theory
► An Understanding of Light
► How to Assess tones to navigate the viewer’s eye
► The difference between Dynamic Range and Contrast
► The Blend Modes that encourage Tone control
► Luminosity Mask and Blend If basics
► How to control the viewer’s experience in post-production
► NEW- The ART of TONE Sculpting