Level Up Your Composition

Composition is critical, but there is more to it than you may have been told!

In 2021,  I did a live event on photographing Eagles and Wildlife, and I referenced “leveling up” my skills as I shot. I found that concept to be beneficial for me in many aspects of my photography, especially composition.

What do I mean by “leveling up”?

I feel a gradual skill level upgrade process happens as you shoot any genre of photography. When you start, everything is art, and you photograph anything and everything, but sometimes you miss the best shots in your haste.

As I slow down and take a more deliberate approach to my compositions while on location, I make better decisions and ultimately come away with better shots.

In this course, I will discuss many of my portfolio images, how I got to the composition I did, and what makes that composition “next level” compared to the pictures I shot before.

At the end of the course, I would like you to have a solid understanding of composition, why some compositions are better than others, and how you can begin to level up yours as well!

I created this course from a series of live events in May and July of 2022. The replays were never made public outside of my f.64 Elite membership site until now!



Level Up Composition


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