Developing the Shot – Grand Falls

Have you ever seen an epic landscape photograph and wondered what the photographer went through to get the shot?  I know I have!

In this course “Developing the Shot:  Grand Falls” I am going to tell you EVERYTHING that went into the making of the shot.  You may never have heard of Grand Falls Arizona.  Heck, you may not have the desire to go there either.  But that is not the point of this course 😉

The purpose of this 90+ minute course is to show you the trials and tribulations of landscape photography and how I overcame them.  Couple that with my talk about my artistic vision for the place and you have yourself a full walkthrough of the artist’s mind about one very unique piece.

I was up against some very difficult problems with this location, from heavy fast-moving winds to relentless waterfall spray and a pale blue sky.  How did I overcome them and come away with a shot worthy of my portfolio?  You will have to find out in “Developing the Shot: Grand Falls”

In this course, you will learn:

► About Grand Falls Arizona
► How I scouted and photographed the location using Virtual Reality
► How to overcome difficulties on location
► How to develop your Artistic Vision for a location
► How I processed the RAW data
► The breakdown of all layers in PS and how they related to my vision
► How to make a sunset glow effect in Photoshop
BONUS: How to make your own blender brushes for Photoshop

•••The Course in a Nutshell•••

•  9 unique videos
•  12 blending brushes for Photoshop
• ~100 minutes of education
•  3 Practice Images to work with
•  Access to all PDF’s and training materials


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