Zone System Express RAW

Masking in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom is not easy. You have a whole new interface with several new mask additions and they threw out the concept of the Adjustment Tools like bad bathwater. Several items have been rearranged and the whole Add, Subtract, and Intersect Mask thing… Forget about it!

Or should you forget about it?
Would that be the best idea for your workflow?

Absolutely not! The Masking area in ACR and Lightroom that came packaged with the Photoshop CC 2022 release is incredible! While there are several changes to the way we worked in the past, it is all for the better, I promise.

In this course, I will help break down some of the barriers you may have with the Masking tools. I will supply you with knowledge and some incredible presets that use the principles of my Zone System Express as their base.

After this course, not only will you be making better masks with the presets I have built, but you will know how to make your own and how to use this new feature to its maximum potential!

In this RAW Masking Course, You Will Learn:

► How to Install Masking Presets
► The Principles of the New Masking Section in ACR 14 and Lightroom
► Difference between and use of Luminance and Color Range Masks
► How the Zone System relates to Masking in ACR
► Intro to the ZSE RAW Presets!
► Understanding “Math Masks”
► Complete RAW Workflow with Masking Section and Presets
► BONUS – How to make your very own MASKING PRESETS!

•••The Course in a Nutshell•••

•  10 unique video tutorials
•  100 minutes of education
•  37 ACR 14.0 and Lightroom Presets for ULTIMATE Masking Control
•  Access to all PDF’s and Follow Along Files


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