Working With Light 2: Lumberjack

Sometimes you just get lucky… That’s the case for this case study here.

When we were photographing our family for our yearly Christmas Card, our middle son, William, struck a pose that had us all smiling.  He looked like a proud little lumberjack in his red and black plaid shirt.  My wife and I immediately looked at one another and said, “where’s the ax?” as we chuckled.

In this second installment of the Working with Light series, I will show you how I built a composite of my son from beginning to end.  This course aims to follow an artist on their journey through the creative process.  It is not a step-by-step tutorial on every tool.  It is the culmination of the tools and how we use them in tandem to create our work.

The Working With Light: Case Study #2 Course in a Nutshell

♠  9 Video Lessons
♠  93 minutes of education

In This Case Study, You Will Learn:

► Developing the vision for a composite
► How to assess the light for a composite
► How to select subjects and mask them easily
► How to build a composite with multiple elements
► How to work through compositing problems in Post Production

*** There are no follow-along images for this course.***

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