I recently hosted a Workshop in the Tallgrass National Preserve in Kansas.  We had scheduled it perfectly to marry up with the near 4-hour window we were going to have for the Milky Way!  Our plan was to hike for a bit in the afternoon to scout locations, post up for the Sunset, then shoot the Milky Way until 2 AM.

Well, as it turned out, it was the hottest day of the Summer, the Milky Way was washed out by an unpredicted rain storm that hung around for nearly 8 hours, and the sunrise was less than dramatic.  Of all the things that could happen in a 24-hour workshop everything bad happened.

However, I did not let it discourage us.  We still hiked and scouted, we made the best of the lack of the Milky Way, and we still ended up getting some decent stock footage for the sunrise!

In this Live Event, I will talk about all the things that could go wrong in a landscape shoot and how to overcome them and stay positive, especially when you are in post production!