My Passion for IR Photography

In this Live Event, I will discuss my 4-year journey with Infrared Photography.  I will reveal all the reasons why I have grown to love it so much and share some of my favorite images from the Infrared World.

On March  28th we will be live with our brand new Infrared Photography course.  It comes complete with 400+ pages of documentation, ~5 hours of education, and a panel specifically designed for Infrared Post-Production.


  1. “Many years” ago converted 2 Canon 60D cameras (cheap – end-of-life on sale from B&H)
    – 720 nm from Spencer’s
    – full spectrum from Life Pixel. Better service from Life Pixel.

    Preferred the 720 conversion for out of camera BW.

    – filters for the full spectrum conversion.
    – White Balance – was using green grass or green

    Lost interest because of post processing.

    • Awesome! Yeah, post-production is the trickiest part. However, we have that dialed in with the education that comes with the new course. We have a streamlined workflow and have even developed methods for RAW level editing that change the game completely for the IR Community 🙂 Stay tuned!

  2. I too have aLife Pixel converted camera; mine is a 470nm IR filter Canon M5 (with a “tuned” 18-45 lens). I have had fun with it near the Sydney Opera House and up in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney (AU). But getting something out of the post-processing was/is a challenge. I am not that completely keen on SOOC but once I get into Photoshop I still struggle (even with the actions provided me by LP with my camera conversion).

    So, Blake, perhaps you could do a few videos or series on ideas/approaches, maybe even some actions, to get the “best” out of IR? Or even how to develop an IR “vision” as contrasted to the natural light once views when shooting IR?

    • Thanks for the ideas, Martin. In this new IR course, we are covering all of that. It is packed with a ton of IR information from the camera conversion all the way through the post-production. We do touch on vision a little, but there will be more to come. For now we had a lot to tackle with the first course.

  3. I like the work of Matthew Stuart Piper on Instagram; great IR output!

    • Thanks for connecting us!

  4. So lucky am I to have a converted Sony A7 and have been playing with BW and IR because now I’ll be oh so ready for your course.

    • Woohoo! One of the best cameras on the planet for IR! So many possibilities with the in-camera apps.

    • Joni, I’m a Canon user, but would like more info on your Sony A7. Such as model, etc., also where did you have your conversion done, and which nm is it. (720nm, 470, etc.?) I’m thinking I would like to try the Sony after hearing what Blake had to say about the “in camera apps”. Thanks… Mary


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