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I was a professor for 40 years in 9 universities. I wish you would have taught me how to teach 40 years ago. You are doing it right with this website. Every photographer should join f.64 Elite and I will share that advice with everyone. -Patrick

Meet Your f.64 Elite Instructor


Blake RuBlake Polaroids 2dis

Blake is a self-published author and the host of f64 Academy. While his focus has been strong in HDR photography for the past five years or so, he is most passionate about post-processing images in Photoshop and mentoring others.

Blake takes great pride in his Fine Art background. From Acrylic and Oil Painting to Printmaking and Sculpture he has had his hands in just about every art form. This has been paramount in shaping his ideologies on Photography and Post Processing. For Blake, it is not about the act of photography, but the artistic process as a whole.



What current members are saying about f.64 Elite  

I’ve known Blake for over a year.  During that time, not only my photography skills, but my overall artistic ability has improved dramatically.  Blake has a formal degree in the arts as well as years of experience.  The real skill he brings to his students, though, is an understandable approach to developing one’s own artistic creativity.  The latest example of his originality is the F64 Academy.  It is more than just watching tutorials on the Internet.  It is a way to learn different techniques and then share them with like-minded art lovers from around the globe.  It’s a wonderful way to develop as a photographer and artist.  I can recommend Blake’s F64 Academy  without hesitation.  -Richard


Since I have become acquainted with Blake Rudis through his tutorials and previous photography education site, HDR Insider, my photography skills have grown rapidly. I particularly appreciate feeling welcome even though I am relatively new to photography. I am still exploring my photography passion and searching to develop my personal style. The resources on f.64 Academy and the willingness of Blake and the others on the site to assist with comments and encouragement are very effective in helping me learn and grow stress-free. Being an Elite member really maximizes the learning potential. I see a long and interesting journey ahead and am happy to travel that path with interesting, engaged people.   -Paula


Blake and Jake have developed a site, F64Academy Elite, that is only interested in helping other photographers. If you have a question about photography, there is someone on this site that can help you with your question and are very qualified and happy to help. Some of the other sites I have worked with before have members that are reluctant to help. They seem to be afraid that you may become better than they are. Not with this site. Photographers on this site are interested in helping photographers. This is a very friendly website with very qualified, friendly photographers that want to help improve others photography.  -Don


F64Elite is a unique approach to helping photographers achieve their goals and vision. While it’s full of great tips and courseware to help me make better photographs, the aspect I truly find refreshing, invigorating, inspiring, and downright fun, is it’s a community that’s focused on making one another better photographers. Period. There is an endless supply of places and materials to help me make a given photograph a little better. But there are few places with such a broad range of personalities who will encourage and help make me a much better photographer. I’ve definitely seen noticeable improvements in my photography, but the thing that’s got me totally sold on this platform is what it’s doing for me and my friends here at F64Elite in making us all better photographers. Better with the gear. Better with the workflow. Better with the time and money invested. Better able to enjoy photography and integrate it into my life journey.  -Jeffrey


F.64Elite is the latest brainchild of Blake Rudis. This is the ultimate site for improving your photograpic processing skills. I have learnt so much from Blake’s video tutorials and learning proprams over the past couple of years. The use of Facebook to keep up with the latest tutorials by YouTube links, members comments and their feedback has now been replaced by one user-friendly site. I enrolled for life membership as soon as the F.64 Elite was up and running And am enjoying the experience immensely.  -Roy


Blake Rudis is a down to earth wonderful teacher. I have been watching and learning from Blake for about a year now, and as a beginner have learned so much from him. He has a wonderful teaching style that is easy to follow and is very knowledgeable he all he teaches.  -Marla

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Community Involvement

There are over 215 members in the f.64 Elite community.  They are very active in the forums and are all about connecting with other like-minded individuals.  This is not just a “Blake on the Pulpit” environment.  It is organically growing and evolving into what the community wants, needs, and desires.

By becoming a member of f64 Elite, you gain access to hundreds of photographers just like you.  They are learning, experimenting, and are actively involved in their passion, just like you!


Access to Courses

These courses are about the things you want to learn in photography.  From creative processing effects in Photoshop to bettering your workflow efficiency practices, there is something for everyone.

The courses on f.64 Elite are lesson based.  When you enroll in a course, your progress is tracked.  You can stop in the middle of a course and pick up on the next lesson.  The lessons are small and palatable, between 5 and 15 minutes per lesson making it easy to hop in and out as your time is available.

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Monthly Critique Sessions

We are often shaken by the phrase, “…you have room for improvement…”.  We try so hard to strive for perfection that the term “room for improvement” makes us want to cry.  The reality of the situation is that room for improvement means new growth, the opportunity to try new things, and the journey of continuously improving upon your trade.  If someone said, “It’s perfect” about everything you did, there would be no need or reason to grow.  Eventually, the idea of perfection would be diluted.

On HDR Insider (my old subscription site) Blake conducted Critique Sessions for the members.  He brought the mentality of the Fine Art classroom into the Online Digital Photography education platform.  What seemed like a crazy idea at the time turned out to be the most successful element of the site.

Blake is continuing the tradition of Fine Art classroom style critique sessions on f.64 Elite.   If you are all about continuous improvement and want to grow as an artist/photographer, then these critique sessions are designed for you.

The courses on f.64 Elite are lesson based.  When you enroll in a course, your progress is tracked.  You can stop in the middle of a course and pick up on the next lesson.  The lessons are small and palatable, between 5 and 15 minutes per lesson making it easy to hop in and out as your time is available.

Critique Sessions


Members Only Discounts

f.64 Elite Members can take advantage of great discounts.  All of Blake’s premium courses to include the Best Selling Digital Zone Systems Courses, are offered to f.64 Elite members at reduced prices.  These are every once in a while type discounts, they are always active with your subscription.

We are seeking companies to offer discounts to f.64 Elite members, new companies will be added regularly.



Members Only Live Events

f.64 Elite Members gain access to Live Events.  These events will range from live critique sessions and workflows to Elite Member panel discussions.  You can watch Blake as he edits a photo or interact with your peers during a live panel discussion.  If you are an expert in a certain field of phoatography you can hop on in and share your experiences!

These events will be recorded and placed on the site for later viewing if the timing just isn’t right for you.


The HDR Insider Archives

On HDR Insider, Blake conducted Workflow Tutorials, created Actions packages, did Critique Sessions, and made a segment called Zone System Quick Tips.  There were also Projects that were given out at the beginning of the month.  From that project, Blake would create a workflow at the end of the month.

Blake decided to bring the Workflows, Actions, Critiques and Quick Tips onto f.64 Elite.  You can now access all 2+ years worth of content right on f.64 Elite.  f.64 Elite Members have access to all of the archived content at the click of a button.  This alone is a treasure trove of valuable information.



237 reviews for f.64 Elite Membership Plan

  1. Gerald Bengtson (verified owner)

    I would like to see more tutorials

  2. Brad Cheek (verified owner)

  3. Nancy Brizendine (verified owner)

  4. David Walker (verified owner)

  5. Frank Graffam (verified owner)

    Lots of great content and helpful lessons, I am learning new things about my photography.

  6. Juerg (verified owner)

    Need some more time to settle in, the atmosphere is very good, will give more detailed comment later

  7. Joe Dostal (verified owner)

    I’ve watched a couple of courses so far and have found very interesting and rewarding. I enjoy your style of teaching and I’m eager to learn more.

  8. Marie-Jose van Rijsbergen (verified owner)

    What I love is that the courses have a lot of depth and perspectives. I have been using Photoshop for years and have already learned so much. Awesome. The critical session are also great to watch. That is also very educational.The way you explain everything clearly makes me understand all the material. Compliments for that. The bonus materials are also a nice addition.The feeling that I grow in my creativity with regard to photography is very important to me.I still expect to learn a lot from you. Warm greetings from the Netherlands.

  9. Robert Venable (verified owner)

    Very detailed but easy to follow. I have two monitors and I play the lesson on one and use Photoshop on the other. That works really well.

  10. Gopal Adhikari (verified owner)

    Hey Blake, Thanks for creating such wonderful learning resources. I first came across your videos on CreativeLive platform. It was Photoshop Bootcamp. That was an amazing course to start with. I was always looking for such a course, where i can build up my understanding gradually. Also, I liked your approach to develop understanding from PS only rather than using some actions. I would like to see a workflow type course in future similar to the Photoshop Bootcamp course.
    Keep up the good work,

  11. Philip C. (verified owner)

    Luckily I like challenges as this course really showed me how little I know about Photoshop. College calculus and organic chemistry were easier though that was 5 decades ago:)

  12. Riet v. (verified owner)

    Much learning for so little money

  13. Robert van Arkel (verified owner)

  14. Bert G. (verified owner)

  15. Steven Hayre (verified owner)

    I started my 1st darkroom in 1962 at age 12 and had several different ones until I switched to digital in 2004. I started using photoshop then and added light room when it 1st arrived. I thought I knew quite a lot about these 2 programs until I joined f.64 elite . I found I did know a fair amount but did not understand photoshop, just knew some ways to use it. f.64 is worth every penny! You will not only learn many new ways to use photoshop but will understand the why and how. I had not understood “Blend If ” but now use it on every image I work on. I also now understand the different blend modes and can now use them to make better images. I found I still have a ton to learn and my understanding of photoshop has grown in leaps and bounds. Steve Hayre

  16. Ted Arsenault (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many different types of online training and f.64 does a fantastic job of getting in the basics while taking you into deeper waters at the same time. Best web based training by far!!!

  17. Thomas (verified owner)

    Simultaneously the most advanced and simple workflow that I have come across after studying from 18 different PS instructors before subscribing to f64.

    Blake’s instructions and workflow are in a league of their own.

    I didn’t expect to get much out of the critique videos. They are phenomenal! Post processing issues that I still struggled with after watching well over one hundred and fifty hours of other instructors’ videos all of a sudden clicked while watching just a few minutes of Blake’s critiques.

    Blake’s art education makes a big difference in his ability to explain tone and color concepts compared to other PS educators.

  18. Peter S. (verified owner)

    Great education and especially working with zone system 5.0 and palette effects 2

  19. Michael (verified owner)

  20. Bev Rae (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased several of Blake’s trainings for panels he developed and I think the way Blake approaches teaching is amazing. I decided to become a member of f64 academy based on what it offers. I’m looking forward to my membership.

  21. Hussein Gohar (verified owner)

  22. Jon Østby (verified owner)

  23. Per Eriksson (verified owner)

  24. Ray Cunningham (verified owner)

    I have been searching for the absolute best photoshop training for more than a year now. Shopping parameters were precision post-processing, training, value, and of course, someone who could actually teach, could be contacted personally, has tremendous pride in their product, and genuinely cares for my success. Actions speak louder than words and, Blake delivers. The Zone System Express 6 and f/64 Elite are exactly what I need to reach my personal photography goals.

  25. David H. (verified owner)

    I have only been a member for only a short time and am looking forward to being associated with like minded people so that we can all improve and enjoy our photographic journey together.

  26. Lyn (verified owner)

    Only had subscription a week, but decided to finally join, I have followed Blake since I started photography 4 years ago, learned lots from his channel.
    Like his style and as a retired Uni lecturer know how much work goes into presentations as well constructed as his. Am working on image for critique.
    Starting to get to grips with Wacom tablet.

  27. Bill (verified owner)

    I should have joined f64 long before I did but I am glad to finally be here. Great videos and training!

  28. Stephen Woodburn (verified owner)

    I purchased the Zone System Effects and Palette Effects and was very impressed with the education that cam with each of the panels. I held off on joining F64 Elite as I was not sure that I wanted to commit to a monthly charge. After exploring the website, I decided to join and take advantage of the additional education (there is a ton of it) on the site. I have been binge watching courses ever since. Blake is a phenomenal instructor. The courses are on a level that I have been unable to find elsewhere. I am finally starting to feel like I have a handle on the beast that is Photoshop. The critiques that Blake does are constructive and extremely helpful. This review would be too long if I listed all of the things I love about F64 Elite, so I will leave it with “JOIN NOW”. You will not regret it. I certainly do not.

  29. Michael G. (verified owner)

    It’s COLD! now here in Minneapolis and I am back to my Photoshop study for the winter. I do truly enjoy the tutorials of both you and Jim Wellinski.

  30. Charles Pacer (verified owner)

    After several months of self debating, I finally decided to give f.64 Academy Elite a try. I wish I had never waited. This site is packed with enough worth while material to keep me busy for a very long time with more being added every month. Blake’s instructional style is very well suited to my desired method of learning.

  31. Sarbach P. (verified owner)

    I am learning PS on my own since 3 years. First the basics and now I wish to refine my post. Your tutorials are a good repetition with some little tricks I ad to my knowledge. I am amateur photographer and have not much time to do photographs. But wen I have the occasion a shoot a lot, after I take some pictures which I post process in adobe programs. What I found on your site is a good refresh of the use of ps and I am applying your workflow from adobe bridge, as I started from lightroom, to start a new way to look at my processing I thought to try this. I am also finding some new interesting applications in ps I will try to apply in my post processing.

  32. Paul De Nijs (verified owner)

    Excellent courses

  33. James R. (verified owner)

    Already watched some excellent courses and my PS knowledge has improved considerably. A really great resource made even better with a great personal touch. Looking forward to submitting to the critique sessions

  34. Ronald Campbell (verified owner)

    Well worth the money! So much incite and training! Really extremely happy so far!! Thanks!!

  35. Luis Lorente (verified owner)

    Clear, concrete, complete, organized, easy to follow, learning curve accelerator, professional. 100 % recommendable.

  36. Colin Monteith (verified owner)

    Simply the best and highest quality imaging education available anywhere. Along with the extensions available, I know more in a couple weeks on f64 than I learned in the last couple years elsewhere.

  37. Michael (verified owner)

  38. Walter Bratton (verified owner)

    You provide a lot of great info.

  39. Steve Grainger (verified owner)

    Loving the critiques! I have learnt so much already from watching these videos.

  40. Dennis Morrissey (verified owner)

    I have a granddaughter beginning her PS journey and I’m going to forward it to her. It will give her good direction and hopefully save her from some of the wrong turns I’ve taken. Well done.

  41. Mark Hayward (verified owner)

    Your knowledge and ability to educate is very impressive. I love the subject matter and look forward to learning to improve my skills. Thanks!

  42. Markus (verified owner)

  43. Carol Keller (verified owner)

    I am learning so much. The courses are so informative and easy to follow. The critiques are also wonderfully helpful. I’m learning as much from them as the courses. I’m delighted that I joined f64 Elite. It keeps me busy (I’m retired and also following the stay-at-home order) and allows me to learn more about photoshop and photography–my favorite hobby.

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My recent purchase of an F64 Academy Elite subscription has already given me several great tips and I have only watched one course! Great work Blake.

  45. Michel Hildebrand (verified owner)

    I feel comfortable with your mind set.

  46. Harald Koch (verified owner)

    Your courses are incredibly good. You teach with so much enthusiasm that it’s contagious to your students. Thank you so much.

  47. Donald Wacker (verified owner)

  48. steve seligman (verified owner)

    Getting ready to spend a few days with you and Matt in South Carolina in September!! There are 5 of us coming together. We do a lot of photo trips as a group. When we get together, it is entertaining to say the least. Matt thinks a lot of you and that speaks volumes to me.

    Just finished the webinar, and all I can say is Outstanding!!! Lot of material for 1 hour .

    I think I now have the full Blake Arsenal of products and have to get comfortable with all of the functionality.

    I just recently retired as an Ob-Gyn physician and found that photography extended my career with the challenge. Your approach takes this to a new level. I want to now go back and process some of my favorite images from the past and see how they change.

  49. Gary Cathey (verified owner)

    Very good courses.

  50. Bill Martheleur (verified owner)

    Blake, your courses and webinars are always so informative. I can always depend upon you to inspire me with your enthusiasm and knowledge!

    Would love to do another photo tour with you! Let me know if you have anything planned for when we can again travel freely


  51. SHERRY MCKELVIE (verified owner)

    Loving every minute! So many goodies to dip into, I hardly know where to start! The teaching is brilliant, but the critiques are addictive. And then there are the challenges and the webinars. Not enough hours in the day!

  52. Dan S. (verified owner)

    You provide a lot of education for the buck.

  53. dennis sullivan (verified owner)

  54. Ian Firth-Clark (verified owner)

    Early days but really pleased with my purchase

  55. Michael Tatro (verified owner)

    A great balance between the artistic, and the mechanical how and why things do what they do inside PS. It helps me to understand what to do to realize my own artistic vision. Thanks

  56. Earl (verified owner)

    I’m not a binge watcher, so I appreciate the categorical listings of all the videos and tutorials that are available.

  57. Kim Braley (verified owner)

    So far, I’m delighted with my decision to join f.64 Academy Elite. I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while….Blake’s new 30 Days to Photoshop Mastery (only available to Elite members at this time) is what finally caused me to take the leap. In addition, there are many other benefits to joining the ranks of Elite members – discounts, availability of all videos, photo critiques, etc. I enjoy Blake’s teaching style and his honesty of opinion, enough so that I’ve invested in several courses – now is the time to really dive in and finally learn what I’ve been been putting off.

  58. Jennifer F. (verified owner)

    So far I’m loving my membership. Working through the 30 days of Photoshop and learning so much… I have a list of other courses to tackle. My skills in Ps have already improved… now if I could just get an image into the critique sessions…

  59. Micaela (verified owner)

    I have to thank you very much! With your membership, you not only offer a ton of materials, the best thing is the quality of all of it!

  60. Glen Lawrence (verified owner)

    Brilliant! I’m learning so much – you have a great teaching style.

  61. Barbara Lind (verified owner)

    I am 9 days into the 30 Day Photoshop Challenge. Wow, I cannot wait for the other 21 days! This is taking my use of PS to guru status! Thank you so much for putting 30 Day Photoshop Challenge together!

  62. Rosemary M. (verified owner)

    This is the best ever lot of videos that I have seen for explaining ACR and PS ever to the average Joe Blow like me. I actually look forward to opening each video each day and don’t feel overwhelmed at all with all the knowledge that Blake is passing onto us. It is so easy to follow and understand thanks to Blake. Am learning so so much and would definately recommend this course to everyone who wants to have a better understanding of how to edit photos. Thank you so much Blake for being such a wonderful teacher.

  63. Ian (verified owner)

    After a few years struggling with photoshop, these courses have made things easier to understand and is making a huge difference to my photography

  64. Davie

    I have been using, or, trying to use PSCC. for a few years now with varying degrees of success, but, now through my discontent I found Blake’s course and along with another of his products which I’m enjoying immensely, my skills are improving. What a wonderful and profitable way to use ‘lockdown’ time, thanks Blake!

  65. klaas de bont (verified owner)

    lots of courses. I learn why to use some tools! very promising

  66. Herschel Weintraub (verified owner)

    So far it’s been very good

  67. Suzy B. (verified owner)

    I’ve learned more in just five lessons of 30-Day Photoshop Challenge than I have in all the Photoshop seminars I’ve been to. Thanks!

  68. James Ranka (verified owner)

    Stellar education taught in a straightforward, to-the-point manner. This is my second time to join f.64, and I’ve learned more in 10 days than I have in 5 years through watching various YouTube tutorials, and memberships with other teachers. Blake’s enthusiastic approach is contagious. So much so, that I am now in the process of re-working my entire portfolio using the techniques I am learning here at f.64. Blake’s lessons on the new Adobe Camera Raw filter have opened my eyes to new, exciting and successful transitions to really understanding PS CC. If you are serious about your photography and/or digital art, JOIN RIGHT NOW! You will be very glad you did. …

  69. Bill Wiley (verified owner)

  70. Agustin B (verified owner)

    Very good workshop .

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

    From the short time I have been a member, I have really liked what I have seen. I have started the 30 Day Photoshop class, but I am going at a slower pace since I still work full time.

  72. John Lampkin (verified owner)

    Wildly better than I had expected. Blake Rudis is brilliant, dedicated to excellence on every level, and generous to a fault. This course is a bargain at any price.

  73. Michael Poirier (verified owner)

    I’ve been a Elite member on and off for a few years now,and i keep coming back. Because no one has showing me how to use Photoshop better than Blake Rudis. Thanks you are the best at teaching everything Photoshop.

  74. Charles Isenhour (verified owner)

    Great educational material

  75. Angel Tenorio (verified owner)

    An accumulation of shared knowledge with a clear and concise teaching technique

  76. Jaap (verified owner)

    It’s quite extensive teaching material, and it really goes deep. I’m hoping to learn a lot from it.

  77. Kwok Tung Leung (verified owner)

    Good course, helpful.

  78. Malcome kempe (verified owner)

  79. John J Draper (verified owner)

    So far so good! Need a little assistance on some areas though.

  80. Donna A. (verified owner)

    I have only been doing the 30 Day Photoshop Course and I am loving it !! I have only used a few tools in PS before because I didn’t know where to go or what to use, but after only the eight days I am already much more comfortable with the interface .. thank you so much. Your teaching style is awesome. You explain everything so I know the “Why” and not just the “How” .. So looking forward to the rest of the the month!

  81. Aniko M. (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best organized and appropriate information delivered in an engaging manner. Wether you are a novice or expert, there is Much to be learned here.

  82. Donald Poulton (verified owner)

    A lot of stuff, I haven’t yet had time to fully go through everything. But I must mention that I’ve really enjoyed the critique sessions that I’ve watched so far (all of August and a few earlier ones)

  83. Michael Burton (verified owner)

    The program is really great!! There is so much information…..there is no way I can do this in anything close to 30 days….and that is not a complaint. I have watched and rewatched the ACR course 5 or 6 times. Each time really concentrating on one of the tools, and then practicing on multiple different scenarios. So I haven’t even got into photoshop yet. I think it will likely take me a couple of months to really do it right….and I am more than satisfied with that.

  84. Howard Koch (verified owner)

    I have completed two ACR education courses and learned more in two programs than three other ‘educational’ photography sites.
    Blake lessons are clear, applicable, and repeatable.
    I am looking forward to the 30 day Photoshop program and the rapid improvement in my own post-processing knowledge.

  85. Eric Jones (verified owner)

  86. Elna Geringer (verified owner)

  87. Marilyn Charlesworth (verified owner)

    The wealth of knowledge is endless,

  88. Herwig Korbel (verified owner)

    Over the years I became a selftaught experienced retoucher using photoshop. There are a lot of retouchers sharing their knowledge. But Blakes way to share his knowledge is unique and worth every penny. The last years I only took advantage of Blake`s free youtube channel. But now I decided to purchase the monthly membership because there is a lot more to discover even for an experienced retoucher, especially the course about the blend modes really brought me many steps further. Blake has a lot to offer others do not show the way Blake does it.

  89. Viliam (verified owner)

    I am happy that I found this course. Blake is very good teacher and I don’t have any issues to understand him. Course is very well done and I am excited for a new content that comes every day. I will keep learning and I will try new courses in the future.

  90. Rohan Nel (verified owner)

    Just looove being part of your academy. I have learned more in a week from you, than over the past year trying to teach myself. This is awesome!

  91. Colin Laird (verified owner)

    Blake, you were correct when you told me the value exceeded to cost.

  92. Christopher Wright (verified owner)

    I love the fact that there is now contract and I can quit any time I like but for the education I am getting the membership is well worth the money.

  93. Richard McKeever

    I signed up for this by mistake – I was looking for the link to Blake’s 30 day photoshop class. I had no prior experience with him – but sent an email describing my error. He responded very quickly, refunded my payment and provided the link I was looking for. I did sign up for that and look forward to writing a review – so far (12 days) it has exceeded my exectations

  94. Patrick Keane (verified owner)

  95. Kay B. (verified owner)

    Well-seasoned PS user here, and from Blake I’ve learned something new in every lesson segment, every tutorial, every critique Elite membership gives us access to. A great purchase!

  96. Steve B. (verified owner)

    After buying the 30 Day’s to PS Mastery course it was a no brainer for me to become an f64 Academy Elite Member. Finally, I’ve found a place where it all comes together. I sense I am among like minded people looking to learn. Blake’s offerings in the membership plan are very comprehensive and finally I do not feel the need to continually look elsewhere for the “next best thing” – I’ve found it here. Blake’s enthusiasm, energy and instruction style build confidence and curiosity – I feel better able to tackle PS and the intricacies of post-processing than ever before. I’m excited about working through all the courses and learning. Highly recommended.

  97. Tom M. (verified owner)

    The F64 Elite membership plan was just what I needed to restart my photography. creativity. With a month to month, no contract, membership it is perfect to see what Blake has to offer.

    I have watched Blake’s YouTube channel for years and through On one software. He has a great teaching style and his membership is well worth the money.

    It would make an great Hanukkah or Christmas gift!

  98. James Ranka (verified owner)

    I just finished the courses on Linear Light. Absolutely mind-blowing education. This one course alone is worth a year’s worth of monthly payments, but there’s so much more. Thank you, Blake, for sharing your knowledge!

  99. Gary Simms (verified owner)

    Lots of learning opportunities here. Dropped the $20 a month streaming service Philo. It will rot your brain; f64 just makes it hurt from thinking.

  100. Staci K. (verified owner)

    Having been away from photography for a few years, this was the site I needed to refresh myself and learn some new tricks with Photoshop. So glad I found this site!

  101. Joel P. (verified owner)

    The best photography education I ever had thus far. Blake has the ability to explain lessons and concepts in a way that you will easily grasp it. And he even supplements the learnings with sensible analogies that really help you grasp the lessons easier.

  102. Viliam (verified owner)

    Mr. Blake, even though I’m retired, likes to learn new techniques in photography. It’s my hobby and you’re a great teacher. You have my admiration.

  103. John Fish (verified owner)

    Good but I am leaving some room for improvement

  104. Clark K. (verified owner)

    I have learned more about Photoshop and editing in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 5 years. I am really glad that I found Blake and f64 elite.

  105. Felix Rivero (verified owner)

    The diversity of curses very well explained!

  106. Dave Reasons (verified owner)

    Looking forward to learning more about using Photoshop and this seemed the perfect way to do it.

  107. Mary Lynch (verified owner)

    I have never gotten this much information on any subject for $19.99! The information is clear and concise and it is delivered in a way that helps you grasp the concept immediately. Blake is a great teacher and he not only explains the concept, but he also demos it at a pace that is easily understood. Worth every penny and more!

  108. Edmund (verified owner)

  109. Paul Fullilove (verified owner)

    F.64 Elite is exactly what I was looking for in terms of courses, tips, actions, and tools. This website is a one stop shop for Everything I was looking for. Blake Rudis, the instructor, is an excellent teacher. A class act. My only wish was that I had found this site much earlier.

  110. Mike G. (verified owner)

    Hi Blake,
    the content your are creating for your Elite Members is outstanding. I am really happy to be here.
    I thank you so much!

  111. Rejean Pitre (verified owner)

    Great course Blake, i first took courses from you through CreativeLive loved your teaching style, it’s entertaining and very good. and when recently i looked at some of your YouTube video, i decided to take the leap, I’m about half way through the 30 days to Photoshop mastery and also have taken some of the other courses you have available. I would recommend F64 to anyone who is interested in taking their processing to the next level, though many panels are out there to help you with some of the taught material, learning the basic and how these panel work is very important and i see myself using more of what i learned here than using the panels i have now. Thank you

  112. Robin E. (verified owner)

    I am brand new to f.64 Academy. I joined because I recently discovered Blake Rudis and purchased a few tutorials. I have taken many other tutorials, online courses and webinars and have yet to find a teacher that compares with Blake. For me, he is the perfect teacher. I used to jump from tutorial to tutorial depending upon whatever Photoshop subject I wanted to learn, but was unsatisfied with my (lack of) progress. That’s because I was learning piecemeal and not in any kind of rational, logical workflow. Blake has put it all together for me. Workflow is his main menu. His process builds from step to step, each step building on the one before it. Yes! I am currently taking 30-Days to Photoshop Mastery plus watching most of Blake’s daily tutorial releases and his Youtube channel. I hung around his f.64 website, wondering what it would be like to become a member but feeling too nascent to possibly gain anything. I pulled the trigger on the purchase spontaneously one day and will never look back. What a vast amount of information that is FREE to me as a member! Plus discounts on all other purchases. I started watching some of his critiques. This guy even has a tutorial about the proper way to give and receive a critique! He is the consummate teacher. Even though I haven’t learned some of what he discusses in critiques, just watching and listening is invaluable. Blake moves fast, but the pause and back buttons are your friend. He also has a great sense of humor that spices the rhetoric. His lessons are a reasonable length of time (maybe 20 minutes each) so you don’t overdose. He provides practice images so you can execute right along with him. This guy makes sense and is opening up a whole new world for me! He’s understandable and has taken the mystery and intimidation out of the software for me. Most important is his building the process step on step. It all comes together when you follow his instruction. I’ve found my Photoshop teacher. I highly recommend him to everyone!

  113. Denis Lavoie (verified owner)

  114. Ramesh Sutaria (verified owner)

    Different, yet stimulating and interesting, way of using so manny elements of Photoshop explored by Blake makes the membership invaluable. Great techniques from a great teacher!

  115. Mary H. (verified owner)

    You get your money’s worth and MORE! I can’t believe I waited so long to join. I am so impressed with all the tutorials, photo critiques, $$ deals, and valuable advice I get by being a member. I highly recommend this membership. You would be hard pressed to find a better training program/website for learning to be a better photographer.

  116. Mark G. (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying the courses on the f.64 Academy Elite. I’ve purchased many courses from other photography sites in the past but this is one of the best. I find the courses really informative and Blake’s teaching style and enthusiasm is just superb. I love the structure of the lessons and the high level of detail that is covered for each subject. By the time you then get to use either one of the many panels or actions available, you understand what is going on behind the scenes when clicking on buttons or running actions. I’ve learnt more in the past few months about Photoshop than I have in the past three years. Highly recommended if you want to take you Photoshop knowledge to the next level.

  117. Grant K. (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Blake for some time and am genuinely impressed with his teaching style but more importantly the quality of the content. For me the best part of what he does is not just in the courses and his easy, ‘how-to’ way to do certain things, but it’s the way he explains ‘why’ this works better than the other way, he completely de-mystifies Photoshop and makes it understandable. Simple, easy to understand and presented with great easy to follow examples; I think his teaching style is brilliant. For what Blake has to offer via the f.64 Elite membership at just US$19.99 a month (a little more here in Australia thanks to the exchange rate) represents outstanding value. While I know I’ll never get on top of Photoshop in the same way as Blake, I at least now have the confidence and tools to tackle it head on and produce some reasonably good results.

  118. Simon Wooler (verified owner)

    I’ve watched quite a few Photoshop education videos on YouTube and signed up for more than a couple of courses too, but Blake’s F.64Elite program is by far and a way the best of them.
    Blake is engaging and entertaining as well as clear and concise. He gets to the point quickly and efficiently. There’s no question he comes to each lesson well rehearsed and prepared and that means plenty of “aha” moments and a genuine wish to hear more. You won’t be fast forwarding through pointless mumblings looking for the real meat of it. Blake dives straight in. It’s a festival of binge watching, frankly!
    I confess that I had intended to only take one month’s subscription to f.64, watch as much as possible and leave but, to be honest, it’s too good for that. There’s so much material with so much additional community content that the subscription is a small price to pay for Blake’s ongoing education. I’m going through everything quickly for a first run and then I’ll go back and take a slower pass over the stuff that I need most for my workflow development. By then there will doubtless be a raft of new material to pay attention to.
    I can’t see anyone who’s serious about their photography and their post-processing being disappointed with f.64…. Then there’s the actions, brushes and the D&B panel Blake gives you too……

  119. Andre Le Roux (verified owner)

    Hi Blake,
    I was trying to learn Photoshop for the last two years but with your teaching I have learned more in the last two weeks than in the last two years. You do the basic what you should know. Highly recommend your courses worth every penny.

  120. Chris K. (verified owner)

    Blake does a fantastic job of teaching and reinforces the concepts. As he warns, some of the material I’ve had to watch multiple times for it all to sink in. Great investment of time and money.

  121. Eric Johnson (verified owner)

    Good solid educational content – some unique to him as far as I know.

  122. Tiago Ribeiro de Carvalho (verified owner)

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    Excellent introduction series to the site! I had previously purchased the PS in 30 days course which I am still studying and learning so many things. I am amazed at the amount of quality material that is available to me. Much more than a 72 year old will be able to fully absorb but I will try my best.

  124. Thomas Ford (verified owner)

    Back in 2020, when the Covid virus lockdowns started, I decided to take Blake up on a discounted membership to F64 Elite. I believe I had the membership for only two months (trying to save money) and rushed through all of the videos I could. Honestly, that didn’t work; you can’t rush learning what Blake has to teach. I recently signed up for the 2nd time and have decided that learning is more important than just looking at videos. This time I’m taking my time and getting so much more out of Blake’s lessons. Blake has so much knowledge to teach; why rush through it. At this point my opinion is that it is the best $19.95 that I’ve ever spent on instruction.

  125. ren theelen (verified owner)

    helps of great content Blake is such a good teacher

  126. Kari Korpihete (verified owner)

    I have purchased and watched several of your courses, Palette Effects 3 is fantastic and is in daily use.

  127. Akash Srivastava (verified owner)

    After ~half a decade of exploring I have finally found my post processing Guru in Blake. He has a unique tecahing style where I am learning not only HOW TO but also WHAT, WHEN and WHY of digital darkroom.

    Injust first 10 days of my membership, , I have learned many basic concepts of photoshop – my first course – 30 Days to PS Mastery.

  128. Ray (verified owner)

    I am impressed with everything that is included in the f64.Elite membership. I have only begun my learning journey, but it is with great anticipation. My intent is to be an lifelong Elite member.

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    Hours and hours of content available for little outlay. An intense learning experience and worth every cent.

  131. Gavin Hall (verified owner)

    If someone described to you every system in an airliner, at the end of the process you wouldn’t be a pilot. If you want to be a pilot, you need is flying lessons that start at the beginning, and build up layer upon layer. Learning Photoshop is a similar deal, and the 30 Days to Photoshop Mastery course is the flying lessons you’ve been looking for.

  132. Jack McElroy (verified owner)

    I have been a very long time user of Photoshop and felt I was fairly competent in my skills however Blake has challenged and expanded my knowledge beyond my expectations. Extremely glad I subscribed.

  133. Mark L. (verified owner)

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    Love your content, lessons are great and I can work at my own pace……getting to the basics is fantastic and just what I needed, thanks!

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    I thought that I was fairly proficient with Photoshop but Blake has taught me so many things in the last couple of weeks *mind blown*. His courses are amazing and have taken my editing to the next and beyond level(s). You will not regret your purchase of his Elite membership, it is worth every penny!

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    Even though I haven’t had time yet to fully review the vast material that is contained in the f.65 Elite Membership plan, I am very impressed with what I have seen so far. PLUS I also just finished Blake’s ZSE RAW course …. and it is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I went through the course and practiced all the steps on one of my own images. Now I’ve been processing and applying Blake’s presets to my photos. The difference is incredible! I’m a flower photographer (among all things nature) and using these presets have brought my images to life!!

  141. Bob Spencer (verified owner)

    I enjoy your site because you keep us up to date on the latest changes in Photoshop. You have created workflows and shortcuts for us. An example is a Preset called Zone System Express (ZSE) that provides us a Workflow that is quick and logical for using the new Adobe Photoshop mask tools.

    You always amaze me time after time with your ability to take PS tools dropped on us and create a logical workflow from them to assist your students on how to use those new or changed tools. Plus you are always there to provide support which is wonderful.

    This is why I think the Elite membership is worth so much to me.

  142. Lannon (verified owner)

    I’ve been a member for just one week and I’ve already learned more and received more value than many of the online memberships I’ve spent 10 times the amount. Blake is not only a highly skilled Photoshop master, not only an innovative tool developer, not only a masterful teacher but he has (and tries to inculcate in you) an underlying artistic vision and passion that drives the education, tools and instruction such that you can’t but become a much better image maker. I started off thinking: ‘Oh this is gonna be too much work … I’ll just stick to Lightroom post-production,’ but I’ve found myself disappointed by the limitations I now find in Lightroom and frequently reach for what I’ve now learned from Blake about Photoshop. And he’s make it so easy. I haven’t even been able to participate in his critiques and challenges yet since I’m such a new member but I’m so looking forward to that aspect of my membership.

  143. JHN (verified owner)

    Brilliant, I’m learning so much – you have a great teaching style. Thank you, Blake, for sharing your knowledge!

  144. Brandon J. (verified owner)

    Your content is the best out there for Photoshop. I’ve watched all of the popular ones and I’ve always said your knowledge is by far the best. You can tell you’ve spent a lot of time in Photoshop.

    As far as the course is concerned, I really wish it was mobile friendly. Sometimes, I have a hard time getting videos to load and things. I’ve really not had a chance to go through more of the videos, but I plan on it to give it a real shot before I decide.

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  145. Christopher G. (verified owner)

    The training is first rate. One of the best I’ve found and been involved with. I’ve been involved in photography for 40 years + . University qualified and darkroom trained. This is excellent training.

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    I will admit I was on the fence on buying the membership. I really wasn’t sure what I was getting and how it would be different from f64 academy. But for less than $20 I decided to try it since there were no strings attached. OMG folks this is a no brainer! There is so much great content I have been binge watching since I joined. The education is top notch and Blakes teaching ability is superb. If you are on the fence, just do it. You won’t be disappointed!

  151. Bruce K. (verified owner)

    Not quite enough new content each month for $19.99. The discounts on Discovering Your Vision made me sign up again.

  152. Donald P. (verified owner)

    I plan to submit an image for critique in the near future. I hope you’ll be able to use it in one of the critiques. A question: If my image is not selected in the upcoming month, is it retained for possible use in a future month, or do I need to resubmit it?

  153. Marilyn (verified owner)

    The content available to Elite members is impressive, if not overwhelming. I only wish I had become a member early on, when I could grow with the content, instead of playing catch-up.

  154. Richard Y. (verified owner)

    Still working through the 30 days. There was a lot in ACR. Glad you included the new features in it. Course is taking quite some time. Hope to get more screen time in soon. The news in Ukraine has been so upsetting and it’s hard not to follow it by the hour since I am retired.

  155. JOEL BARTO (verified owner)

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    Blake is an amazing educator! Every single course is valuable. Being able to go back and review a specific technique when you’re stuck is priceless! Worth every penny of the investment in your editing skills, creative vision, and pursuing your aspirations. Plus, you’re supporting a really good person and a small business.

  158. Jason L. (verified owner)

    I have watched your Tube channel freeies for a while and have always enjoyed your enthusiastic approach to colour and doing it right, so I thought as I now am having a little more time to learn the big PS then who better.. Bravo.. your course selection and content have been of tremendous help, tho my brain is a little scrambled by try to do to much and making loads of errors, Thank you Blake

  159. Steven M. (verified owner)

    Each lesson is of a consistently high standard with regard to how Blake clearly explains each topic. All lessons reveal subtle differences in how one can use and apply the tools found in Photoshop. My Photoshop skills and my photography have reached a more professional level in my opinion. I am really happy that I have joined the f64 Academy Elite.

  160. Kathleen Dragan (verified owner)

    There is such a vast amount of information offered in this monthly membership that I get all giddy thinking about it! So much to learn. So much to experiment with. So much to discover! And with Blakes teaching method, everything is to the point, clear and precise.

  161. Michael (verified owner)

    So Far I am please with the membership, though it is very early in me using all the benefits. Will circle back later and provide another assessment after a couple more months.

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    Long overdue 🙂

  164. Kathleen Dragan (verified owner)

    This membership is packed with courses necessary in order to utilize Photoshop properly. Every lesson I’ve taken is filled with key points and useful information I can use. Blake’s teaching style is direct and easy to follow. The other point I like about this membership is the ease in which it can be cancelled and even more important starting it back up when the time is right. All my information was kept while I was away for a month, so I was able to pick up where I left off. This membership is a worthwhile investment to learning Photoshop.

  165. Linda Lewis (verified owner)

    You receive a lot of bang for your buck with the monthly membership. I joined because I like expanding and reinforcing my knowledge of Photoshop. Right now, I am doing the 30 day plan, I have submitted an artwork for a critique, watched previous critiques, and entered a challenge. I particularly like the fact that Blake has a history of fine art education and experience. Blake is very clear and concise with his explanations, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

  166. Roger Buenzow (verified owner)

    Excellent service-Excellent Program

  167. David Mack (verified owner)

    This was a technical error when I accidentally unsubscribed. The program is great.

  168. David R. (verified owner)

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    Congratulations!!! Excellent job! Thank you very much not only for the knowledge but also for the inspiration you are giving us.

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    Thanks, thanks , thanks

  176. Nereree (verified owner)

    Thank you.

  177. Randy Washam (verified owner)

    f.64 Academy and Blake have become my source for learning and improving my photography. Like his start to the art series you’ll learn how to take the initial vision to a finished product. His follow up to all requests and knowledge of PS are something rarely seen in any other trying to sell service or product. He’s definitely helped me improve my skills and ability to sell my art.

  178. Kathleen Dragan (verified owner)

    I’m getting a bit frustrated with the content because 99.9% is about landscape photography. Yet, what do I expect coming from a landscape photographer! What throws me off is you mentioning shooting macro and BW and stuff other than landscape but hardly ever critiquing or having more courses on macro, bw, and other genres. I have learned so very much from you. My photos and mind set have changed immensely. There’s still more for me to learn but it’s not going to happen for me in the landscape genre.

  179. Michael Kelly (verified owner)

    I love the courses and Blakes style of teaching. I’m 63 and learn from these courses and watch them over several times.
    Top Shelf!!!

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  190. Doris Woodruff (verified owner)

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    So I watched a lot of f64 on YouTube and really got a lot of value out of that. But when I finally made my way over to the website and saw all the courses, and really the mountains of extra value to be had there it made sense to pull the trigger. I’ve gone through a few of the courses already and they’re great. I really like that the photoshop process seems different than other instructors because of the art/painting background Blake has. The technical stuff is there too but you don’t get the same art concepts anywhere else. 10/10 would recommend.

  195. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The membership is definitely worth the cost! I have learned so much for $20 and am now revisiting previous photos to make them better.

  196. Kiweon Lee (verified owner)


  197. Jerrold Billmyer (verified owner)

    Mr Rudis can take a topic and challenge your thoughts and then show you not one but several solutions for the topic. His skill as educator in photography is excellent and so is his determination to impart knowledge to his f64 members.

  198. Mika P. (verified owner)

    I really like your style Blake when you break things down into small, digestible chunks. That’s how even this old man learns… 😉 Thank you!

  199. David Eckels (verified owner)

    Chock full of teaching that is pertinent even for advanced users. Lots of useful actions, presets, and other goodies. Critiques are greatly appreciated; sometimes you don’t know just what is off, but Blake will put his finger on it!

  200. Robert Andrews (verified owner)

    It’s still a wait and see. I’ve only been to one roundtable. It was uneventful, but I didn’t expect much. Only a few spoke. But to be fair a review requires a lot more involvement on my part. I think what would be really good, is to go thru specific photos in their raw format, Blake does his workflow, we make notes and he does this on a regular schedule. This will complement the critique that Blake does every week. And I look forward to submit photos that I like. But I do realize, I got a lot to learn. I’m relatively new at photography 2018, and have only fiddled with photoshop until the last 3-4 months. I was surprised there are a significant number of mature people – first thing I heard,” my brain is slow.”. Wow – it made me wonder about me – am I slow? I’m very detailed oriented, my education & work life was all about linear algebra and statistics so my perspective is perhaps different. But I thought and wish I had the opp to say there is a simple fix for that – make notes, it increases retention and makes things way clearer. But does that really matter? I’d say getting up and being thankful for this F64 deal and getting involved in the process is what brings reward. We may be a little slower, but we’re wiser and I pray that as a group and individually we’re much happier. I look forward to learning all and applying my knowledge and sharing. I hope it will be fun, and I’ll do my best to enjoy what all the group brings forward. Thanks Blake !!

  201. Michael M. (verified owner)

    I Recently purchased a F 64 elite membership and was surprised to learn of all the courses that are included in my membership. I’ve done most of the blend mode course and learned a lot. Some of it was way over my head but I can return to the course for that material at any time. The courses are really great.

  202. Deb (verified owner)

    Great deal of information, explaining the reasons and the whys. Then giving examples of the process. I also like that it is coming through as how an artist thinks.

  203. Chris B. (verified owner)

    I’ve returned, was a previous member

  204. Francis Perito (verified owner)

    The first thing that I started with was the learn PS in 30 days. I’m now on day 11 and each day I can’t wait to get to each day’s session. This really reinforces and teaches new tips.

    When my 3 sons were going through school the educators told us that through grades 1 – 3 they learned to read and thereafter they read to learn. Well, this class is part of the grades 1- 3 and it really helps. The next step is to grow from the mechanical how to approach and move to the more artistic approach of why and when.

  205. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hi Blake, I like the way you explain things in the videos. In combination with your practical examples a really great and understandable way to bring image editing one step closer or further. In addition, there are your practical tips in the OnLocation videos. I have already adopted one or the other myself. I was previously registered with someone else and became aware of you through a tip and do not regret to have signed up with you and canceled the other account. Keep up the good work thumbs up Blake!

  206. Ian Findlay (verified owner)

    I recently had the pleasure of purchasing the F.64 Elite Membership Plan, and I cannot contain my excitement about the incredible value it offers. From the moment I signed up, I knew I had made an exceptional investment in my photography journey.
    What sets the F.64 Elite Membership apart from other photography resources is the comprehensive education it offers. The educational content is a goldmine of knowledge, ranging from in-depth tutorials on post-processing techniques to expert tips on composition and lighting. The courses are presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy for photographers of all skill levels to learn and grow. I appreciate how the educational resources are continuously updated, ensuring that I stay at the forefront of the industry.

    The customer support provided by the F.64 team is truly exceptional. They are prompt, friendly, and genuinely invested in helping me succeed. Whenever I have a question or need assistance, they go above and beyond to provide the guidance I need. It’s refreshing to know that I am not just a member, but part of a supportive community that fosters growth and creativity.
    Thank you, F.64, for creating a membership that truly empowers and inspires photographers like me. Keep up the phenomenal work!

    Disclaimer: Please note that my review is based on my personal experience and may vary for different individuals.

  207. Robert Lammi (verified owner)

    I have been into photography for many years and never really focused on nor understood color theory until I began watching some of Blake’s YouTube videos. It peak my interest and I began to see the difference in my edits. I joined f64 Elite and never look back. Also, when ever I have had a problem I have contracted Blake and his quick response has been outstanding. Excellent customer service!! This is one online service that is truly worth it in my opinion.

  208. Tim Blake (verified owner)

  209. Malcome (verified owner)

  210. Catherine (verified owner)

    I signed up to the membership and have been enjoying all the education I can fit in. I am PS self taught so have a lot of gaps in my understanding. The 30day challenge is inspirational and I am thrilled to be connecting the dots.

  211. Thales (verified owner)

    Very exited to be part of this membership.
    Blake provide us excellent videos providing us with a better understanding of the tools, and on the how to take our ideas to completion.

  212. Larry Pearl (verified owner)

  213. Glen Zalkin (verified owner)

  214. Sonja B. (verified owner)

    There is so much content here, I haven’t even barely scratched the surface! From what I have seen, the membership is great value. Firstly, I received a $10 discount from my purchase of Zone System Express and Palette Effects Bundle, so that’s worth it alone. I have started the 30 Day PS Challenge, finally got around to learning how to use a pen tablet (that I thought I had wasted my money on since it’s just been sitting on my desk collecting dust) and having just finished the Zone System Express and Palette Effects Bundle I am looking forward to diving in to the From the Start to the Art live event recordings to tie it all together before getting stuck in to my own photos! Highly recommend Blake’s courses and his practical, well paced training style.

  215. Bob McCoole (verified owner)

    I’m an amateur, but the most important advice I get in reading and listening to photographers is to “get out and take photos.” What I love about Blake’s weekly postings, if you’re a member, is they prompt me to take photos, even if I’m kind of bogged down with other life matters. And his insight and instruction are really great. I’m pretty active on line and see lots and lots of other professionals with instructional videos and Blake is one of two of my absolute favorites.

  216. Nigel (verified owner)

    This is by far the best value for money education for Photoshop I’ve found anywhere. There is so much to learn, and not just on courses but with critiques and live meetings online. There’s nothing to match it, anywhere on the web.

  217. Nigel C. (verified owner)

    Worth every cent/penny. So much information and training to be gained. It’s a matter of how well you can digest it.

  218. Paul H. (verified owner)

    I find the course content available to members to be excellent. I am trying to get better at working with my RAW files, fairly new to photo editing software and find these courses are thorough and easy to follow. I have had a tablet for months and am finally beginning to understand how to effectively use it to work on my photographs! I am loving this f64 academy!

  219. Mike D. (verified owner)

    Hi Blake,

    I originally bought your gradients course that was very good and so joined f64 Elite to check out the latest course.
    This takes things to a different level and your instruction videos are first class in explaining all of the latest improvements to Photoshop’s gradient’s.
    I’m now greatly looking forward to exploring other courses and events.

  220. Karl Schneck (verified owner)

    So much great info presented by an excellent teacher.

  221. Scott Williams (verified owner)

    Male children get short-changed in color education, and typically don’t understand it well enough to appreciate its power. As someone who jumped out of airplanes to defend his country, Blake is uniquely qualified to fill this knowledge gap and show us how to be more powerful. Color is an important weapon in our fight for survival.

  222. david beaubien (verified owner)

  223. Christian F. (verified owner)

    After having watched several of Blakes videos particularly in the context of the recent Photoshop Conference, I decided to try the monthly subscription. Started with the feature that had most eluded me for many years in Photoshop, BlendIf. I was amazed how powerful yet misunderstood this feature is. Thanks Blake. This totally changed my outlook. I’m now a BlendIffer ;-))

  224. Jon Zehr (verified owner)

    The courses are AWESOME as well as the tools. I learned a lot and looking forward to more.

  225. Stephen Weiss (verified owner)

    I consider myself very advanced in Photoshop but F64 gives me the continuing education I crave and teaches me ways to work smarter and faster.

  226. Brad G. (verified owner)

    Best $20 I have ever spent! Sure it’s twice as much as the Adobe Photographer’s Plan, but what good is a tool if you don’t know how to use it? I signed up for f.64 Elite and the Adobe plan on the same day. I am SO FAR AHEAD of the learning curve thanks to all the awesome resources available to f.64 Elite members. Blake is a great teacher who is passionate about helping you learn the ins and outs, and hidden secrets, of Adobe Photoshop. Sign up now!

  227. George Zamaria (verified owner)

  228. Chan Garrett (verified owner)

  229. James R. (verified owner)

    I renewed to get access to Blake’s excellent training modules and especially the latest Colour Courses. I like the fact that I can buy them to download and view even when I have no internet access. His teaching style is one that allows you to learn without even realising you are.

  230. Theresa (verified owner)

    Blake offers so much unique content and so many monthly events that it well worth the cost of membership even for experienced photographers. Highly recommended.

  231. Marilyn Charlesworth (verified owner)

    Best education for photo editing on the planet.

  232. Shae F. (verified owner)

    Love access to past videos and critiques, being able to have direct communication with Blake, and discounts on classes.

  233. Ian (verified owner)

    When I first joined I didn’t understand all that was included with the membership. I Have taken the color theory course and now the tone course and have learned a whole bunch. Thanks. (I’ve just started playing with the Chroma profiles and presets).

  234. Frank Gutierrez (verified owner)

    I have only watched a few videos and still discovering all the tools available with the membership.

  235. David P. (verified owner)

    After an early grounding in Photoshop, moved to a vocation that didn’t require it. Moving to a remote location during the introduction of digital, picked up the new developments and techniques on the internet. Yeah, hit or miss Photoshop instruction. Learned more on this course than any other single source.

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