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Profiles have been in Photoshop for a long time!  However, they were always hidden in the camera calibration section and were more techy than user-friendly.  Well, now with the update to ACR and Lightroom, Profiles are better and more accessible than ever before!

With anything new, the first question I get asked is, “Blake, so what changes in your workflow now?   Do you still use the ZSE and Palette Effects?  Absolutely!

Nothing really changes in the workflow; I just have more options now.  The options I have been given are awesome!  Much like Volleyball, these Profiles are the setter for the spike.  They set me up for an incredible image, but it all starts at the beginning.


  1. Really like the integration of the profiles in your workflow as shown here.

    Yet I think something could possibly be changed for the better. If possible it would be great to make the use of the creative LUT-based profiles impossible in ACR basic and make them available only in ACR as a filter from within Photoshop. That would make it a bit more sensible on how and when to use which type of profiles.

    • I do agree to an extent. Sometimes, on a rare occasion, I may only use my Raw editor and not hop into Photoshop. In that case, the Creative Starts can be helpful to achieve a certain look on a mass of photos. I know it is not always ideal to work that way, but I do understand that some people do so, I catered to the masses a bit with the Creative Starts. But you are exactly right. They probably should be more of a finishing touch than a beginning.

  2. Thank you, Blake, though my situation has not improved, I still am enjoying your live shows as well as courses. This is very exciting. Time for me to try and switch to a CC membership. The old C6 is long outdated. Slowly, I will.
    Meanwhile, keep going, it’s so inspiring to be able to see the great improvements going on in Adobe and in your stuff as well.
    As always deeply grateful.
    Thank you.


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