A Walk Through Arches National Park

In this Live Event, I will discuss the Adventure to Arches National Park!  It was a lot of fun traveling there with Hudson Henry.  He is a much more extreme adventure photographer than I will ever be and I learned a ton from traveling with him.  We only had about 72 hours of shooting time, our Monday and Friday were travel days so we had to cover a lot of teritory and we had to do it with a sense of urgency.

Some of the places you will see here:

  1. Balanced Rock
  2. The Organ
  3. Park Avenue
  4. Fiery Furnace
  5. Turret Arch
  6. Double Arch
  7. Sand Dune Arch
  8. Delicate Arch

Some things that were mentioned:

  1. VRBO :  Where we booked our condo through, $100 per night for a single wide modular home with a full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a pullout couch.
  2. Hoya Circular Polarizer
  3. Vu Circular Polarizer


  1. I watched this last night and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. Trouble is, I now want to go back there to see the Milky Way, problem = I wouldn’t dare be out there at night.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Oh it wasn’t that bad! We were only surrounded by coyotes once… I forgot to mention that one. Well we didn’t see any but their howls were within a few hundred feet.

    • No problem, glad you took the time to stop by and watch it 🙂

  2. Blake, awesome presentation! I wish I had this info when I was in the park last year. I missed a lot of opportunities. Sorry I missed the live event, but it is good we can watch this as many times as we want. It is a lot of information packed in. Thank you for that!

    • Thank you, Daniela! The park is so big you can really miss a lot even if you are there for a week. We did a lot of research before and during our trip and had some idea of where to shoot and what to shoot. Even with our research we only scratched the surface there! An incredible place!

  3. Amazing shots! I loved both Arches and Canyonlands. Unfortunately, as an “old lady” I tend to travel with tours, so there is little time to scout –and sometimes even less time to “get the shot.” (I got into trouble in Arches because I went off the suggested path to hike around one of the arches! Was I sorry? NO WAY!) Nevertheless, this video was –as always –a great source of info, even for the “casual” traveler. ‘Hope I’ll be able to use what you’re teaching both here and in all the other parts of f64 Elite when I complete my “bucket list” in Alaska this summer. Thanks for sharing, Blake!

    • Oh Alaska! I have always wanted to go far North to shoot the Northern Lights. That is a bucket list item for me. I would just be ecstatic to do that.

      Funny, I can see you getting into trouble 🙂 Which Arch was it? We were all over the park off the paths… whoops. 😮

  4. Breathtaking night photos, Blake! I enjoyed this virtual tour through Arches NP so much!
    We were there for only one day in 2013, rather on a daytime and tourist trip, but I remember to have seen almost all the beautiful places you showed photos of. And funny , we hiked up to Delicate Arch for sunset, found round about 350 people already waiting there, and many goofing around under the arch and using the awesome scenery as stage for selfies… Finally, when the sun set and the light turned soft and red, everyone was shouting and boooing to the people under the arch, one man shouted them to jump, rather backwards, everyone laughed loud and all the actors fled from the stage…
    The pocket camera photos I got from this evening are the keepers of a wonderful day.
    Thanks for bringing back all these memories.
    And btw, it was a full moon night in September and we hiked back in the light of the moon, no headlamps needed (-:

    • So funny! It is like we had carbon copies of the same night! It was fun watching them until that beautiful light started coming in. then the booing happened, lol. I have to remember that for next time.

  5. Hey Blake thanks for this video. I live 4 hours away from Archs and don’t have the shots you have. It seems I am always there with my family so quick shots are what I get. I would love to go there like you did just for photography.
    Can you recommend the ebook you talked about?


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