We covered a lot of territory in an hour and answered quite a few questions, like these:

1.  Where does this fit in with my Workflow?
2.  How do I get better with Blend If?
3.  Can you show me more about this Tone Sculpting thing?

Those are all great and valid questions because this Tone Theory stuff is relatively new information.

I also have some stuff you can download and add to your course content.

The information we covered here will give you a whole new perspective on how to use this newly acquired Tone Theory knowledge!

 ► I highly encourage you to watch the course before watching this live event.  You can watch the course material here.

The Blend If Playlist

In this live event, Blake mentioned a link to the Blend If PlayList on his YouTube channel.  This should answer many of your questions about how to use Blend IF, but the most important aspect to learning it is going to be PRACTICAL APPLICATION 😉

Get the Goodies!

Click the button below to gain access to the PDF Blake used at the beginning of the event as well as the LUTs he showed toward the end of the demonstration, just before the Q&A session.