Black & White: The Bottom Line

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You’ve probably seen me process hundreds of BW images through my critiques and various courses.  But I haven’t put all that education into a course, until now!  This is a short course, but incredibly important for creating impactful Black and White images.

In this brief course on Black and White processing, I will show you:

· The best practices for creating Black and White images.
· How the BW Conversion you choose will affect your tonal outcome.
· Why color is so important to the BW conversion process.

*** This is the same BW Course material found in the IP² Noir POrofiles and Presets Pack *** 

14 reviews for Black & White: The Bottom Line

  1. Ann K. (verified owner)

    Great course easy to follow along and easy to understand the concepts.

  2. Charles L. (verified owner)

    I haven’t tried all; but the ones I have tried are great.

  3. Alan T. (verified owner)

  4. Ian Jenner (verified owner)

    Once again full of information and well worth the money

  5. Chantal Jacques (verified owner)

    Just great Stuff as always!!!

  6. Bill Saffin (verified owner)

    I always have found Blake’s teaching easy to understand, and to the point.

  7. TC Conner (verified owner)

    I’ve not yet completed the course but know how good it is because the instructor knows what he’s doing!

  8. Keith Marlowe (verified owner)

    Haven’t completed it yet.

  9. Debbie Stein (verified owner)

    I love black and white photography but have found images to be “muddy”. With Blake’s instruction, that mindset will be changed drastically! Thanks Blake!

  10. Paul Horton (verified owner)

    Fantastic course as usual with Blake’s practical suggestions for use of the gradient map to experiment with along guidelines and tips for effective use. Showing us how to do it effectively. Thanks Blake.

  11. Gerald Vincent (verified owner)

    It’s an excellent course which would benefit every skill level. I have no doubt that there are pros out there who haven’t considered Blake’s very powerful approach to b&w processing and would find it a revelation, as I did. But it’s a superb course, as well, for those just “getting their feet wet” in the world of b&w post-processing.

  12. Ronald (verified owner)

    Great info and thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. I did enjoy B&W in the darkroom many years ago but became disappointed with the conversions from color. I am looking forward to working on some files, converting to B&W from Yellowstone with the strong tonal ranges after first processing in color. My B&W’s have looked like mud, no matter how I worked on them. I will get back to you in a couple of weeks, unless the government shuts down the parks and I will get back sooner.

    Thanks for all you have provided for the photographers!

    Go KC!

  13. Lisa Delp (verified owner)


  14. James Allen (verified owner)

    Very informative. I have learned much from this and all of the courses I have taken over the years. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

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