Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets

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190 reviews for Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets

  1. Brian B. (verified owner)

    Chroma’s profiles and presets let you see, explore and push color in ways you might not think to. They are simple to use, easily tweaked and work well together. MAP colors is super handy for evaluating the color in your image. No need to leave the RAW process and load an action. The intelligent masks let you quickly access the sky, foreground and special effects too.

    Installation is easy and they work the same in ACR and LrC. So you never need to leave your RAW workflow to use them. Unlike with plug-ins and actions.

    If you already have IP2 and/or IP2 Noir this is a must have. It rounds out the toolset very nicely. If you don’t, I think getting this will convince you to seriously consider the other two.

  2. Heike

    I could not resist – even before trying IP²Croma on a raw file I opened a fully processed infrared image in PS and loaded it into ACR as Filter: discovering IP²Croma at its full potential!
    Just a single calibration preset boosted the color nicely, foreground and background presets, slightly adjusted, completed the process and within minutes – playtime included – my image received a subtle, aesthetic, wonderful finish.

    So I DO look forward to use IP²Croma not only on raw files but also in my infrared and compositing work as finishing touch via ACR filter.

  3. Heike (verified owner)

    I could not resist – even before trying IP²Croma on a raw file I opened a fully processed infrared image in PS and loaded it into ACR as Filter: IP²Croma at its full potential!
    Just a single calibration preset boosted the color nicely, foreground and background presets, slightly adjusted, completed the process and within minutes – playtime included – my image received a subtle, aesthetic, wonderful finish.

    So I DO look forward to use IP²Croma not only on raw files but also in my infrared and compositing work as finishing touch via ACR filter.

  4. Neil Schaffel (verified owner)

    Every time I think my workflow is set, Blake comes out with something better that revolutionizes my processing. IP2Chroma is a new profile/preset tool that enlightens quick experimenting and understanding of the color process. I recommend it to all who are serious about processing with color.

  5. Paul Keske (verified owner)

  6. Thomas J. (verified owner)

    Dramatic improvements with the click of a few buttons. Just have to be careful of the temptation to overdo it

  7. Richard Waas (verified owner)

    Love the adjustable presets and profiles

  8. David Walker (verified owner)

  9. Donald Chesnut (verified owner)

    If you interested in getting the best colors in your photographs, then this product will not disappoint. After going through the education and using the profiles and presets in Adobe Camera Raw, the colors in my images came to life. Even the colors from photos from 10 years ago got even better. One of the best products on the market for getting the colors in your photographs, especially if you are interested in more of an artistic photo.

  10. Susan Nelson (verified owner)

    These profiles have cut my work down by about half, they are great to play with.

  11. Colin Baterip (verified owner)

    If you buy one thing to do with photography this year – make it Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets from Blake Rudis, founder of f64 academy.

    Blake Rudis is the best tutor I have come across and even after all this time keeps surprising me with his innovations. The Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets have become an indispensable part of my editing toolkit in less than a week. They really are that good.

    I have spent a small fortune on software and training to improve my photography and editing skills. But, since I joined the f64 academy 3 years ago my work has improved to such an extent that I have won numerous awards, been published and earned many paid engagements.

  12. Marilyn Charlesworth (verified owner)

    I love the Chroma product. The profiles/presets are great, the education modules are meaty and make it all fit together. My color processing has leaped forward.

  13. Henry Stoffel (verified owner)

    Great tutorials and Greg’s video explanations are second to none. Fits in perfectly with his _IP²_FULL_Course and _IP²Noir_Full Course+Critiques.

  14. Madalyn (verified owner)

    As with all of your courses, Blake, this one is AWESOME! I have all the IP courses, each one adding to your wonderful pool of Photoshop education. (Actually, I think I have just about every educational course you’ve created!) I take my time with them, first watching the vids, then working along with the education –then doing it all over again so it sinks in.

    The IP Chroma profiles and presets are great and the variety of techniques you presented in both ACR and Photoshop workflow were extremely helpful.


  15. Armand S. (verified owner)

  16. Phillip Ziegler (verified owner)

    I rarely use presets. However Blake’s Intelligent Profiles and Presets are the rare exceptions. And Chroma is the best set yet.

  17. Harold M. (verified owner)

    Following up on Blake’s pattern of tone>color>effects, these presets in ACR help not just develop the photo but help to conceptualize where color can or should be modified. Although I am new to using them, I found they help set a mood for one particular photo that was otherwise a bland, green, forest scene. For what it is worth, I am a ACR>PS person for certain RAW photos; I do not use LR.

  18. Geoffrey Kingston (verified owner)

    Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets is a great addition to my Adobe ACR/Photoshop workflow. I have never been a great fan of presets but this set offers something quite different. Going through the Chroma workflow has focused my photo editing in that they offer a fantastic start point at each stage and given that they are fully editable means that the final image in mine – not the vision of the Preset creator. Blake’s unique presentation style make the accompanying videos enjoyable and above all takes you on a journey through the complex maze of colour theory. Still not fully understanding it but getting there. My only ask is that the set of Profiles and Presets be expanded to give further unique, and very usable starting points. Chroma was a great purchase and one that use everyday in my photo post production workflow.

  19. BJ Spanos (verified owner)

    Chroma has given new life to images and made getting the most out of my images much easier and with more consistent results. Blake’s supporting education materials are excellent as always. Strongly recommend for new and experienced photogs. Worth every cent!

  20. Larry (verified owner)

    Great work.

  21. Charles Roy (verified owner)

    f64 aka Blake Rudis has always added great insight and value to our collective photography. Chroma IP continues this tradition with excellent color process and options. I especially like using this tool in ACR after my bulk workflow as an additive preset. It really augments one’s aesthetic options

  22. Karen Hudnall (verified owner)

  23. joel manscour (verified owner)

    As i am a french photographe amateur , i need more time to understand because Blake is fast speaking. I saw the first results on the group FB page and i’m enthusiast to pratice soon

  24. Fraser I. (verified owner)

  25. John De Carteret (verified owner)

    Stunning – Chroma brings a Whole New Dimension to your misconception!

  26. Michael Beiermeister (verified owner)

  27. BRYAN CECCHI (verified owner)

    I have not had time to completely use the profiles and presets as I am in the process of changing computers. A necessary nightmare in my case.
    I have never always received anything from Blake that was not above average to absolutely excellent.
    Always Satisfied!!

  28. Terry J. (verified owner)

    Very well presented course with some excellent videos supporting all aspects of the tools provided. excellent value. Thank You

  29. soumaya (verified owner)

    As always, Awesome product from Blake.
    Chroma Intelligent profiles and presets makes editing enjoyable, saves so much time and give so many options.
    Blake shows why, how and encourages experimenting with the presets and profiles.
    Very happy with my purchase and Blake’s continuous support.

  30. Dave E. (verified owner)

    Once again, you have “knocked it out of the park” with the new IP2 Chroma Presets. When I first started to get serious about photo editing, I spent considerable money on other editing systems. Once I discovered your products, I slowly began transitioning away from these, to the point where I now use your products exclusively. They give me so much more creative control and flexibility!

  31. Ken (verified owner)

    Chroma has become part of my Lightroom Toolbox. I would consider myself an advanced user of Lightroom and rarely go to Photoshop. I use a combination of Blake’s tools and technique from his buddy Matt K. I was able to easily adapt the Chroma tools and the colors have come more alive, as well as, the feel depth has increased in my photos. I don’t necessarily use all the Chroma sections, but I typically will use at least one or two. Though I am still adapting to this new tool and stilling learning how to allow myself to do more color my photos have already become more “eye-catching” IMHO

  32. David Churches (verified owner)

    Added another string to the Lightroom Bow. Many of my bird photos no longer need to go into Photoshop, thus improving my workflow. This gives me more time to experiment with what I now have.

  33. Bertus van der Woude (verified owner)

    Easy to install and easy to work with!

  34. Bill Posner (verified owner)

    I find the research Blake does on the products he offers from presets, profiles and full consoles benefit beginners and well established professionals alike. His companion videos always provide full explanations as well as workflow and real life examples. The results I get are worth the investment many times over. Highly recommended.

  35. Mark A. (verified owner)

    Intelligent game changer, highly recommended.

  36. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Content is useful and well presented.

  37. Michael R. (verified owner)

    Brightened up and brought out the color just as advertised. Tried them on pictures I had no plans to post-process but after the Chroma presets, I’m interested in how to apply them to make all my pictures look great.

  38. Kwok Tung Leung (verified owner)

  39. Tom Walker (verified owner)

    Great add in for Camera Raw and LR. I use it with color and infrared color images. Easy to use and effective.

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very easy to used and the results are incredible. And from experience with other of Blake’s products you know that if you need any help, you will get it the same day.

  41. Ian Dodd (verified owner)

    Blake , You never cease to amaze with yor Colour Theory The Chroma files are excellent.

  42. Javier Molina (verified owner)

    As all things Blake, first class presets!

  43. Wojciech (verified owner)

    The creator and author of these settings gives what he promises. A beautiful colorful world in seconds after learning a little how to navigate the world of presets. Using the author’s language you go into the settings and Boom is a great color and photo.

  44. John Wright (verified owner)

    This takes colour at the RAW level to a new dimension and puts me in charge of what’s really there. A wonderful tool for RAW processing!

  45. Ben Schoeman (verified owner)

    The images pop right in front of your eyes. I wish I had this long ago.

  46. Alyson Parr (verified owner)

    Huge help in knowing where to start when editing a landscape photo.

  47. Robert Van Maele (verified owner)

    As every other product you find in the f64 Academy shop, this is a stunning and ‘must have’ package. Not only the profiles and presets are outstanding, even so are the instructive tutorials which go far further than how to use this materials!
    With these sets you make your photographs so much more appealing without using any other plugins!

    Thank you Blake for making this possible!!!

  48. Bjoern Joensson (verified owner)

    Easy to use, very helpful for my workflow

  49. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

    Great help in my workflow

  50. Jos Jacob Vengassary (verified owner)

  51. Rein Stoel (verified owner)

  52. Michael (verified owner)

  53. Nicolo Cerana (verified owner)

    I purchased this product because Blake’s work behind is huge and what is the most particular about digital color’s topic. Is hard to find a meticulous research as he has done, about colors on internet. I’m not fun about presets and profiles but I can tell only that Chroma pack is helping me to start in a different way my selections in photoshop. This is why I purchased it.

  54. Al (verified owner)

    Once again, an excellent seroes pf lessons prepared by Blake exploring more aspects of Adobe Camera Raw as an integral part of your workflow.

  55. Anonymous (verified owner)

  56. Krish Chandran (verified owner)

    It does everything that Blake said it would do, and more. It’s my go to step before I do any edits, these days

  57. Dirk Uys (verified owner)

    very good easy to use

  58. Kathleen Towns (verified owner)

    This is my first time using presets of any kind and this product is wonderful. The subtle changes that I can produce creates better images!

  59. Andrzej Kwoka (verified owner)

  60. James Pierson (verified owner)

    I have not made it a habit of using presets in my work flow. I saw your add and said, “What the hell I’ll give it a try”.

    After trying on a couple of images I still have no plans to incorporate presets in my work flow.

  61. Robert Glaskin-Clay (verified owner)

    Education part well explained but would have liked to see how RAW luminosity masks fit in with using the very excellent presets.

  62. Grant K. (verified owner)

    Nothing unusual here, Blake, as always, goes to great depths to explain how the program works, why he’s done what he has, what it can do to improve your (our) photography in simple to understand language with plenty of examples. This is just one of the reasons I’m a subscriber, he makes the ‘hard’ easily understandable.

  63. Alex Boel (verified owner)

    Well, it’s another way to reduce your workflow.
    Like all Blake’s IP² products.

  64. Roy B. (verified owner)

    I have found these profiles and presets can produce outstanding results. The included training is excellent. Blake’s knowledge of color and how to use it in Photoshop is top notch.

  65. Steve Swope (verified owner)

  66. Eric M. (verified owner)

    The first set of presets I really use and integrated in my workflow.

  67. Timothy Coleman (verified owner)

    Best investment I’ve ever made in regard to editing images

  68. Leigh Reeves (verified owner)

    Blake, thank you so much. It must have taken countless hours to produce this masterpiece of photo enhancement. My photos have gained a richness that was missing. It feels a bit like cheating but I may have achieved the same results but it would have taken hours longer. Ultimately, it allows me to produce the images I want.

  69. Charlie Isenhour (verified owner)

    A revolutionary way to process. More control than regular Lightroom/ACR. Quicker and better results.

  70. Lawrence Herzberg (verified owner)

    You did a great job creating the Intelligent Profiles and Presets. Your videos were excellent educational learning tools on how to use them.

  71. Robert Lipman (verified owner)

    Well done. I do find it difficult to integrate with other software that I use even though one could argue that this could be stand alone to be used from start to finish. I also use TK 8 that I find really useful. With kindest regards. Rob

  72. Tom B. (verified owner)

    It has made my color grading so much easier and better than I used to do.

  73. Kathleen Dragan (verified owner)

    What a fantastic piece of work this has to offer. It was easy to install in Photoshop. The much-needed education on how to use it was greatly appreciated. But this is not a push a button and it’s done kind of plugin. It’s far more, making it something to experiment with and to learn what it is capable of doing. Right from the beginning I have seen an improvement in my photos and that makes me happy. Definitely a worthwhile investment to my Photoshop tools.

  74. Diantha S. (verified owner)

    Wow! Colour theory just got a little bit clearer with a subtle difference of making the colours pop, but not explode. It’s an exciting set of creative tools.

  75. Tony W. (verified owner)

    Top quality as always Blake!

  76. Jeffrey Adams (verified owner)

    As a hobbyist photographer, I have not had much experience with the calibration section in LR and ACR. when I’ve tried I mostly hated my results but your presets are fantastic and show that you have great understanding of color theory. The collection of presets are just so good as a starting place for me, and in PS I often try some different presets, strengths, and masking combos to assess various picture looks. Keep pushing the envelope with tools! It saves so much time with edits.

  77. Robyn Aldridge (verified owner)

    What a fabulous set of choices to help me enhance my photos. Thank you very much, Blake.

  78. Тошко Христов (verified owner)

    I was able to achieve great results very quickly without wandering through the long menus of Photoshop. The result is immediately visible and a person judges whether it is good or to look for another option. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get good colors in their images.

  79. Philip Rowe (verified owner)

    I really like these Profiles and Presets. Using them in my workflow has helped when bringing photos into Photoshop. The colors really “pop”. These would be great for anyone’s workflow. Highly recommend them!

  80. Michael Poirier (verified owner)

    I have all of the IP Profiles and Presets, the profiles and presets are the best out there they have made my work flow in lightroom faster with better results.

  81. Nico Broekhof (verified owner)

    Excellent product with good education

  82. Larry Buckley (verified owner)

    Training excellent as usual, the use of presets and filters take time to understand and use efficiently, particularly when you manually do these types of edits already. It likely saves time in the editing process however experimentation and finessing a preset/filter can be as time consuming as well. All in all – ‘Good Stuff’

  83. Dale Fuller (verified owner)

    Chroma is great. It is a great way to setup my photo to edit in Photoshop. With Chroma the editing of the final photo is quicker and less troublesome.

  84. Frieda Heyting (verified owner)

    The chroma Intelligent profiles and presets are a Joy to work with. They are not only fast and well-ordered, but they also geven new inspiration. Last but not least: by using them, I learn more about the various options in the Develop module; I am already starting to make better use of them! (Please note: English is not my native language.)

  85. Marilyn H. (verified owner)

    Love these new profiles and presets! Loving the amount of control we have over them. Makes editing much easier.

  86. Bob Watson (verified owner)

  87. Peter O’Brien (verified owner)

    Presets work well and now part of my workflow

  88. Marion Moore (verified owner)

    I’m a real of fan Blake’s and have purchased several courses Included this one. Because of the courses I have a much better understanding of ACR and Photoshop. Color theory is much easier to understand. This course is a winner.
    Thanks Blake

  89. James Harrison (verified owner)

    Great, there is so much more you can do in raw that I did not know. Just when I think I’ve finally caught up with everything you put out and I have a handle on how to use it in my workflow you come out with something more amazing. Wonderful job, keep it coming!!

  90. Gunther F. (verified owner)

    I had the first IP2 product and have found IP2 Chroma much better. More presets, more choices and as a purely wildlife photography enthusiast I found these presets extremely helpful in my post processing workflow. Thanks heaps.

  91. Warren T. (verified owner)

    I purchased Chroma and IP2 Noir and Chroma for processing my wedding shoots. I am so impressed at how truly different this is than using ‘standard’ presets. The embedded AI makes it exciting again to process huge numbers of images. Makes my workflow so much smoother and simpler.

  92. Mary Hefferan (verified owner)

    Blake’s Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets truly are a BRILLIANT addition to my other selections of his Profiles and Presets to help kick my RAW processing into gear. Genius product, genius instructor and creator! Thank you, Blake!!!

  93. Rachelle R. (verified owner)

    Another great tool from Blake!

  94. Donald Brown (verified owner)

    I consider myself an advanced photography artist having successfully earned over 750 “acceptances” in International exhibitions of Photography. I am always looking for ways to “enhance” the storytelling aspects of my images. IP2 Chroma has given me a most powerful way to optimize my images through color editing. I’ve now gone back to my most successful images and have usually been able to take them to a new level. Thanks!

  95. jean francois renard (verified owner)

    only 3, because as always you spoke too quickly, and especially since there are no subtitles, reading for me who is French is difficult, and sometimes I wonder if I understood everything correctly
    For the rest I follow all your videos, which are very interesting and original % to others => thank you very much for the quality of your work

  96. marco spini (verified owner)

    This is promising to open new direction. I do not like complete preset and never use at the end. This approach to build pieces and leave freedom from first sight seems to be consistent on my way of seen. More in general i have almost all your tool and like it. Vote four since not yet extensively used.

  97. Hans Ljung (verified owner)

    It is not only getting those profiles and presets but it is the superb education that makes this unique and so valuable. And your service – if having some questions – is as always of highest rating.

  98. jan gryffroy (verified owner)

    a very accessible program with fantastic effects on colour

  99. Ian Clarke (verified owner)

    Fantastic set of profiles and presets

  100. Peter S. (verified owner)

    I have purchased the Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets, this again with the great video tutorial, my workflow has been expanded again with these beautiful profiles and presets.

    Blake, thanks again

  101. Ben Pereboom (verified owner)

    Great content, super videos. Lot of things to learn 😀

  102. Dennis Mahaffey (verified owner)

    Have only used it a little so far. Will revisit the review after more use but believe it will be an upgrade to 5

  103. Raymond O. (verified owner)

    Thank You Blake for the amazing Chroma profiles/presets, and the excellent tutorials. These are greatly appreciated.

  104. Charles Fleischman (verified owner)

    I love it! I’m fortunate to have two computers. I played the educational program on one and made the edits on another. The results are spectacular!

  105. Ralf M. (verified owner)

  106. Ralf P. (verified owner)

  107. Jeff Price (verified owner)

  108. Judith Guenther (verified owner)

    Another amazing tool for my photographic tool kit!

  109. John cook (verified owner)

    These presets open up some new and very creative possibilities that give my images a fresh new and artistic look.

  110. Eric C. (verified owner)

    A continuing improvement with the workflow, the only problem now that I seems to too many options in my workflow. Just need more time to familiarize myself, and second nature my choices. It’s my fault not Blake.

  111. David (verified owner)

    I love it – great stuff

  112. Sherry Felix (verified owner)

    I enjoy using these presets and experimenting.

  113. Viliam Mathé (verified owner)

    Hello Blake, thank you for this teaching, I finally understood the theory of colors. You are the perfect teacher. I wish you a lot of health and thank you for your work.

  114. Robert A. (verified owner)

    The IP Noir is great along with IP Chrome. It has added a new level and complements ZE7 really well. I am so sold on Blake’s approach and what he brings. Blake you’re OK!

  115. David P. (verified owner)

    Love it, I’ll start working in Camera Raw again!

  116. Lisa D. (verified owner)

    I have used the filters and love them. I am still going throught the training, but am really liking what I am seeing and learning.

  117. Vinod Kulisra (verified owner)

    Finally solved the color problem .Colors always looked sort of wonky .Also works to get beautiful colors with different presets.

  118. Clark M. (verified owner)

    Blake, I’ve been using Chroma Profiles & Presets on all my NEF images. And each time I discover something new. Such simple and flexible workflow I’ve not seen in other photo/art software before. So keep up the good work. I look forward to you next discovery!

  119. Jan (verified owner)

    in a few words : fantastic

  120. Graham I. (verified owner)

    Found the video training very clear and so far my attempts at using the presets has been pretty successful. Definitely quite a lot of trial and error involved which is good as it really makes you think. Worried about the way Blake dematerialised his dog in the promo video though….. 🙂

  121. Christopher Carlson (verified owner)

    I have purchased presets from other vendor’s in the past and have never been 100% happy. The way this system works is so different from the others is amazing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  122. Derek Campbell (verified owner)

    I was very pleased after using the Chroma Intelligent Presets and Profiles in Lightroom as per Blakes’ suggested workflow. The colours were vibrant without being overdone and the system is very easy to use. Definitely recommended.

  123. Tal Pipkin (verified owner)

    An absolutely FANTASTIC tool for your workflow! I can honestly say that adding this to my other F64 products AND the super high quality education has taken my images to another level! Invest in your photography/artistic talents and trust in Blake’s products/training. DEFINITELY a worthwhile investment!!!

  124. Mark Hayward (verified owner)

    I am familiar with profiles and presets, however, the “Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets” from f64, is a wonderful creative collection for my photographic work. Blake is generous to share these Profiles and Presets. I don’t know why any photographer would not add these to their workflow for more creative choice.

  125. Harvey (verified owner)

    I learned a lot about color. I’m more confident in applying it to my images. All due to this course and presets / profiles.

  126. Stephen C. (verified owner)

    Blake Rudis’ ability to create software to multiply your options, enhance, streamline and/or fine tune the editing workflow of both Classic L/R and P/S is always amazing and well worth the serious perusal and/or the money spent to obtain it.

    But the time, amount of technical knowledge and effort he takes spends teaching us how it all works is just priceless!

    His love for the craft and photo editing exudes and just overflows in everything he puts out there!

    I had also purchased the IP Noir Profiles and Presets for B&W last year and could not be happier!

    You will not regret any purchase from this man.

    Go for it!

  127. Wally (verified owner)

    Am making progress with your very detailed program. I printed out the instructional pages but wish pages 20-28 did not have solid black background. I would also appreciate being able to control the playback speed as you provided in your “Start to the Art ep. 8” video. You have commented previously that it is “your style” but why not make it easier for the purchasers benefit.

  128. Les Hillier (verified owner)

  129. Howard S. (verified owner)

    Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets have allowed me to easily re-edit and/or recover a number of photos which I had been trying to improve unsuccessfully for some time.

  130. Paula P. (verified owner)

    The new IP2 Chroma is absolutely the best! I am having so much fun trying out the different looks that are available and then when I take it into Photoshop, the magic just takes off from there. IP2 Chroma gives so many options that one photo can have so many different starting processes that it allows so much creativity. It is just pure fun! Thank you Blake for another great product to add to our learning1!

  131. mike m. (verified owner)

    Easily improves your workflow; highly recommended to all photographers

  132. Paul Chang (verified owner)

  133. Steven Rubin (verified owner)

  134. Anonymous (verified owner)

  135. Gunter Haibach (verified owner)

    Since I use Elements 2022, I still purchased this as I’ve found that your teachings are applicable in most cases. True for Chroma as well – managed to load the profiles, but not the presets. As much as I liked your short course on colours, I still struggle with the application – specifically colour selection , when I open an image.

  136. Eitan Raz (verified owner)

    Well, it is a workflow. Make sens and lead you thru the subjects that you want to dealing with

  137. Cem U. (verified owner)

    First I want to say that I have been very anti-preset minded and I have really hesitated before buying the Chroma IP&P. However, after watching the videos of Blake, I have decided to give it a go. I am very glad I have done just that. The product is very well thought out, introduces a certain methodology which one can follow or omit to taste. It is like Lego building blocks, pick and use whatever suits your needs. The presets are there to facilitate executing certain tasks in LR, but they are not a 1-click does it all kind of solution. The real work horse of the solution are the profiles i.m.o., which are nothing short of excellent. I have amassed a lot of LUTs in the pass and I can attest to it that these are really high quality LUTs. You can apply them as you see fit, either by means of the presets or directly from the profile manager of LR. The structured methodology makes the solution very easy to use and I can say that it has improved all the photos I have tried them on. As Blake says, don’t be afraid of using color. 🙂

  138. Connie McClaran (verified owner)

    This set of presets are a game changer! My only downside is me, going overboard. I highly recommend getting this for your work flow – and walking away for a bit after you ooh and aah over your transformed image so you can come back and tone it down a bit later. Which is also possible with how Blake did this. Kudos to Blake!

  139. Gary S. (verified owner)

    I have to admit that I was a doubting Thomas as to whether Chroma was anything more than just a glorified set of presets. But I do admire Blake Rudis’ work and so gave Chroma a try. Much to my surprise, the handful of photos I have run through Blake’s steps do come out looking much better than they do through my own editing or through application of various presets that I own. Great job, Blake!

  140. Kevin H. (verified owner)

    Great product. A step by step application that enhances color and gives it the “pop” in a very measured manner. Very satisfied with purchase.

  141. Paul Tottman (verified owner)

    One of the best things that Blake has released over the many years that I have followed him. IP Chroma has solved so many problems that I had with processing images taken on a trip to Utah and Arizona amongst others. Used in conjunction with ZSE and PE enabled me to make truly stunning images – Thanks Blake.

  142. David Jenkins (verified owner)

    Another excellent training course and related products allowing greater understanding of colour and its application through Photoshop and Lightroom

  143. Michael C. (verified owner)

    Beside giving you the fish to eat, Blake teaches you how to fish.

  144. Ellen Rosenberg (verified owner)

    I have always struggled with editing in color. When I saw Blake’s discussion on these presets, I jumped at the opportunity to utilize presets and profiles that I could apply throughout my work flow, and still keep a personal aspect of my own creativity. I have been using them for about a week, both in lightroom and in ACR. They are so easy to work with, and truly allow for a simple streamlined workflow, yet allowing for each artist’s individual creativity in each photograph

  145. Marleen (verified owner)

    heel gemakkelijk in gebruik en maakt je foto’s fantastisch

  146. Nico Dekker (verified owner)

    Gives that extra juice to my photos!

  147. Laszlo Komaromy (verified owner)

    In short, Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets is a fantastic program!

    After reediting some of my photographs with Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets, strangely enough all of them got better colours. So what did I expect? The program is from “Master” Blake, and is great!! Buy it and check for Yourselves.
    (I bought it early and cheaper.)

    Greeting from Sweden, Laszlo Komaromy

  148. Willie Labuschagne (verified owner)

    Only using it for a short time and I’m very pleased with the results thus far!

  149. tsp kumar (verified owner)

  150. Amor L. (verified owner)

    This is a plug in that is so easy to use. My problem is, I think I have OCD and sometimes I have difficulty which of my narrowed choices is “the best”. Blake has so many spectacular ones to chose from and it narrows down to your personal best

  151. Calvin (verified owner)

    Easy to install and use with good results.

  152. ineke van Iersel (verified owner)

    Beautiful results and so easy to use !

  153. Clifford Brown (verified owner)

  154. Geert Noij (verified owner)

    Very efficient for in no time best results.

  155. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The Chroma Intelligent profiles and presents are amazing. I was able to bring many photos taken in the past back to life by bringing out colors that I viewed on location but could not bring out in LR/PS.

  156. Edward C. (verified owner)

    After I watched the replay of your video on how your workflow is using the Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets I was impressed and decided to purchase them. The Chroma Intelligent Profiles & Presets were very easy to install. The education videos really helped in knowing how to use them. Now that I have them installed I must say these are the best profiles and presets I have ever used. What a difference these profiles and presets have made on the photos I am currently working on!

  157. Judy (verified owner)

    Loving them so far, looking forward to going back over old photos as well.

  158. Chris R. (verified owner)

    I have had the IP2 Main Profiles and Presets for some time so the concept for IP2 Chroma has been easy to adapt to on one hand. However, the power of IP2 Chroma has raised the bar for processing in Lightroom or ACR. The presets are very handy for quick edits and set me in the right direction as depending on the photo, I do make minor adjustments with the sliders in the various panels within the Development module after using the presets. My personal work flow is Lightroom , then into Photoshop (depending on the photo) and then back to Lightroom where I may make some additional edits to the PSD file created in Photoshop. All in all I very satisfied with my purchase. Finally, the best part is as always I can trust what I purchase from Blake will not be a gimmick. Thanks Blake!

  159. Mark LaFreniere (verified owner)

    Blake has done it again! These new Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets have saved me so much time in my workflow. It has opened my eyes to color and how to use color properly. Blake’s teaching on color theory is masterful! If you have had a hard time understanding how colors work together, well you are in for a treat! Look no further, this course will get you up to speed fast and will change your perspective on how you see color, and will give you ideas of how to use it with confidence in new ways. The Chroma Intelligent Profiles and Presets are a joy to work with and easy to understand. Nice work Blake!!!

  160. Andrew Kinsey (verified owner)

    Another fantastic product from Blake but what sets his material way above everyone else’s is the education that goes with it and, more importantly for me, he answers all the ‘why do you do that’ questions. I have learnt so much about PS from Blake and his great courses have improved my workflow and knowledge immeasurably.

  161. EUGENIO MARTIN (verified owner)

    De nuevo Blake Rudis nos sorprende con su creatividad. Editar imágenes con color, un tema muy difícil de dominar, con sus Perfiles y Presets es como coser y cantar. Lo que es más importante para mí, es su generosidad al enseñar cómo crear nuestors propios Perfiles. Mesiento más segiuro tratando el color. Un artista un enamorado de la enseñanza

  162. Keith Munger (verified owner)

    Keep Up The Good Work, Blake!

  163. Noel Kelly (verified owner)

    still working on it but promising ,Thanks Blake for sharing your knowledge

  164. Robert Mathews (verified owner)

    I’m just starting to use Chroma, but so far, I like the color ideas it gives me and the systematic approach to color that Blake built into it. I’ve run into a few photos where the Masks don’t work without manual tweaking, but of course, that’s no surprise, since Select Sky and Select Subject don’t make perfect selections.

  165. Jose L: Huertas (verified owner)

  166. Kote Gabrichidze (verified owner)

  167. Roberta R. (verified owner)

    Blake presents a rich amount of information in this course. So much so that I have listened multiple times and absorb something new each time. I am slow to understand Photoshop tools and techniques, and then know how and when to apply them. Blake is a wonderful teacher because he understands how to teach both parts of that process. I love photography. Expanding my ability to create good images is something I want, and this course helps immensely .

  168. Alan A. (verified owner)

    Using Chroma IP2 has allowed me to see and use color in my image processing in ways that I could not see or do before. Part of the beauty of the tools is that they are simple and straightforward to use.

  169. Charles Colpitts (verified owner)

    Excellent training and presets for my workflow.

  170. Jim Hafft (verified owner)

  171. Harald Koch (verified owner)

    Hello Blake,
    again and again I think that I have the image processing under control and I know how everything works.
    And then you come around the corner, this time with IP² Chroma, and everything is different. Everything is better!
    You’ve outdone yourself again here.
    It’s very easy to integrate into the workflow.
    I’ve done some experimenting so far, both at the beginning of the workflow in ACR and at the end using ACR as a Photoshop filter. No matter when I use IP² Chroma, the colors come alive and the photos shine in a new, better light.
    Thank you so much! An absolute recommendation to buy!

  172. Neil Holmes (verified owner)

    This is a vey useful enhancement to my Lightroom Classic workflow

  173. Oleksandr Velykoivanenko (verified owner)

  174. Stewart M. (verified owner)

    Such a great product and so easy to use. Has drastically sped up my workflow!!!

  175. Beth S. (verified owner)

    These were easy to install. The educational material was very helpful. Looking forward to improving my editing skills.

  176. Stephen L Hufman (verified owner)

    Chroma speeds up my work flow and shows me what I’ll get with the various presets and profiles. It is worth the price ten times over.

  177. Penny Lisowski (verified owner)

    Sorry but I am having a hard time using on my photos. But I am working on using your directions to make my own.

  178. Heinz Peter Hölzel (verified owner)

  179. David Heaton (verified owner)

    I never worry about purchasing products from you as they are always great. But the best thing about any of the product I get is the service from you. I have had to contact you several times with questions and you always get right back to me. Thank you so much for this incredible package. It is definitaly upping my photographs

  180. Ed Snell (verified owner)

    Blake your education content and style are perfect for me and the Chroma profiles and presets have been fun to use and the results have upped my game. I’m even saying I’m now an artist. Thanks.

  181. Blair Ball (verified owner)

    Great product and professional educational resources that come with it. I’m using it more frequently now in my Lightroom Classic workflow as I get more comfortable with its results.

  182. Brent B. (verified owner)

    I am so pleased to have this software. I was able to install it without calling someone. I have been using the presets which are wonderful. The images are beautiful, and the time saved is so worth it. I will be purchasing more from Coach Blake.

  183. Michael (verified owner)

    An excellent set of profiles and presets for ACR that let you easily explore and adjust the colors in your photos.

  184. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As always, excellent material for a very reasonable price

  185. Susan (verified owner)

    Looking forward to starting this training to improve my skills

  186. Martin Boers (verified owner)

    Great product

  187. Kathy Gabriel (verified owner)

    Brilliant tool I use to help fasten up bulk editing on sessions. especially love the learning that comes with the presets. I love learning from Blake and this was no different.

  188. Daniel (verified owner)

  189. Ken (verified owner)

    These are an excellent to start editing your photographs.

  190. Giovanni D. (verified owner)

    Thanks Blake! The package is simple and complete as is the installation procedure. However, the difference between this package and the p2 preset is not very clear to me. When is it better to use one and when the other?

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