Exploring HDR: The Video Series


Over 3 hours of HD Video content geared towards making you a better HDR photographer!  Every HDR Trick Blake knows is in here.  This is the video course to the eBook with updated tips, tricks, and downloadable content.

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Create Stunning HDR Images using the techniques outlined in Exploring HDR!


What is Exploring HDR: The Video Series?

3 Hours and 18 Minutes of  Video Content.

  • There are 17 videos included in the training package.
  • Each video is between 5 and 20 minutes!
  • Total run-time: 3 Hours and 18 Minutes
  1. An Intro to HDR
  2. The Importance of the RAW File in HDR Processing
  3. HDR Method 1: Traditional Tone Mapping from Bracketed Exposures
  4. HDR Method 2: A Single Raw File with maximum dynamic Range extracted
  5. HDR Method 3: Pseudo Bracketed Exposures from a single Raw File
  6. HDR Method 4: The 32 Bit HDR and Adobe Camera Raw method
  7. HDR Method 5: Exposure Merging with the +2/-2 Exposures
  8. HDR Method 6: Using Topaz Adjust to create an HDR image
  9. Introduction to Post Processing
  10. Image Straightening, Cropping and Distraction Removal
  11. Chromatic Aberration Reduction
  12. Noise Reduction
  13. Essential Contrast Adjustments
  14. Important Color Adjustments
  15. Dodging and Burning
  16. Sharpening
  17. Bonus: The Full-Length Adobe Camera Raw Workflow with a Tone Mapped image

Program Requirements

The whole course is conducted in Photoshop and some parts in Photomatix Pro.  However, do not stress if you do not own Photomatix!  The Example images created in Photomatix in the training are offered to you in the Extras.All you really need is Photoshop (not Elements, full Photoshop).

Please be patient, this is a very large download @ ~1.6 Gigabytes.

It is 1.6 Gigs for a reason!  All of the videos were recorded at 720p HD, I wanted to go 1080, but that would have made this package well over 3 Gigs!

While it is a rather large download, it is being hosted on Amazon S3′s reliable server.  It is highly recommended that you use one of the following browsers to download the file:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla FireFox

Watch Blake’s HDR Grudge Match as he puts all the HDR Methods he knows into a head to head knock down drag out bracketed fight!


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