Level Up Your Composition

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25 reviews for Level Up Your Composition

  1. Mike Cameron (verified owner)

    Wonderful course, I learned so much.

  2. Wojciech S. (verified owner)

    You order what the author promises and even more.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Dave Gregory (verified owner)

    Really interesting and easy to follow videos. A reminder that rules should be used as guides. You are your own person, follow your instincts….

  6. STEVE DICOSOLA (verified owner)

    A straight forward and pragmatic approach to arranging the elements in a photo to please the eye and (in my case) soothe the soul.

  7. Fritz (verified owner)

    Absolut empfehlenswert

  8. Bob Sunderland (verified owner)

    It became more of a review on what I should be doing to get better photos. In my case to work adding more color to the shots, short of HDR.
    I do like the PDFs as a quick reminder of the videos.
    The “Rules” should be renamed as “suggestions”, as they did come from painters trying to make paintings pleasant to the eye.

  9. Sandro (verified owner)

    Finally, a new refreshing take on the subject of composition. As always excellently commented and documented by Blake

  10. David Day (verified owner)

    This is SO good. Proves that you, Blake Rudis can teach an old dog new tricks.
    I joined your elite group immediately.

  11. vartkes (verified owner)

    “Level UP your Composition” is going to shake up what many photographers think is a “compelling Image”. This is a good thing. Level UP moves the photographer to strive to become a creator, an artist by focusing on his/her vision and use the tools of composition, tone, color and modification of elements in an image to construct a compelling experience for the viewer. This is way beyond your typical camera club thinking about what a desirable image is. Lessons 8, 11 and 14 will challenge even the most ‘advanced’ image makers to broaden their views about what artistry is.

  12. Thomas N. (verified owner)

  13. Charles Fleming (verified owner)

  14. Jeff Hauser (verified owner)

  15. Larry Rowland (verified owner)

    I am enjoying the whole discussion of defining my vision as a combination of tone, color, and physical composition. It is a fresh approach. I bought my first Nikon F in 1969, and the film world focused on the rules. We had so little opportunity to manipulate color photos.

  16. Kenny Breiner (verified owner)

  17. Robert T. (verified owner)

    This course gives you great information on ensuring that you have all the correct elements in your composition so that your viewer will know what they are looking at. A great addition to the PS course.

  18. Richard McIntyre (verified owner)

  19. Lyra H. (verified owner)

    Intriguing and informative course. Really good suggestion and tools.

  20. Jeremy Wright (verified owner)

    Another brilliant course. Blake is logical in his thinking and explains everything so simply. Another wonderfully awe inspiring course.

  21. Barrie (verified owner)

  22. Gary G. (verified owner)

    Really a 4.5 rating. A very good course. I’ve read and/or heard some of things discussed previously. I’m a hobbyist who wants to make better photos, and negative space and visual weight are two things that I need to explore more.

  23. Gary Sulcer (verified owner)

    Composition is greatly important in all aspects of photography and this course greatly simplifies examples and helps greatly in putting together fantastic images!

  24. Jean McMillan (verified owner)

    Not dug into this, too busy enjoying 30 days to Photoshop Mastery, but I don’t expect this to be any less enjoyable for sure.

  25. Douglas (verified owner)

    Very good techniques to follow to improve my photos.

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