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109 reviews for MyPanel 2 – Panel & Education

  1. Siveesh Kodapully (verified owner)

    I had been trying to make a panel to run my actions with a single click, MyPanel was the perfect solution which I was longing for

  2. Phillip Ziegler (verified owner)

    Finally I have a great way to organize and use my Photoshop actions. This is a great panel for anyone who uses Photoshop actions

  3. Hussein Gohar (verified owner)

    Blake and Tonee have set the bar way higher than anyone can reach by this new addition. MyPanel is a must have for any serious photographer using Photoshop. The simplicity of use, the time it saves, and the potential of taking photo art to another level warrants every sent.

  4. Tore Hansen (verified owner)

  5. Mike Cameron (verified owner)

    Love it, it would be nice to be able to save button colors and panel layout for each individual panel set.

  6. Stephen Woodburn (verified owner)

    Blake has done it again and created a panel that has become an intricate part of my workflow. Photoshop can be very intimidating, but with the use of the myPanel, complicated tasks can be replicated seamlessly with one click, time and time again in a beautifully designed panel that I can organize in a way that makes sense to me. The education that accompanies the MyPanel is well done, organized and in keeping with the top notch education that we have all come to expect from Blake. Great Job! Highly recommend.

  7. Paul (verified owner)

  8. John Meo (verified owner)

    What can you say about this man and his products once you’ve used every superlative in the book. You’re literally left with, “Simply the best – better than all the rest.”

  9. Grant T. (verified owner)

    I’m loving My Panel! I was even able “deconstruct” Jim Welninski’s Drama action in Palette’s Effects and put it in My Panel. And adding my own actions for my own cutom Dodge & Burn, Sharpening, and creating a quick high-light mask… is truly a time saver! And I’ve already found out how important the Watermark feature is – inserting a logo on 43 pages of a client’s PDF. I would certainly recommend My Panel for anyone who uses and “loves” Actions!!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

  11. Charles Denis Simard (verified owner)

    very good, instructive

  12. Martin Turner (verified owner)

  13. Edward Haynes (verified owner)

  14. Paul (verified owner)

  15. Riet v.d. Berg (verified owner)

  16. Graham Bennett (verified owner)

    Almost worth it just for the reverse panel that makes resizing and saving so easy, but it gives the potential for much more than that. I love it that it is possible to have different sets of buttons and switch between them with relative ease. I’m also hoping this will be taken up by other educators when they issue actions. It makes it so much easier to organise (British spelling) actions and I am now using ones that are very useful but were hidden away in a long list in the actions panel and so neglected.

  17. pascal (verified owner)

    super easy in use !

  18. Peter (verified owner)

  19. Declan O’Doherty (verified owner)

    Superb. It has changed the way I work in
    The actions panel was a nightmare.

  20. Donald Chesnut (verified owner)

    My Panel is a very unique product. You can put your actions into it and it is My Panel. Once I had the actions where I thought was best, my photo processing time reduced because I no longer had to hunt for the actions I wanted to use. The actions are right where I need them to be.

  21. John Newton (verified owner)

    Handy tool. Still experimenting with it and having fun doing so.

  22. Davie Sharp (verified owner)

    I’m still having fun coming to grips with the new set of tools that have become available they have exciting and challenging until I gain the necessary experience ?

  23. Susan Nelson (verified owner)

    This was easy to install, and just as easy to make my very own MyPanel.

  24. Raymond Gilis (verified owner)

    Like all Blake products, it is very useful and perfectly finished. The included videos are a wealth of info. All my workflow is based on Blake. Never regretted it. Raymond

  25. charles dupre (verified owner)

    Excellent idea! Only issue I have is the panel on my pc does not have the two rows of Blend Mode options that you have in the training videos. Did not know if that is an update to the software that I have not gotten yet. I only have Normal, Darken, Multiple, Lighten, and Overlay.

  26. Doug (verified owner)

    I had given up on actions until MyPanel came along. What an incredible concept for making them useful again!

  27. Leon (verified owner)

    This panel has created a LOT of work for me. I have a huge amount of creative as well as adjustment actions that I have been organizing into groups for MyPanel. It’s a lot of work, but never before have I had easier access to my actions nor has it ever been easier to find the action I want than now that they are accessible through MyPanel. And running them is so convenient. I’m so glad I took the leap and invested in this panel

  28. Harold M. (verified owner)

    It has promise. It made me go take your Actions courses, because there are actions I need that I didn’t know I could create. Part of my issue is that I use PS only for certain photos or problems. I use it primarily for IR photos after taking your CLiR courses.

  29. Richard Perry (verified owner)

    Blake’s My Panel is awesome! Spent the weekend re-writing loads of my actions (something I’ve been meaning to do for ages), reviewing my workflow, and uploading into MyPanel.

    Now I have a simple, awesome, considered, series of actions at my fingertips. Serious improvement in productivity and efficient workflow.

  30. Per E. (verified owner)

  31. Neal Walters (verified owner)

    This has the potential to be very important to me but, to be honest at this point, I haven’t played with it enough to make it anything but a curiosity … I am glad I bought it though and I’m sure that it will prove more useful to me over time …

  32. J.R. Milne (verified owner)

    I really like the idea of creating my own actions. I’ve already made several for B&W conversions. However I would like to be able to assign the button colors in my panel within the actions panel. Is that possible? Having to assign the button colors one-by-one after a particular MyPanel set loads is a slow tedious pain. I would also like more color choices than the default colors currently available.

  33. Solvi Bragason (verified owner)

  34. Jeff (verified owner)

    Never been into Actions until now, as I did not have a way to organize them, and keep them organized and handy. That is, until now. This is a game changer for me. Actions are back on the Radar, thanks Blake

  35. Michael (verified owner)

    Very well done. I like how easily it can be customized – not only in terms of the actions that are assigned to each button, but also the text and colors of the buttons can be easily changed. And I also like the image resize and saving functions that are included.

  36. Satya Raju (verified owner)

    Having fun setting up the panel. Makes my workflow easy

  37. Daniel Johnson (verified owner)

    At last, a simple and effective way to efficiently place my Photoshop Actions in a logical, easy to find, one-button click, location. It has greatly improved my workflow and allowed me to concentrate more on editing and less on hunting for my actions. The ability to batch resize and watermark is outstanding and has become almost essential to my finishing workflow.

  38. Jim Isaac (verified owner)

    MyPanel is an amazing PS add-on. 5 Stars.

  39. Eugen Naiman (verified owner)

    Works great and it does save me time 🙂 I am using only the backside of the panel and the “Save” minipanel was the reason I bought it.
    I wish:
    – there was a scroll bar for cases where you resize the panel and you want to see a section of your choice
    OR alternatively
    – have the sections on the back panel movable so I can change their position and make the panel more compact

    Thank you

  40. Brian G. (verified owner)

  41. Richard (verified owner)

    I love Blake’s panels! I have Pallett Effects, Zone System Express, CLiR, and now My Panel. Blake’s tutorials help me understand how to best use Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw (raw processor) to adjust Tone, Colour, and Special Effects. Achieving the perfect image just gets faster with his panels. I am working on creating actions that will condense some aspects of my workflow into buttons. It is easier to start off with the Lumi-Glow Actions add-on while I wrap my mind around working faster. Thank you, Blake and Tonee, Great Job!

  42. Toshko Hristov (verified owner)

    I really like the idea of panels because you do things very quickly. I wished I could arrange the things I needed the most. You made it possible. I highly recommend MyPanel to anyone who wants to make the most of Photoshop.

  43. Rene (verified owner)

    In combination with ZSE en PE a complete and customizable personal workflow. ?

  44. Al (verified owner)

    Actions and the myriad of other Photoshop tools is, at best confusing. Consistently, I have found Blake’s advice and demonstrations of Photoshop Techniques to provide clarity and bring functionality to the program without spending hours experimenting and learning the secrets. Further to this, Blake’s software “add-ons” make using these features easy and brings fun back into the task of creating art. The MyPanel add-on continues that trend of eliminating the complexities and putting the functionality into a common sense format.

  45. Raymond O. (verified owner)

    The Panel makes it much easier and quicker to edit photos. Blake is a real genius!!

  46. Gary D. (verified owner)

    5 stars, simple and effective panel. I’ve only had it a week and already can’t remember how I lived without it!

  47. Александр К. (verified owner)

    Great job! I always use your panel in my work.

  48. Georgeanne Rhoads (verified owner)

    The panel was very easy to install and use. Even at 74 I had no problems.

  49. Michele (verified owner)

    This is more than terrific. I started with the Lumi-Glow actions and modified the panel to optimize my workflow. The (reminder) training on Hard Mix relighting is worth its weight in gold.

  50. Edward C. (verified owner)

    I haven’t used the few actions that I had because they were not always that convenient to get to. But with My Panel all the actions are right there and organized so they are easy to use, just click and its done. Also without the education videos I never would have known what to do. The videos made the whole process simple and you explained everything in an easy to understand way. I’m very happy with My Panel as an addition to my workflow. And btw you showed some new ideas for making actions that I am now using!

  51. Richard Baker (verified owner)

    The video course with the panel makes it really easy to understand how to build actions and then have a place where you can store them quickly to call up immediately and take some of the time element out of a lot of repetitive tasks. Blake as usual is his patient and painstaking approach to make sure you really understand what he’s trying to explain so you fully understand the concepts he is trying to impart. He’s right you do need to go over all of it twice, not because you don’t understand it the 1st time, but because going back through all the materials can really get you to start thinking about all the things you might be able to do with the panel. As a plug, if’ you’re going to get the 1st part of the course, you’d be nuts not to get the more ” advanced” material. The panel’s great. The knowledge is better!

  52. John S. (verified owner)

  53. Rebecah (verified owner)

    I love the panel and have already been using it all the time!! Thanks Blake!!

  54. Christian Bergenheim (verified owner)

    Really helped my workflow. Now it’s easy and fast to access my PS actions. Only thing I’m missing is the a easy way to access other actions that do not fit in 30 actions. It’s not fluent to move action folders manually. I hope that an easier way will be implemented in the future.

  55. Ben Pereboom (verified owner)

    I am not well experienced with actions (honest no experience). But your panel, which is now my panel, will change this situation.
    Till now my panel is still empty. Perhaps a tip: is it an idea if you ship with the panel extension a sort of default action set. Beginners can start then immediately with discovering your great product. With the possibility over time to fill it in with own actions.

  56. michael Lavesen (verified owner)

  57. Hans Ljung (verified owner)

    First I thought do I really need this and how I am suppose to fill it up with 30 actions as someone who does not use actions that frequently? How wrong I was! My Panel is now completely full and I am sitting here building new actions. The Panel is great and makes photo editing with actions easy applied much more convenient and is so much superior in comparison to the actions palette in photoshop.

  58. Robert Glaskin-Clay (verified owner)

    Awesome panel, just what I was looking for in organizing my actions. I tried to program a panel years ago & gave up as way too much coding for my ability levels. Kudos to Tony G.

  59. Werner C. (verified owner)

    Hi Dude, I am very pleased with the panel. Great work. Maybe in the future it would be possible to colour match the panel?

  60. Guy Zimmerman (verified owner)

    The actions I put in work just fine and I don’t have to hunt for them any more. I’m a digital artist and the function I use the most and my favorite is the little button on the back side that allows me to put my digital signature on my art. Sure saves a lot of work. Thanks!

  61. Andrew Kinsey (verified owner)

    Blake has again produced a fantastic tool that compliments and builds upon his previous panels. The flexibility of the ‘My Panel’ is tremendous and allows users to fine-tune their own workflows exactly how they want to. The associated tutorials are comprehensive, relevant and support the whole learning process. Thanks so much Blake for all your efforts and enthusiasm, we are all the more enriched and knowledgeable as a result.

  62. Rainer Steinacker (verified owner)

    Remarkable tool – setup of own panels nearly perfect !!!

    But improvements for own section names and different and automatic button color handling per panel set urgently required from point of view – defined once and linked to the panel set . After generating several “my panel sets”, I miss the correct section headlines and the correct colors for my own panels very much. It is not realistic that button colors are identical for all different panels !

    I can switch panels in seconds, but than I have to correct section names and button colors manually – not good !? Improvement needed !

  63. michael aldridge (verified owner)

    Easy to use and makes things so much easier

  64. Jason Ogden (verified owner)

    MyPanel is awesome! I do a lot of portrait work and find adding my own actions to the panel simply amazing. With the click of a button it loads my actions and off I go. MyPanel will save you so much time in your workflow! I highly recommend this!

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My Panel makes working with actions much easier and clearer. Thanks a lot!

  66. Jean-Francois Bergeron (verified owner)

    This is just FANTASTIC ! Finally, this is THE tool to help me quickly organise my PS actions the way I want it. And it’s so easy and well explained, it is just awsome.
    Thank you !

  67. Serge (verified owner)

    Very Good! It makes my workflow a lot faster.

  68. Brett Sayles (verified owner)

    Five stars because it does what it’s supposed to! I shoot real estate mostly and it’s great to be able to sort the actions I use regularly and set them up right where I want them. Time is money!

  69. Doug P. (verified owner)

    This is a panel that brings everything related to actions in Photoshop. And the output panel is easy to use and makes my sharing of images so much easier! An indispensable panel that uses screen real estate judiciously.

  70. Kwok Tung Leung (verified owner)

  71. Marla julien (verified owner)

    I love how Blake continues to amaze me with his workflow panels. I love his panels and how they are all in one place for easy photo editing. The new panel My panel designed for actions was worth ever penny, i have lots of actions and now I can organize them in a better workflow, it’s truly an amazing panel as is all his panels. Great educator as well

  72. DAVID T. (verified owner)

    Makes Photoshop actions so much easier and faster to use

  73. Richard Kozak (verified owner)

    My panel solved several issues I’ve had with my actions – organization and workflow. Another great and well conceived product. Thanks

  74. Richard Knotts (verified owner)

    easy to understand and use

  75. DEAN MALENCIK (verified owner)

  76. David Burlison (verified owner)

    This panel makes processing so much easier and most importantly, it makes it faster.

  77. David Burlison (verified owner)

  78. Geoffrey Dawes (verified owner)

    The MyPanel is fantastic, it has really speeded up and simplified my workflow. Being able to arrange my workflow into the Panel really helps and serves as a reminder of what needs to be done and in which order, which at my age is increasingly difficult to recall immediately.

  79. Charles Fleischman (verified owner)

    Easy to understand and easy to use. Customization was easy too. I use it on almost all of my Photoshop images.

  80. Yvonne Holman (verified owner)

    I love My Panel 2. I am just starting to use it, but can already see how it will help me organize my actions in Photoshop. As always, there is very clear instruction about how to use it. I look forward to diving in to greater depth.

  81. Tina Wilson (verified owner)

    When Blake first sent a promotional of MyPanel I wasn’t sure it was for me so deleted the email. Later I received another email encouraging me to watch his video explaining in detail how MyPanel works. I realized I have many actions, paid for and free, that I rarely use because they are not organized. When I attempt to look for the ones I like I can never remember which folder they are in. Often I give up. So I decided purchased MyPanel! I’m in the process of going through my action folders and organizing the sections by categories and favorites. So far it’s been fun and well worth my time. I’m glad I purchased MyPanel! I feel so organized!! Like clearing out a messy closet.

  82. Birger Ryss (verified owner)

  83. Russ Foote (verified owner)

    The Panel is a god send. It has speeded up my workflow, leaving me more time to take photos.

  84. Rico S. (verified owner)

    If you’re a power user that depends on actions as part of your workflow this panel is a must have.

  85. Rhoda (verified owner)

    I’m very excited to great my My Panel and thanks to your sterling teaching skills, I”ll be able to improve and grow my skills. Thank you.

  86. Timothy (verified owner)

    Designed very well and allows for my actions. With the different categories, you can group like actions. Additional common buttons are also a plus.

  87. Victor W. (verified owner)

    Panel 2 is a real time saver and very easy to setup with actions that you create.

  88. David Pickles (verified owner)

    My Panel 2 has easily organized my jumble of actions – both of my own creation and those I have purchased or acquired as freebies. It was simple to install, although you need to follow the directions carefully and it has been super easy to add new actions to the panels as I determine how I want things organized. I have used My Panel in my workflow regularly since I installed it – even using some actions I hadn’t used often because they were kind of out of sight in my action panel. Now they are right in front of me and easy to get to. I’m loving it. Great work Tonee and Blake!!

  89. John Fish (verified owner)

    The education was especially useful

  90. CHRISTOPHER BATES (verified owner)

    Anytime you can get a product which puts things together in a logical and straightforward way you should jump on it. That is why I purchased MyPanel.

  91. Frances Kuelz (verified owner)

  92. Jagdish (verified owner)

    The MyPanel 2 was easy to install. Great video tutorials. No longer have to search for actions as they’re now well organised in the Panel.

  93. Mikael Martinz (verified owner)

    Fast response when questions comes up, maybe little more direct guide when the software installing for first time.

  94. David Robinson (verified owner)

    I just love the idea that I can put actions in my own panel, it has really given me the impetus to really learn how to make my own actions.

  95. Cristen (verified owner)

    I have to work with multiple versions of Photoshop, and would love to be able to transfer the settings to My Panel in the different versions, rather than having to reconstruct the entire panel. But other than not finding a way to do that, the panel exceeds my expectations in usefulness. To save time, I open the panel as soon as I launch PS. The start up for a session is only one time, and the panel can be closed (I dock it in an icon strip) when not in use. It took a bit of time to set up a panel, but it’s easy to move actions around as I learn by using. Having used Photoshop’s Actions panel since PS 5, I’m finally finding it incredibly easy to use the actions I’ve created — or Blake has. It makes it worthwhile creating very short utilitarian actions since I have run out of KBSC for actions, and this is push button stupid. Just my speed.

  96. Johan Coetzee (verified owner)

    I never knew it would be this easy to have a personal panel. Finally I have found a home for all my actions and my work space is so much more organized – no searching for custom actions anymore. Well done f64 !

  97. Donald R. (verified owner)

    During life’s journey, there are events that make you think life can get no better. In 2003 went into a mess tent to get some breakfast and low and behold I found what would become one of my favorite foods for life. NUTELLA never had it until that Day. Now it’s always in the cabinet and always packed for a road trip. My Panel is just like that Nutella you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

  98. Fraser I Metcalfe (verified owner)

    Easy to install and great to use! I enjoy it; workflow is easier.

  99. John (verified owner)

    The panel is deceptively easy to set up and to use. Now I am motivated to create more actions, something that I rarely did. The education provided with the panel was instrumental in my setting up the panel quickly and in learning about actions. Thank you Blake!

  100. James K. (verified owner)

    Wow! This panel is exactly what I needed! I have a lot of actions and it has always been inefficient trying to organize and use them. It has saved me so much time and actually made editing fun again! This panel for me was a must have and I am glad I discovered it. Thanks so much for making this product available.

  101. Jean-michel Rousseau (verified owner)

    easy to use … perfect … design for our own actions

  102. James Lassoie (verified owner)

    Looks to be a very useful panel to help me organize actions as I’ve found the Action Tab in Ps challenges organization. This has actually limited my develop of action and the use of others by other photographers.

  103. John cook (verified owner)

    Valuable resource in keeping things organized

  104. Michael W. (verified owner)

    As usual, the panel and tutorials are first class. Blake is an outstanding educator as well as a great innovator and having Tonee Gee as the programmer makes his panel very intuitive, easy to use and great functionality. I believe I have all of his panels (Zone Sys 7, Palette Effects 3, Dodge & Burn and Proof & Export) all are well worth the price, the tutorials are done well along with the sample photos. Recommend getting f64 Elite membership brings even more “Free” education courses.

  105. Cor Niemantsverdriet (verified owner)

    Beautiful panel. Could you place these two times separately in PS I wondered.
    It’s so handy that I don’t have enough of one?

  106. David G. (verified owner)

    I’m highly impressed by the thought and care that Blake puts into every one of his products, including this. The accompanying materials are comprehensive and relevant

  107. Tom Stabell (verified owner)

    This panel is fatastic to me.

  108. Brian Rosborough (verified owner)

    The panel was what I was looking for to organize my photoshop actions. However, since I switched to a MacBook Pro M1 it does don’t work unless you run in Rosetta. The Photoshop Remove tool will not work in Rosetta mode. So for at least the time being this product is not meeting my needs. Have reached out for support a couple of times with no response back.

  109. Karl Schneck (verified owner)

    I have only started using this panel and I can see its value already.

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