The Creative Mechanic I & II

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12 reviews for The Creative Mechanic I & II

  1. robert oberman (verified owner)

  2. Stephen Woodburn (verified owner)

    The Creative Mechanic I & II have been an eye opening course for me on how to approach a photo to edit. I get very caught up in a certain process and feel like I have to approach all of my edits the same way. Keeping in mind the Tone – Color – Artistic Effects workflow, this course has taught me that it is okay to circle back and continue to edit. As I apply an artistic effect to an image, I may need to go back and adjust tones and colors, especially selectively. Jim’s workflow seems scattered at first, but as I watched him work through his edits, it has showed me that experimenting leads to creativity. Combining the technical knowledge of the tools that Blake has taught me with the no-fear approach of riffing on a photo like Jim has been an invaluable learning experience. Thanks so much for making these courses.

  3. Spike D. (verified owner)

    I appreciate the creative or artistic component. Most tutorials, critiques and reviews dwell on the mechanical and technical aspects (flaws and highlights) without recognizing the feelings or visions intended by the artist. Thanks for promoting the idea that the combination is necessary for a more meaningful image.

  4. Claudio Guarnieri (verified owner)

    Hi Blake, I’m satified for The Creative Mechanic I & II because it me into a deeper world of Photography. Thank you

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    needs more educational information instead of watching hours of touch ups

  6. Brenda C. (verified owner)

    I was not familiar with Blake and Jim’s courses prior to this purchase, but was intrugued by the concepts of this course. The contents did not disappoint! The lessons are are original, and inspiring. I have completed CMI, and working my way thru CMII. I am discovering new ways to align my photos with my vision, new ways to approach a scene, and new techniqies to use in processing them. Excellent series!

  7. Ronald Campbell (verified owner)

  8. Norbert G. (verified owner)

    Very well prepared and therefore very easy to carry out.

  9. John (verified owner)

  10. Jeff McDonald (verified owner)

    I like the concept of two accomplished artists with different styles working the same set of images to see what happens. The techniques, thought processes, and vision shared along the way make it very worthwhile.

  11. Sabine Osten (verified owner)

    I’m definitely a mechanic, working on my creative skills with this great course. Thanks to Blake and Jim for taking the time to inspire me. You are awesome. The Creative Mechanic opens a new door to a fantastic artistic vision for me.

  12. Philippe MAYOR (verified owner)

    Great stuff ! Educational, philosophical and technical info even if it does not show like it at first. Thank you for such an interesting course.

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