30 Days to Photoshop Mastery

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73 reviews for 30 Days to Photoshop Mastery

  1. Rolf (verified owner)

    Impressed by your quick update to ACR

  2. Marc Feldesman (verified owner)

    Great course. Clear and concise

  3. Niru Karia (verified owner)

    You are the BEST I love to learn from you

  4. Marvin Vikla (verified owner)

    The approach of sticking to learning and practicing every day for 30 days is as important as the material covered! Finally, I am getting over my fear of opening Photoshop because I can’t remember how to do something.

  5. Brian L. (verified owner)

    Quite frankly Blake this is the most watchable and comprehensive course I have used. It’s also very practical and ‘realworld’ (and a bargain!)

  6. John Ruggiero (verified owner)

    I learn several minor tips that will help me going forward.

  7. Tomasz Tomaszewski (verified owner)

    Dear Blake, Your course is very helpful, logical and well structured. The only comments I have are regarding the speed at which you speak. Someone who buys such a course has time to listen to the lessons in full, no matter how long it lasts. So there is no reason to hurry so much. It would also be good if you showed more keyboard shortcuts that you use to show the next steps.
    I would also limit fragments of your speech in which you convince us how valuable this course is. They are too insistent and rub against commercial uselessly. Thank you very, very much. Tomasz

  8. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

    Good and clear intro to Photoshop.

  9. charles d. (verified owner)

    Excellent idea for a course, Blake! I felt I knew how to manipulate the different tools within PS, but you have really opened my eyes to different aspects of different tools and you have brought me light-years ahead on color in general. I am following your instructions concerning doing one lesson a day then practice. Concept works very well for me. Adobe would be wise to offer your course to folks that really want to learn PS. Thanks again and well worth the price for the course!

  10. Eugenia Mills (verified owner)

    I have just gotten a good start with the course, and already have learned much. I have used Photoshop for several years, and knew I was not making great use of it. This course has been helpful even though I am not yet half way through it. Thanks for sending the revisions when PS upgraded recently.

  11. Paul (verified owner)

  12. SteveDico (verified owner)

    I applaud your soldiering up and rechambering for this new iteration of ACR. I imagined . . . getting the alarm at 02:00 and racing out to the flight line to get airborne, and …What! All the gauges on the cockpit console are in different places! Well done for getting off the flight line on time. Oh, I have had the pleasure of your lectures for years. Kudos, sir.

  13. Simon Reeve (verified owner)

    I really appreciate the videos you provide. I am much more confident using PS then I was before. The lessons are clear and very informative .. Thank you for all your help!!

  14. Felix VANDENHOUTE (verified owner)

    Clear and perfect ! Thank you

  15. alansf41 (verified owner)

    Thorough! Very good so far. Working on the New Camera Raw. Very close to the Lightroom experience. Spacing and working on the lessons in between is a good strategy. I am a long time user of both LR and PS but need to improve my PS skills when needed. Blake’s enthusiasm is contagious and spurs the desire to learn

  16. Rolf Sjölander (verified owner)

    I’m in day 13 and so far it is very good

  17. jude dundas (verified owner)

    The concept of this course is brilliant because after watching each daily video Blakes gives you homework which means practicing what you’ve learnt that day until it is fully understood before moving on. Blake has a unique way of teaching which makes it enjoyable – I can thoroughly recommend this course and I have found it a great refresher and picked up lots of new tips.

  18. Solvi Bragason (verified owner)

  19. kent Techritz (verified owner)

  20. Rein Stoel (verified owner)

    Some parts are not very clear, for example the Action.

  21. Albert van der Teems (verified owner)

    At this moment I follow the day 8 lesson. My thoughts about this course so far, the video’s replaces all the books I ussely buy to learn something. To see what the teacher wants you to learn and then follow on on your own computer, an eye opener. For all the future buyers, Blake is a reliable vendor, mid June an update for ACR, and 2 days later, an update for this course, amazing. Again, my excuse for this poor English. Albert, the Netherlands.

  22. Dina Kukreja (verified owner)

    I am at third of the way, and am liking the course very much. Although I know the photoshop quite much but have not practice it. Your course has been encouraging me to do just that. In addition it is providing subtle details that I did not know. You have also convinced me to use bridge and photoshop instead of lightroom. Lightroom is great program with a lot of headaches – finding where my pictures are?

  23. Michael Franklin (verified owner)

    Enjoying it so far. Taking it slow, especially changes to ACR.

    My only suggestion would be to slow down you presentation – it is hard to follow where you are in the menu system and I loose how you got there or what you did. It is familiar to you but less do for your audience.

    As always, your material is first rate.


    Michael – Canada.

  24. Ed Arnold (verified owner)

    Blake is a Magician…. this course, finally, opens the door to Photoshop for me…. I am a devoted Lightroom user…. and now I can add the power and substance of Photoshop for the coup de graˆace!

  25. Mike Cameron (verified owner)

    learned something new and updated for ps update

  26. Francis Dorsemaine (verified owner)

  27. Ian (verified owner)

    I have followed Blake from the early days of HDR, and have never been disapointed with any of his Tutorials. They are well planed and thoroughly descriptive making the effort of overall satisfaction most rewarding.

  28. Allen S. (verified owner)

    At first glance you might think this course is too simple, but once you get into it you find that its a great way to learn Photoshop by building on one piece of it at a time.I’ve taken other courses but this one is sticking with me.

  29. Leentje (verified owner)

    So far it’s worth every penny !

  30. William Foy (verified owner)

    I really like this course and the only reason it doesn’t get a five is that Blake is TOO PASSIONATE. He gets excited and the speed of his speech speeds up and becomes difficult to understand for someone like me who’s using Cochlear Implants. He explains things very well but I’ve had to repeat many sections in order to understand all of Blake’s instructions. The improvement in my images was evident to my family and friends within the first four lessons. Would I buy this again? ABSOLUTELY! Do I think it’s fairly priced? ABSOLUTELY! Do I recommend it to others who want a thorough, in-depth presentation of ACR and Photoshop by an obviously enthusiastic user and teacher? ABSOLUTELY!

  31. Daniel F. (verified owner)

    As usual, your trainings are well documented, and each step is explained and is easy to follow.

  32. tombratton (verified owner)

    great so far

  33. Lynne f Murphy (verified owner)

    Blake is thorough and explains the important aspects of Photoshop as we work through it. His enthusiasm, knowledge and precision in his explanations make Student mastery within reach. I have taken a few courses and bought books on Photoshop and Blake’s course has and is the most helpful In my opinion. His tips on workflow is just what one needs navigating Camera Raw and Photoshop. Most appreciated!

  34. Lawrence Cross (verified owner)

    I rated 30 days at the ‘4’ level because nothing is perfect. This is the course I have been searching for, it satisfies all of my desires and the fact that I can view it over and over absolutely is terrific. Thank you.

  35. Jagdish (verified owner)

    I’m a self taught PS user. Whilst I have watched numerous tutorials on the net, I always feel I learn more watching Blake’s tutorials. He’s taken my editing skills to another level. Thank you, Blake.

  36. Tom Wall (verified owner)

    Suspect this is going to be a valuable long term reference source rather than just a 30 day event. Highly recommended!

  37. AlThompson (verified owner)

    Finally, a training series that brings it all together. The content is clear and delivered with Blake’s straight-forward style and support material. A very easy to watch and learn format. In the first video alone, learned three techniques about Adobe Camera Raw and those items alone have made this purchase worthwhile! It’s like having a good friend drop over to help you learn PhotoShop. Additionally the newest version of ACR had hardly arrived via Creative Cloud and Blake had updated videos in my “In box”. That’s customer service! Thanks Blake, you’ve given me insight and confidence.

  38. Jomo (verified owner)

    I arrived at day five. I hope the rating will stay at this level.

  39. luykenbl (verified owner)

    Blake’s way of educating is phenominal. His enthousiasm resonates through all of his videos and that enthousiasm is contageous. I follow lots of other photographers, but Blake’s way of educating resonates the most with me. He makes everything very clear and – very important to me – he educates from an artist’s perspective, which gives me the oppurtunity to grow as an artist.

  40. Robert Ryan (verified owner)

  41. Kent Ervin (verified owner)

    I am working my way through as I get time, I have found several different things to help me.

  42. Bud Henderson (verified owner)

  43. Alden (verified owner)

    Some great stuff here. I’m on day 10 because I went back to the ACR vids after the big update. Thanks for getting ACR lessons updated so quickly Blake. I also really like the Blend Mode lessons, starting to make more sense with your explanations over Adobe’s.

  44. Dimitri Kindynis (verified owner)

    The course is really well made, your way of explaining everything is always very clear and understandable even if I discover most of it for the first time. Yet I have a question for you : the new version of photoshop just came out litterally four days after I purchased the course. I suppose you will update the contents for that version; would I have access to the updated course? My concern is that I got the download version instead of the subscription. Please let me know. Thank you, and congratulations for the high quality training you offer.

  45. John BERGSTAD (verified owner)

    In the beginning, the course needs info on importing, and saving image files to Br and also moving files between LR, Br and PS. Sometimes my images did not go automatically back into LR from PS so I had to use the Apple search function to find them. What causes that? Was it because I edited image in Camera Raw before going to PS? Did it happen because I first opened image in Br and then continued to PS?

    Also, to me, you speak too fast and sound too anxious; you already sold me on the course. Listen to the cadence of your buddy Matt K.; it’s more relaxing.

    I do think you are offering very useful information and I look forward to continuing with the course.

  46. Evert den Hartog (verified owner)

    This course was a real eye-opener, I really love the way you explained the many possibilities of Photoshop. It will help me to make better images.

  47. Peter Hopkins (verified owner)

    Still very early, very positive thus far. Look forward to completing the remaining 20 days.

  48. Nils Elsner (verified owner)

    The material is, as all your other tutorials ,easy to follow.I am not a beginner but apart from the repetition you have a lot of tips and tricks how to do things in maybe another way that i should have done..
    This is really good, It is exactly what i want.
    I have been on a vacation so i have only studie the 7 first lessons and now ia have to go back toe new ACR chapter. Which is of course new to me. I really look forward to the last chapters to see how you tie everything together.

  49. Davie Sharp (verified owner)

  50. Ryan Webb (verified owner)

    This was a very thorough yet fast paced class. What I liked most was when Adobe had a big update to Camera Raw and he went back through all the Camera Raw lessons and redid all of them to show the updated version. That was real cool of him to do and shows that he cares and not just doing it for the money. Definitely worth the money!

  51. Paul Bosselait (verified owner)

    Just completed day 8. So far so good. I appreciate how quickly you updated the ACR videos. I was totally lost when I tried to do Day 4, but you came through with flying colors.

  52. Donald Seymour (verified owner)

    Excellent course for all photographers, by a true expert and outstanding teacher.

  53. Brian Andrews (verified owner)

    Although I am only about 1/3 of the way through this course, it has already proven to be THE BEST purchase I could have made in an effort to improve my PhotoShop skills. I have already learned a great deal and have essentially reset my approach to PS. It is nice to be able to work your way through at your own pace with the ability to practice and, if necessary, repeat portions. I highly recommend the 30 Day to Photoshop Mastery. Blake has a unique and thorough methodology that makes everything come together perfectly.

  54. mike2manykids (verified owner)

    As ever an excellent well thought out product from Blake. It has helped me a great journey in my quest to master the essential tools in Photoshop – the bite size lessons are brilliant. Well done Blake.

  55. Ed Shanahan (verified owner)

    I am a Photoshop journeyman and have bought and benefited from a number of PS courses. What Blake does in this course which is different from others is he takes a bottoms up tool oriented approach. His philosophy with this course is that you will become significantly more proficient in PS, regardless of your level, if you get to know and practice (what Blake refers to as Deliberate Practice) the tools themselves. This course doesn’t replace other courses but augments them by taking a very different approach. I am only on day 12 of 30 so far and have found the course extremely beneficial. Blake is an excellent teacher who breaks each lesson into small pieces. I highly recommend this course to any photographer who does not yet consider themselves a PS Master. The course fee is money well invested!

  56. Jim (verified owner)

    Took the course and wanted to have it permanently available to me. Great stuff Blake!

  57. cidermark (verified owner)

    Really well thought out programme of courses. Admittedly I’m only on Day 10 but I’ve learned so much already. The concept of doing small, targeted, chunks of course work each day makes learning much more agreeable. Additionally, breaking it down like this also makes these great reference video’s.

    One more thing, on a personal note about Blake – after Adobe radically changed the ACR interface, Blake immediately created new course content to cater for these changes which he made available within a few days after ACR’s release. Wonderful support Blake, thanks.

  58. Thomas Gossen (verified owner)

    I purchased the downloadable version so I’d always have the material available to review. This course is very complete in content and presented in bite sized bits for consumption and individual practice. If you’ve struggled with trying to make sense of Ps, this program is for you. Blake is one of the best Ps instructors you’ll find.

  59. Wayne Henson (verified owner)

    Really getting a massive amount of knowledge and inspiration from the package as I have with all the f64 packages I have purchased. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thanks Blake as I understand the work, effort and commitment that goes into developing such comprehensive systems

  60. Angelina (verified owner)

    So far it’s great. It’s helpful the way you explain each and every button in the RAW workspace and how to use them. I’ve been using PS for a long time and am still learning. I am only on day 5 but am learning lots already.

  61. Nandan1@ (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing , Blake. you seem to keep outdoing yourself. I hadn’t realized that there were so much ways to be creative in Photoshop. A fantastic learning experience! Thanks, Blake. I always enjoy your courses.

  62. Captain Spangle (verified owner)

    Concise and informative as always.

  63. Clive Reah (verified owner)

  64. Heinrich Schmid (verified owner)

    Well done! I appreciate your teaching style very much.

  65. Reginald Greeves (verified owner)

    Clear,concise,succinct,a great understanding of colour.A great military style of instruction.On a personal note a little fast in delivery.Reason for my choice of purchase.(one off ) I have to do it in my own time.Great production.

  66. R.S. de Jonge (verified owner)

    Very instructive video’s + training

  67. Thomas Ford (verified owner)

    Fantastic course from a fantastic teacher! I’ve been deeply into PhotoShop for over 5 years and had thought of myself as being pretty good with the software; until Blake offered this course. Blake has taught me things about Ps that I never would have found on my own. He starts out with Adobe Camera Raw and simply builds on what you learn each day. Now I use ACR on each of my editing projects before proceeding into Ps. Having been around Ps for some time I tried to sneak a peek at Clipping masks, for example, because I had heard of it but never really understood it. Sneaking a peek didn’t work. I didn’t begin to understand how it applied to my editing until I worked my way through each day’s lessons. Then, I understood it. So just take it day-by-day and practice, practice, practice. You won’t be disappointed. Well worth the cost of the course!

  68. glroth1 (verified owner)

    Excellent course. I needed a refresher on Photoshop. With the recent upgrades to Camera Raw I found it would be a good choice to move away from Lightroom and totally use the modules of Photoshop.

  69. Imsum13 (verified owner)

    Breaking photoshop learning into 30 days with 30 lessons is a perfect way to learn. Blake is a very good teacher and the class was just what I needed to get started editing photos in photoshop.

  70. Clay Enos (verified owner)

    Blake … Great job on this course. I am only about half way through the modules, and they are jam packed with useful info, even for a veteran PS user like me. Your dedication to your customers is top notch as shown by your quick updates to the videos with the new release of Photoshop.

    This course is perfect for as a review for one who has been away from PS for awhile, but I would recommend it for all those for all photographers who enjoy learning new skills and/or approaches to PS editing.

  71. Malcolm Higson (verified owner)

    All looks good, I have made a start, but then daily life got in the way.

  72. Charles Colpitts (verified owner)

    So far, so good, still working my way through the lessons. Looking forward to blend modes and blend if.

  73. Patrick McCloskey (verified owner)

    Blake Rudis is an exceptional educator. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and he genuinely wants to teach by sharing his knowledge. He brings all his talents to his course “30 Days to Photoshop Mastery”.

    He leads the student slowly and purposely through the vast majority of Photoshop as it applies to photographers. His explanations are clear and are delivered with an infectious enthusiasm. The accompanying notes complement the video presentations.

    After each video, Blake sets the students tasks to achieve based on the lesson. These are a great way to consolidate the learning.

    Towards the end of the course, he pulls together all the lessons to demonstrate how the individual skills work together to produce great images from raw files. His integrated approach is both logical and commendable and, after following his workflow videos, everything falls into place.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Photoshop either as a complete beginner or an intermediate user. I guarantee you will benefit from it.

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