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194 reviews for Palette Effects IV Education & Panel

  1. Jason Ogden (verified owner)

    I have been using Palette Effects since it’s inception and have been very pleased with the education and the panel that comes with it. The reason I purchased this product was because of my experience with Blake’s other panel and education – The Zone System Express. I was so impressed with the Zone System Express education and panel that I knew that Palette Effects would not disappoint. My hunch was correct and I also use this education and panel (in conjunction with the Zone System Express) in my post processing workflow.

    Both panels along with their educational videos have completely changed my workflow. I went from a workflow that consisted of random kamikaze style editing in Lightroom and Photoshop to one that I systematically use every time I post process. Seriously, this education and the accompanying panels are amazing. I would highly recommend both of them and would encourage you to get the Zone System and Palette Effects bundle. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Ian Clarke (verified owner)

  3. Robert Partner (verified owner)

  4. Riet van den Berg (verified owner)

  5. Ki Weon Lee (verified owner)

    I have to learn and practice everyday if possible.

  6. James H Johnson (verified owner)

    Love it!

  7. Hussein Gohar (verified owner)

  8. Steven Schlagel (verified owner)

    Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Blake really did a great job of teaching me color theory and how to apply it to my images. The Palette Effects panel makes it ever so easy BUT Blake explains the “whys and hows” behind the panel so I can make even better use of it – and as he says, it’s not a preset, it is a tool that I can use and manipulate to my specific images to apply my artistic effect. Now if I can just quit walking around my house and seeing complementary colors and analogous color schemes popping up everywhere!!

  9. Felix Rivero (verified owner)

    The Palette Effects is allowing me to CREATE beautiful images! But the most powerful is the Education, I can not believe how much I’m learning, every video is like a book that I can read over and over and learn new things every time. Thank so much.

  10. Ray Cunningham (verified owner)

  11. Paul (verified owner)

    The education section on Color Theory alone is worth the price of the class. The education package also teaches you the hows behind the buttons and effects on the panel so that you understand what is going on when you apply an effect, and understand how to modify that effect to fit your creative vision. While I bought the package to speed up my workflow, I ended up learning so much.

  12. Steven Hayre (verified owner)

    Every photographer who has not studied painting should get this. I just finished the course and now have a good basics on color theory. I will need to watch the videos many more times to “own it” and use it to the fullest extent, but now I have the tools I need. I started my 1st darkroom in 1962 and started digital in 2005, so have lots of experience in photography but I have always been lacking in color theory until now. ( I let the print lab fix the colors and never was a painter). Thank you Blake!

  13. Ralph Marriott (verified owner)

    been editing for years. technical but no color grading understood the benefits but no clue as to how to do it i bought infinite color panel and exposed to benefits. You have shown me how and i love your approach. It is the workflow that makes it work
    thank you

  14. Satya Raju (verified owner)

    Great to use with ZS6. The training material is the best part.

  15. JoAnn Banks (verified owner)

    I’m only on the tone module bust have learned so much already. It’s awesome.

  16. Terry C. (verified owner)

  17. Annale van Schijndel (verified owner)

    I am already proficient in the use of Photoshop, but the way you have structured your panel allows me to use it to express my own creativity. I particularly like having learned the principles through your in-depth tutoring. Your video tutorials were pitched at the right pace and detail to suit me. I also enjoyed your dodge-and-burn panel bought previously; it has taken my processing to a new level.

  18. Robyn Aldridge (verified owner)

    I still haven’t had time to sort right through it but I’m excited at the prospect of owning something that will benefit my photography editing.

  19. Tomasz Tomaszewski (verified owner)

  20. Johnson DSouza (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with education that comes with both Zone System Express and Palette Effects. It just boosts you confidence to a new high. I would recommend this both education bundle to anyone immaterial of skill level (expert or beginner). Believe me you won’t find this type of detail education anywhere.

  21. André S. (verified owner)

    Love it!

  22. Jeff W. (verified owner)

    I have just started the training videos, work is getting in the way! I love your teaching style and your passion for your products. I am enjoying the training videos immensely and can’t wait to start using the palette effects.

  23. Ralf M. (verified owner)

    Brilliant, step by step approach, I learn a lot!

  24. Natalie (verified owner)

    I watched Blake’s 7 hour free workshop and saw how amazingly easy the Palette Effects are to use. I also liked that he is raising money for such an important cause and felt it was the right time to buy these amazing tools!

  25. Edmund Prescottano (verified owner)

  26. John Mortier (verified owner)

    Very well documented. No problem with the installation on my iMac Pro

  27. Alberto Bustos (verified owner)

  28. Amada (verified owner)

    Some videos with which I think I learn a lot about color. Thanks.

  29. Malcolm (verified owner)

    Illuminating and inspiring

  30. LeRoi M. (verified owner)

    I really wanted to take my photo editing to another level and didn’t know how to. When I came across your course on Color Theory, I thought that this would be a step in the right direction. It was! And, Palette Effects quickly became a part of my workflow.

    I really do enjoy listening to your passion as you impart your knowledge and the humour you put into it at times. I’ve learned so much!! I’ve watched other videos of people trying to give simpler tips and it makes me want to stick pins in my eyes to ease the pain.

  31. David Burlison (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Palette Effects has greatly improved my post processing. I highly recommend it.

  32. Alvin Flier (verified owner)

    Nearly finished with the training – this goes a long way to providing (nearly) infinite color and tone control to any part of the image – a monster lurks under those buttons – it’s way more than a finishing effect – great for those occasions when the weather is less than ideal at a prime location!

  33. Terri C. (verified owner)

    Blake doesn’t just explain the buttons, but the theory and reasoning behind them. For many, he shows how to do it manually before showing the button shortcut to save time (and memory). As his promo states, it is the education that is the most important part of Palette Effects.

  34. Rita C. (verified owner)

  35. Edward Haynes (verified owner)

    I have stopped all of my subscriptions for Photoshop and camera training except f64 Elite. This is the best money that I have ever spent on training. Blake offers GREAT support for his products and he WILL answer your emails. f64 is the best way to learn Photoshop and photography related items and to save a lot of time using Blake’s tools AFTER he teaches you what is going on before you click the button. This is a great investment!

  36. Rudi T. (verified owner)

    Help! I’m addicted to Blake’s tutorials!

  37. Jean-Francois B. (verified owner)

    Helped me a lot in reducing processing time. Thanks !

  38. David G. (verified owner)

    I’m only beginning to get a feel for the possibilities of Pallette effects but so far it is awesome.

  39. Robert Marleau (verified owner)

  40. Tim Blake (verified owner)

    Awesome addition to my workflow

  41. Murali Narayanan (verified owner)

    Fantastic ,easy ,speedy and great asset in my workflow.If only you can include the texture effects as described in your tutorials,it will be ‘The Swiss Army knife’.Love to see that in your next upgrade of Palette effects.

  42. Joni G. (verified owner)

    I have studied books, watched YouTube….all helping me learn the complexity of PS; but to have some one present a clear, connected explanation and then have some tools to move into the intermediate/advanced editing in one package is incredible. Thanks

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I am working through the included eduction videos now but I have already learned several new techniques to improve my images. Great bundle!

  44. Mark Hayward (verified owner)

    I am working my way through the videos. You are giving me knowledge and tools to reach my visionary goals in a logical sequential manner. I like your explainations of how you built the one click buttons. Your painting principals background gives you an edge over anyone else I know that understands PS.

  45. John B. (verified owner)

  46. Reg (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Palette Effects panel for a week and I’ve just been working with the powerful black and white section so far.
    I have to say that I really like it a lot.
    The clear explanatory videos are excellent.
    They have helped me to understand how to use the tools on my own images and I’m looking forward to getting into the colour section next.
    Please let me know when you have another sale – I’ll go for Zone Express and Dodge/Burn panels

  47. Wayne Henson (verified owner)

    Try so hard to bring out the artist…. And this is really helping

  48. Peter (verified owner)

  49. SUSAN BERGNA (verified owner)

    Just started playing with this. I have been a PS user for years but this “ups my game”. Awesome!!

  50. Gary (verified owner)

  51. Kevin FitzGerald (verified owner)

    All you need to know about colour and improving your photographs. Helpful video content in the course.

  52. Sin Wah Tan (verified owner)

    My favourite section ? The in-depth explanations.

  53. Antony Dimmock (verified owner)

    A little bit Long-winded and at times you speak too fast.

  54. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was a very good investment I made and it will really help me with my post-processing. Love the panel! It makes my work so easy.

  55. Mick Brittain (verified owner)

    You are my fav educator to use one of your fav comments, awesome! I am slowly getting through the lessons but trying to avoid the urge to jump forward to start applying the effects before completing the course. Should I still be working the tone and colour in ZSE and not touch tone and colour in Palette FX. I am concerned about using both. Where does Dodge and Burn Pro fit in the mix. If at all? I have saved all your latest sharpening actions but where should they fit in the workflow? Very please that the workbook is a black and white pdf as easy to bring off on my cheap office printer and does not need my Epson 3880. The manual I have found can be printed and ring bound by local print shop for £24. Thanks again Blake for your invaluable training and advice. Keep up the great work.

  56. Charles Fleischman (verified owner)

    I just started to work with Pallete Effects and I have used the Black and White adjustments. It’s relatively easy and intuitive but I have to review it several more times to become comfortable. I especially like your explanations and the background and I have tried to generate the adjustments as you described them.

  57. Jaap P. (verified owner)

    Need time for learning, and time is my bottleneck ?

  58. Alvin Herron (verified owner)

    The photos in the color tutorials did not have enough colors for me, I thought they were kind of drab. Other than that I like it.

  59. garry (verified owner)

    The instructional videos packaged with this extension are first rate!

  60. Jay Shah (verified owner)

    Blake is a great educator and his enthusiasm is contagious. He has made this very important but complex subject quite accessible by explaining the concepts and then distilling that knowledge into application through panels. There is a lot to learn here and mastery of the material will require revision of topics a few times and experimentation. By including ways to mask image these panels become self sufficient. I expect to get most of my post-processing done through PE3. One area that was a bit short of my expectations was Workflow. It did not meet my expectations in terms of selection of the images-architecture, interior design, portrait but not enough example of landscapes. I admire Blake’s work for his landscape and I got interested in this program for the same. I think it will be a great idea to include at least one landscape image which includes application of most important feature of the palette. Overall great value for time and money invested.

  61. Kwok Tung Leung (verified owner)

    Good course

  62. Bjoern (verified owner)

    Works wonderful and easy. Not cheap, but worth the money

  63. Jean-Pierre M. (verified owner)

  64. Brad Cheek (verified owner)

    Palette effects is awesome. I am partially colour blind, so it helps me to get colours in my images balanced and “normalised”. The colour theory tuition is clear and very well presented, with passion and enthusiasm. Thanks Blake.

  65. Anthony Winfield (verified owner)

    Vastly increased my understanding of colour in image processing. Viewed all of the video training (can be overwhelming and time consuming) but necessary to understand the background and tool use. I am reviewing a few of the videos again to enable me to actually have a go at using the tools – tone, colour and painting tools. I already paint areas of my images using colour layers in Photoshop so this tool set particularly appealed to me. Sometimes it is the simple stuff that I struggled with – took me ages to figure out how to turn the build pallette screen off to get back to the image (just press exit cross) but that’s me. Got a feeling that I will be using the tools for both mono and colour images a lot once I have got used to them. Can recommend the tool set. Thanks Blake.

  66. Heinrich S. (verified owner)

    I am a Photoshop beginner and find Palette Effects very helpful

  67. Larry Buckley (verified owner)

    The education package is great, way too much to take in with the first watching therefore; will have to go through again. The palette effects panel works great, it takes practice to get familiarized with all of it’s capabilities. All in all it rates very high in regards to the bundle.

  68. John Alvarez (verified owner)

    Using Palette Effects for just a week, I am able to use Photoshop to draw out the best from my photos. Moreover, the education videos are outstanding. You explain complex details clearly yet without oversimplifying the features of Photoshop. As a result, I can see myself using it at more advanced levels. Thank you for a great tool and educational experience.

  69. Dave E. (verified owner)

  70. Don W. (verified owner)

    A tremendous amount of material backed up by Blake’s expert tutorials. Not a bunch of presets but a venue to launch your creativity!

  71. William (verified owner)

  72. Tony W. (verified owner)

    Still working through the videos. Processing the information and lessons. Your approach is logical and thorough. I especially like that you leave the layers in so that it is possible to customize beyond the button presets.

  73. Oliver Johnson (verified owner)

    Awesome masterclass and palette.

  74. Gerard Zonneveld (verified owner)

    Amazing! this is great stuff

  75. Donald warden (verified owner)

  76. flobti (verified owner)

    Blake’s best yet (and that’s saying a lot!!) Would give it 6 stars if I could. Would highly recommend going SLOWLY through all the education and do a lot of experimentation. For those that are somewhat color blind (like myself), you can easily use the Analyze Palette #2 and then use the Eyedropper on the Color Picker to easily see what colors you are dealing with. If you’re anything like me, it will likely cause you to re-assess previously work. However, it is so much fun and I have radically improved many photos that I used to think were good. I also find Blake’s personal work ethic incredibly impressive and inspiring! If you put in the work, there is no way you won’t regret this purchase.

  77. Mike Montalvo (verified owner)

    Great course on color theory and Photoshop.

  78. Eric (verified owner)

    Enjoying Blake’s tutorials very much. What i like about PE is that Blake make it easy for you to be in total control of final result. Blake makes a confusing topic into manageable one.

  79. christian Pharaboz (verified owner)


  80. Frank (verified owner)

    There are plenty of opportunities to get the best out of my photos. It is a very good tool.

  81. Les Ladbrook (verified owner)

    I have just opened the Palette Effects bundle and only gone through the first section of B&W training so far, I am going to have to do it again to fully understand what is going on, but I was blown away with the control I had to make great a black & white image so easily. While watching the training for the first time I practiced on one of my own images and it jumped off the screen – excited! Blake’s tools and training are excellent, I can’t wait to progress from the B&W section onto the colour theory. Cheers Blake.

  82. Ray Grace (verified owner)

    It’s early days at the moment. The panel was easy to install and the very comprehensive instructions di help considerably. I’ve only had the bundle a week or so and have had little time to play with it. I’m gradually working my way through the video tutorials where, at the moment, I have completed the ‘Tone’ section. The videos are very thorough and it’s impossible not to be infected by Blake’s enthusiasm. I can say that having used the Tone section on some of my images I have found the pallette extremely easy to use and the results have been promising. I’m sure that, as I progress, the same will be true of using the Pallette on my colour images. I’m looking forward to dipping into it further.

  83. Giorgio Massignani (verified owner)

  84. Peter (verified owner)

    In the beginning I felt as if I had bit off more than I could chew. However, after watching the videos a few times and experimenting on my images, my confidence is gradually growing. An overall great product

  85. Martin van Deudekom (verified owner)

    I must first look to your videos. The first impression is good.

  86. Kathy L. (verified owner)

    I love this new tool and the education about color theory and the use of color. It’s a real time saver and I now have more ways to create a better audience experience. Thank you for all the hard work that went into this bundle. I highly recommend this product.

  87. Marilyn C. (verified owner)

    Was skeptical re whether I would like or could learn Palette Effects III. I LOVE it, Blake’s teaching style fits my learning style perfectly, and the panel is truly amazing!

  88. Michael Wallace (verified owner)

    I am taking my time will take me a lot longer than normal to get through it, really like and enjoy what I have seen

  89. Thomas S. (verified owner)

    Hi Blake. Since I was watching your tutorials for a long time it was my first time to purchase an app for PS. You really did a great job. Congratulations. Even if I am a skilled Photoshop user since PS3, PE3 will help me a lot to process my pictures with more efficiency. Your detailed knowledge about tones and colors and how to work them out in PS is the base for this great tool. Would buy it again 😉

  90. James R. (verified owner)

    I have purchased all 3 of Blake’s panels (CLIR, ZSE and PE III). I can say that all of them are great additions to my workflow . I find the more I use them the more I get from them and the tutorials seem to have more in them every time I view them. These are products that keep on giving and worth every penny.

  91. Kim Braley (verified owner)

    As with all of your products and training, PE is top notch. I’m only now dipping my toe into the water, but this will definitely change my use of PhotoShop!

  92. Edward (verified owner)

    Excellent Photoshop Plugin, highly recommended for those who will want to take their creation to the next level, taking advantage of Blake Rudis Artistic background in developing a very useful tool to speed up the editing process.

  93. Patrick McCloskey (verified owner)

    A thorough explanation of colour theory and colour grading as well as a plugin to implement both. Blake’s enthusiasm for teaching the subject is the best part of the package; the plug-in is a bonus. I wholeheartedly recommend this course.

  94. Alvin Robinson (verified owner)

  95. David Boyce (verified owner)

    This is such an excellent course. I am half way through it, and am enjoying it so much and learning heaps from Blake. Thank you so much for sharing your years of knowledge Blake.

  96. GARY MEYER (verified owner)

    what can I say been following Blake for a while now and thanks to Blake he has unleashed the full power of Photoshop for me before that it was just another piece of software to process raw photos .. his courses and panels really help to understand Photoshop and the tools you have available to you it is nice to have complete control over your photos and the way they look instead of some 3ed party software plugin software preset .. can’t say enough ..

  97. David Pickles (verified owner)

    The Palette Effects bundle is well put together and puts phenomenal power into the user’s hands. The education pieces are integral as you would just be shooting in the dark using these amazing tools without it. I’m still working through the video education, but so far I have been impressed with how Blake logically builds the modules so your knowledge builds on itself.

  98. Bob V. (verified owner)

    Working my way through the Palette Effects Education Bundle has been an interesting experience – more interesting than I expected. I bought the course because I wanted to learn more about how to use color. The course delivered as expected with respect to color theory, but it went well beyond expectations. I’m sure that the concepts in this course will lead me to create images with deeper emotion and impact. And the Panel and Blake’s workflow information will facilitate my process.

  99. Wanda Kelley (verified owner)

    Well done!

  100. Patric Rosberg (verified owner)

    Although I have worked with Photoshop for many years, I didn’t know that I can have such control over my colors. One of the best purchases I have made.
    Blake not only delivers a system, but also includes an education that in an pedagogical way gives you the knowledge to put your own style on your photos.

  101. Anonymous (verified owner)

  102. Charles Isenhour (verified owner)

    Excellent course . Has made improving my images so much easier than before. Thanks

  103. Bill and Elsa d’Ellis (verified owner)

  104. Lewis (verified owner)

    I am excited about the opportunities Pallette Effects offers. The aids for Colour Theory and the tools for enhancing colour harmony are excellent. Colour dodging and burning plus enhancements are fairly easy to use.

  105. Thomas F. (verified owner)

    Buy it! You’ll not be disappointed. Then, study all of Blake’s tutorials that accompany the PE3 Panel, and then practice, practice, practice! You’ll come away from this experience with so much more Ps knowledge than you had before buying it and your photos will show it!

  106. David Robinson (verified owner)

    Not started to use the palettes yet

  107. Viliam (verified owner)

    Palette Effects III Education & Panel is perfect. I’m just getting started because I’m learning Zone System Express. I look forward to every video from you. You are the perfect teacher. Many thanks to you for your excellent work. I’m sorry, but I use a translator because I can’t write English.

  108. Peter (verified owner)

    It is working for my wildlife images as I work through the panel to better understand which options really enhance the wildlife. Love the Welninski Drama effect, even when I stay in color (just hide the b&w conversion). Awesome effect for wildlife!

  109. Philip S. (verified owner)

    Hi Blake. After buying your ‘30 days…’ course and really enjoying it, I thought I’d splash out on the ‘Palette Effects lll’ course. It’s absolutely blown me away. It’s a complete game-changer with regards to understanding the colour in your photos. I particularly like the way you explain the theory behind each button/effect. I use it all the time in my work and I think my photography has improved because of it. Keep up the good work!

  110. Elias Dib (verified owner)

    wonderful product ! Very impressed and happy 🙂

  111. Birger Ryss (verified owner)

  112. Robert Lawley (verified owner)

    Really enjoy the pallette

  113. Gary Simms (verified owner)

    Lots to learn about color, but the panel greatly automated all the PS keystrokes.

  114. Peter Bontrop (verified owner)

    I’m still learning, but Palette III is a great tool with color grading in my photographic workflow.

  115. Terry Kragelj (verified owner)

    Lots to digest. Just starting my journey learning LR and Photoshop. This course broadens my knowledge – now I just have to practice. Loving it!

  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Het is een heel goed product, maar ik leer nog hoe werkt

  117. Massimo (verified owner)

    You’ll learn a lot! worth the money. Well structured.

  118. Philip K Webb (verified owner)

    Still working thru it. It’s great. The Color theory, has been extremely useful. The last time I really looked at “color Theory was back in 1957 while attending Trade School ( New York Institute of Photography). That was very early and at the start of Type C color printing, was jest coming out. School was about to start teaching Type C.

    The school was teaching Dye Transfer Color, at that time. Much to my surprise as I was reading and viewing your Color Theory section, it was very filmier…..Had not thought of Dye Transfer in many many years. Your version of color theory and Dye transfer Theory are very close ( As I Recall it).

  119. Jim Harrison (verified owner)

    Sorry I have not gotten to dive into the panel yet. It was an Xmas gift. I’m just finishing up a couple of composites that I was doing then I will dive in. I did look at it briefly and without knowing what I was doing I put the grading palette analysis button 3 on to check what I was doing and liked the results. I did not over saturated any thing. On your advise about the tk7 panel I ordered your zone system6 also . I will do it first then start the palette effects panel. I did notice that the last composite I’m doing now really has no real workflow. I’m all over the place on this one so I really need your workflow. It looks good but I could do more efficiently and effectively with your systems. Thanks Jim

  120. David G. (verified owner)

    I’m nearly 80 years young and have “done” photography all my life as a hobbyist. Palette Effects 3 is a capping stone in my endless quest for knowledge. It turned a spotlight on “What I Don’t Know” from Blake who is an inspiring and challenging educator. He reminds me of one of my best university profs.

  121. Josep Galera Garcia (verified owner)

    Hello Blake,
    At the moment I can only talk wonders of your “Palette Effects III Panel” I am impressed with how well it works.
    Continue practicing and learning.
    Thanks Blake, great job.

  122. Tim Clifton (verified owner)

    The ability to follow Blake’s instructions and use the Palettes to create our art is exciting, and opens new avenues to us. I have a number of Blakes courses, tools, and I am always awed by his ability to enthuse his viewers. Another great offering by Blake.

  123. ALAN SILBERLIGHT (verified owner)

    Once again, I thank Blake for the superb instruction that he has provided. A great deal of painstaking effort has gone into the creation of the videos and of course, the Palette. A wealth of education and meaningful explanations that enable the photographer to craft the image that he or she desires.

  124. Mary H. (verified owner)

    The education alone is worth the price. I had the Zone System Express pack and thought that was pretty incredible but Blake has taken this to a whole different level with the Palette Effects 3. I highly recommend any photographer who wants their photos taken to the next level to get the PE3. You will learn so much about tone and color theory. Now that I have taken the course, I feel like I will have a better handle on my photos to make them the best they can be.

  125. Richard (verified owner)

    I’ve just begun a deep dive into Palette Effects but already I can see how useful it will be, how versatile it is and how much information Blake has imparted to anyone wanting to up their “game.” He has really helped me realize how little I actually knew about color-grading and color theory and I find his knowledge/experience very welcomed and much appreciated.

  126. Patty (verified owner)

  127. Glen Z. (verified owner)

    Still learning. Have not actually used the panel in the “real” world yet. The tutorials are great!

  128. David Perry (verified owner)

    I recently purchased Blake Rudis’ Palette Effects which included Education materials and the actual Panels to be installed into Photoshop. Blake is an excellent instructor, and the Palette Effects Panel is a top-notch work. I was able to install the bulk of the program into my Photoshop on my Mac computer. However since Blake’s materials are written for the Windows Computer system, there were a few small areas that presented difficulties with the installation. These small errors have not reduced my enthusiasm for the Palette and how well it operates for me. I also produced Blake’s Panel for doing post-processing. His demonstration of the Panel in post-processing blew my mind, and I am eagerly awaiting my chance to dig into that one as soon as I get Palette Effects under my belt.

    Blake is such an excellent teacher that I have sworn myself to eventually acquire all his training materials as they are published. His course on 30 Days of Photoshop in 30 days is excellent and will take any photographer well into the high skill levels of major pro photographers. He is the best thing that has hit photography training since I’ve started this work.

    I have joined Blake’s f64 Elite ACADEMY as a full-time member, and consider this an amazing opportunity to advance my post-processing skills. I shoot both Nikon with the “Holy Trinity” of lenses, and iPhone 11 recently. now that RAW photography is possible with an iPhone. I am quite certain Blake will have me well prepared for any type of photography I pursue.

  129. Karoly Nemeskeri (verified owner)

    Thank you and thank you for the great video tutorials.

  130. David G. (verified owner)


  131. Diantha S. (verified owner)

    I am having so much fun learning about the different artistic styles and ideas behind Pallet Effects, and it’s great to have assessment tools and the knowledge to decide how to bring images to life. I really enjoy Blake’s education because it’s very intuitive.

  132. Mark L. (verified owner)

    I am just starting the Color modules. The Tone modules are were a great education, and I can return any time to refresh, remember steps I might forget, etc. I feel I received a rich understanding of tone and how to use the b/w Palette Effects 3 to apply what I’ve learned to images. Everything is clear there. I’m super excited to begin the Color modules. I’ve snuck ahead in the panel itself and am making mad use of the Gradients section of the panel. No spoilers but my images have leveled up big-time from the gradients alone. The Palette is great but it’s knowledge and understanding is by far the important part for me.

  133. Kirk F. (verified owner)

    Excellent series on color and color theory. That in itself was worth the price. The tool Pallette effects is excellent too and shows another way besides luminosity masking to achieve similar results, in some cases more intuitive and simpler.

  134. DEAN MALENCIK (verified owner)

  135. Jim Young (verified owner)

    These lessons are clear, easy-to-follow, yet detailed instructions on how to improve my photo editing. They tell me not only how-to but why this or that particular edit works and the theory behind it. What I say here applies to both the Extended Edition and the Gradients. Well done!!

  136. Misko (verified owner)

    Amazing Photoshop plug-in! As Blake said – it really puts photo editing on a completely new pedestal! Really worth every $ – but, quoting Blake again – study the included videos first, thoroughly and several times! You cannot just install it, use it next minute, and hope for instant magnificent result. Too powerful for such approach…

  137. Paul Austin (verified owner)

    I learned a lot from the Palette Effects course, the lessons were clear, especially Blake’s preface of “manual” generation of the effect before showing the Palette buttons that do the same effect.

  138. Max (verified owner)

    Good on you Blake. You have done it again. I am overwhelmed by information (and all of it extremely good).
    How will I ever stuff all of this into my head and remember what to reach for when I am working on that ONE and only photo for a comp?

  139. bernard adam (verified owner)

    Got tools which allow most efficient access to PS. However as told by Blake , need lot of practice to fully master.
    Would be nice to receive further materials to facilitate these trials, sort of « if you like to do…, here is how. »
    Long time ago was an Element user.Had then access to monthly magazine which provided tons of relevant info.
    Believe you should consider such a medium and then links all he tools you have designed.

  140. Stephan R. (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Blake’s educational style is wonderful. I also liked his way of tying in the technical with artistic. I now look at my photos in a very different way and envision upgrades in the final image.

  141. Stephan G. (verified owner)

    You have made a big hit with this Palette Effects IV Education & Panel.
    Even if it still takes a little practice and repetition with the help of the explanatory videos, there are options available to me that I would hardly have used in PS CC. Especially if you come from the field of painting or want to work creatively and do not use PS CC every day, this module is an enrichment.
    Admittedly, it is not cheap and PS CC basically provides all functions, but who knows all the applications in detail.
    This is where the Panel comes in. Here, predetermined processes are not simply hidden behind some presets. No, every function is functionally derived in PS, its effect is explained and is then comprehensible, quick and individually applicable in the Panel.
    Keep it up!

  142. Vijay (verified owner)

  143. Grant K. (verified owner)

    Still coming to grips with PE4, only had it for a couple of weeks and there’s so much to get your head around. Thankfully, this is where Blake’s accompanying videos, his education, are so important, you get the ‘what, why, when, where and how’. What the product is, how it will improve the post-processing of your photos, where to use it in your workflow, why and when you should use the different areas of the program, he covers the lot. It all makes sense but additionally Blake’s support and assistance is little more than an email away, he’s damn good and yes, I’m sure my pics have improved using his tools and methods.

  144. Anonymous (verified owner)

  145. Tom Walker (verified owner)

    Not quite sure how to apply these to my images and get great effects.

  146. Rosemary (verified owner)

    I am a photo artist and have been using PS for over 10yrs. I have learnt so much more from Blake’s Palette Effects Education and Panel in two weeks, than I have over the last 10yrs. The course is excellent and the Panel is a real time-saver. Thank you Blake :))

  147. Ian Tulloch (verified owner)

    Palette Effects IV is a brilliant panel and the accompanying training videos by Blake are first class. I have spent quite some time going through the tone section of the panel and have been truly amazed at the transformation in my monochrome images and the different looks that can be achieved. Blake’s explanation of tone and the different types of monotone styles eg low/high key and silver effect etc is so clear and instructive. I look forward very much to moving on to the Colour section and learning all about colour theory and how to apply it in my photography. The panel works very well with Photoshop and I have not experienced any technical issues. I absolutely love it.

  148. Anonymous (verified owner)

  149. Paul (verified owner)

    I have only been using Lightroom & Photoshop for little over a year and recently purchased the PE IV panel. I am still working my way through the comprehensive education package but already, my using, understanding & learning so many aspects of tone, colour & light, has grown exponentially.

  150. David Mack (verified owner)

    Blake, I’m just now into P/S and trying to learn as much as possible and still have a life and do some field work. To be honest, I’m kind of over-whelmed with all the material you offer and have purchased this product with great anticipation, but am no where near ready to use it until I have a more solid understanding of some of your other products. I hate to miss out on your new offer deals by waiting, so I buy, knowing they’ll be useful in the near future.

  151. Steve Bastiman (verified owner)

  152. Tom (verified owner)

    I’ve bought a few of Blakes training and have always learned more than i thought i would!! He’s an excellent instructor.

  153. Pavel D. (verified owner)

  154. Werner (verified owner)

  155. BRUCE (verified owner)

  156. Dennis Mahaffey (verified owner)

  157. Nicolo C. (verified owner)

    One of the best palette and tools if while when you’re editing your photos, you were looking for something more “painter mood” and not only a photographer. I’m Italian so Very Easy to understand videos and examples to follow along, very detailed on colorimetric and finally something different on how to treat colors. I won’t tell you what is it. I’m enthusiastic about it. Thanks Blake.

  158. david beaubien (verified owner)

    very good and eye opening course

  159. Doug P. (verified owner)

    This palette will allow me to take my images to the next level! I am looking to move into a more pure fine art realm and this is the tool made just for that. Thanks Blake for making this for us.

  160. Serge Gérin (verified owner)

    I’m very glad to dispose of this panel. I use it for every photo i want to improve. Thank you.

  161. Robert A. (verified owner)

    Hi Blake, I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t had time to go through it all. But I would suggest that for example when you go through say B&W, you ground us by saying “this subject is also discussed in ZE7”, or “this subject is an extension not covered in ZE7”.
    I would also spend time on going through all the elements or at least say where the discussion is. But I really do like what you do.

  162. Wojciech S. (verified owner)

    After a rather cursory look at the material in a foreign language for me and compared to the products purchased so far, they are at a high level. I recommend it to anyone who cares about their development as a photographer and wants to spend as little time as possible on photo processing and get the best results. Greetings from Poland from the city of “Fortress Przemyśl”.

  163. Timothy Rohman (verified owner)

    This product is so great for helping me create images that would have taken me way more time to figure out how to create. So many options in the panel. And then you get all the training material along with it to make sure you can get every bit of creativity out of it. Blake puts so much effort into making sure that the process he has come with for making his great images is passed along to the rest of us, instead of having to figure it all out ourselves. Blake is such a great instructor and puts so much effort into helping make the rest of us very creative, happy, and successful with our images. I would not hesitate to get any of Blake’s products.

  164. Peter Ferst (verified owner)

    I’m a very long term user of PS and have been with LR since its inception. I’m now retired and even this old dog can learn new tricks. I’m reviewing all my 100,000 +images and I can see that Blake’s tutorials will bring me to a whole new level with my better images. Easy to follow modules and and the pallet is an immense time saver. Worth every penny.

  165. Gunnar S. (verified owner)

  166. James Lassoie (verified owner)

    I took advantage of your ‘sale’ and they are waiting for me to finish the 30-day course. Based on monthly critiques I’m looking forward to adding them to my workflow.

  167. Françoise B. (verified owner)

    I have not yet gone through the entire panels or courses I bought but what I have seen so far is very good and exactly what I was looking for. I am still looking forward to learn a lot.
    Thank you and best wishes from Switzerland

  168. Vladimír Wieser (verified owner)

    This panel is rather different from the others, I have used to. Its not only for simplifying the workout, but gives you a lot of new ways to photo postprocessing in BW and color environments.

  169. Lisa Delp (verified owner)

    I am loving the education that goes along with the palette panel. I have been playing with the painting features under the painting tab on various images. I like that immensely. I just finished the toning education and am looking forward to playing with all the features there. I am very pleased with this product.

  170. Glyn Naylor (verified owner)

    This product is bringing my images into another dimension and how I imagined them to be but lacked the skills in Photoshop to put the final touches to them. The instructional videos Blake has included are easy to follow and understand and will not hesitate in purchasing more items from him in the future. Well done Blake and thank you very much.

  171. Joel Rosi-Schwartz (verified owner)

  172. Bob Watson (verified owner)

  173. Ann B. (verified owner)

    Still working my way through it all.

  174. Jorge (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful educational package. The tool allows me to apply plenty of “one button” styles and effects that are composed of one or more layers, but I know exactly what each layer does so that I can easily customize them to suit my unique artistic taste. I am delighted with this program!

  175. Charles Roy (verified owner)

    Excellence in education and toolsets. Blake delivers! 🙂

  176. Robert Ramsey (verified owner)

  177. Juan Renta (verified owner)

    This is a well-thought out panel which greatly improves not just the processing of an image but also the time required to realize your artistic vision. As always, Blake does an outstanding job with the education videos, explaining all aspects of the panel and how to use it. I consider the PE4 panel a very worthy photographic investment.

  178. Adam Ermatinger (verified owner)

    The tools are great but its the education in understanding color theory and how they work together in your photographs that really make this course valuable.

  179. Frank Perito (verified owner)

    Love it. Got it last week during the introductory sale and have been taken it at a slow digestible pace since then. I’m up to theory and at this point I need to watch it several times. Each time I learn something new.

    I have the Zone system, the palette, and the Blend if panel. I would love to see a presentation on combining the three products with a where and when to use each.

  180. WARWICK ARNOLD (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased I purchased this panel to tie together my suite of Blake’s F/64 panels. I’ve always struggled with colour grading and have often given up and retreated back to my comfort zone in B&W. At last I have a tool that allows me to tailor colour to my taste in a logical workflow – as a bonus it has all those B&W tools to take my monochrome images to the next level! Palette Effects along with ZSE, D&B Pro and the ingenious Blend-If panel is the ideal group of tools that work together in a matching interface that covers all bases and is all backed up with Blake’s lucid education videos. Brilliant stuff!

  181. D Day (verified owner)

    About 2/3’s thought the education for this panel. This panel has already made my images have more impact. In fact an image using these new skills was chosen for a public collection.

  182. John H. (verified owner)

    What can one say about something that gives so much to one’s creativity. Palette Effects is a panel of “actions” put together in very precise manner, with the purpose of making one’s workflow easier. Many educators put together actions, or an action panel and then give a quick “here’s the look you get with this button”. Blake could do the same thing but he goes through a workflow and shows how each part of the workflow is done; tone, color, and effects and then tells which button on the panel gives that output. Put different from other educators, he has showed how he arrived at that output by going through the different settings that got him there. By explaining what each part of his workflow does he shows how someone can change that part to their own idea, then the panel gives one the ability to change anything that the action did. He reiterates over and over that the panel “buttons” are just starting points and everyone should go into the output to change things to their own personal vision. The Panel itself is set up to do hundreds of different actions to a photograph and the accompanying education explains what the panel is doing and how to manipulate the output to something different. The education is actually more important than the panel, how Blake explains the techniques to get from point A to B is the “nuts and bolts” of the education, and how one can use the panel to make their photographs into something they see in their mind as easy as they want. The panel is a time saving piece of photographic equipment, most people who know photoshop could probably figure out how to do the same procedure without the Palette Effects panel but when it may take someone 10-15 mins to do something instead of just pushing a button and adjusting the outcome, then why waste time that could be spent with taking photographs. In other words, this Palette Effects Panel is a time saver to say the least and the education that comes with it is absolutely the best way to learn how to make better photographs without wasting time.

  183. Jeff (verified owner)

    Great!! Complete explanation of the panel

  184. Linda Hodges (verified owner)

    Thoroughly explained in a very interesting way. Tool is great but I still have a lot more to explore with it.

  185. Mika P. (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with this panel and course, once again. Easy to adapt your mindset in to “the colour world” of Blake ;-).
    I have very fast taken some parts of this education in my workflow, step by step. If needed, rewinding videos few times to make sure I get everything as needed…

  186. Joseph Gaspar (verified owner)

    Wow! You are the best instructor to understand color. This panel proves it. Using color in photoshop easy and fun after watching your videos and installing the panel. Thanks a million.

  187. Ed (verified owner)

    Great tool and instruction! While the Panel is now part of my workflow, what’s invaluable is understanding the how’s and why’s of what’s behind it so you can use it to achieve masterful control. Thumbs up, Blake!

  188. Steve Njavro (verified owner)

    Blake is a fantastic teacher, has a depth of understanding with photoshop and an easy to follow approach.

  189. marc Cantara (verified owner)

  190. M Daines (verified owner)

    For years I’ve had a serious inferiority complex when it comes to colour as I’m slightly red and green colour deficient.

    However purchasing Palette Effects has to be some of the best money I’ve ever spent when it comes to my photography.

    Blake’s education videos and especially the palette tools have put me on a clear path to understanding colour and colour harmony. I now have the confidence to colour grade to a degree I couldn’t have attempted before.

  191. Chan Garrett (verified owner)

    I have just started working through the education that comes with the panel. Already I have learned a lot and see the great potential of the education and panel for my continued growth as an artist.

  192. Gary Kranston (verified owner)

    Blake provides amazing value and knowledge with his education courses. I always learn a lot from his courses, and he ALWAYS responds to my email inquiries. I highly recommend his Photoshop education products!

  193. Ron Capone (verified owner)

    A superb combination of educational presentations and tools. Very well thought out. If there is one thing that could be added it would be one or two videos on composition and how color affects it.

  194. Wayne Hunter (verified owner)

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