Developing the Shot: In Retrospect

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Have you ever looked at one of your portfolio images from the past and thought, “I could do so much better on this with what I know now”?

I know I have. Heck, I go back and edit my images at least 3 times a year.  I think this practice is an excellent idea for many reasons.

  1. Improved Editing Skills: As time goes on, your editing skills and techniques are likely to improve, allowing you to make better edits than you were able to when the photo was first taken.
  2. Fresh Perspective: Revisiting old photos can give you a fresh perspective on the image, and you may see things that you overlooked before. This can inspire new ideas for editing and improve the overall composition of the image.
  3. New Technology: With advancements in technology, you may have access to new editing tools and software that were unavailable when the photo was first taken.
  4. Nostalgia: Revisiting old photos can evoke feelings of nostalgia and bring back memories associated with the image. By editing the photo again, you can create a new version of the image that reflects your current emotions and feelings.
  5. Personal Growth: Editing old photos can be a way to reflect on your personal growth and development as a photographer. You can compare your old edits to current ones and see how far you’ve come in your skills and techniques.

In this course, I will show you how I will transform an older portfolio image with my newfound techniques to elaborate on my original artistic vision.  Not only that, you’ll learn about what’s going on in your mind when you process an older photo with a new learning tool I’m calling Post-Artistic Vision Cognition.

What you will learn:

  • • The importance of revisiting older images.
  • • How your brain interprets older images with Artistic Vision Cognition
  • • About the location, Second Beach in Olympic National Park
  • • My entire workflow from beginning to end with all the new tools I am using to express my vision.
  • • Why the 2017 version was not as successful as the 2023 version

What is Included:

  • • 7 Videos – 90 Minutes
  • • 40 Pages of Documentation
  • • 1 Follow-Along Image


7 reviews for Developing the Shot: In Retrospect

  1. David Eckels

    Having done this several times with older/favorite images, it was fantastic to see your approach and analysis. Speaking from experience, I affirm that it’s a great way to learn new things and even refine vision. With the new tools and strategies I am learning at f.64Elite I am excited to go back yet again! Thanks for this!

  2. Diantha Smith

    This reminds me of one summer, (maybe 25 years ago) when we spend every night at the beach watching the sunset for about 6 weeks. I knew I couldn’t capture it on film so I didn’t ever take the camera.
    One night it was raining heavily so we nearly didn’t go but, I was so glad we did because it wasn’t raining out at sea. The colours were absolutely unforgettable as the colours blended with the rain clouds.

    Thanks for reminding me to keep refining my vision with the help of practical and innovative technology, I’ll never get tired of magnificent sunsets over the ocean!

  3. Al T. (verified owner)

    A solid presentation, understandable language, great application illustrations; more like having a friend guide you than some other typical courses. Thanks Blake!

  4. Jose L Huertas (verified owner)

    Interesting approach to recover shots which were not “perfect” from your eye.

  5. Heike Lindner

    What an adventure to learn in F64 Elite! I love this new course! I know, my workflow has changed over the last five years, has become more organic, with so much better results. And still – I grasp new ideas, much needed reminders, great inspiration and gain new knowledge from every new course – from this one as well.
    Of course, I have watched your workflow changing over time – and what a difference and what an encouragement came with that. The newly developed image is really impactful and so much more open and inviting.
    Looking back five years and developing old images anew is a challenge worth trying.

    And, holy cow, this Beta Workflow image …
    What makes a great image?? It makes the eye wanna explore and dance!

  6. Curtis (verified owner)

  7. TJ Grady

    This was amazing!!!! Gave me a lot of ideas and the how to think and approach this!!! Thank you!!

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