Discovering Vision-Director’s Cut

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25 reviews for Discovering Vision-Director’s Cut

  1. Richard Olson (verified owner)

  2. Brian G. (verified owner)

  3. Paul Keske (verified owner)

  4. Mary Hulett (verified owner)

    More helpful examples to illustrate how to develop our vision to help our photography.

  5. Stephan R. (verified owner)

    Additional examples of the methods Blake uses when creating his photographs. Helped supplement the Vision series.

  6. Randy S. (verified owner)

  7. Mary C Tevis (verified owner)

  8. Karen Hudnall (verified owner)

  9. Marg (verified owner)

    More good location and processing tips.

  10. ART B. (verified owner)

    DYV Director’s Cut first reviews the background of unleashing our artistic vision and then immediately follows up with four specific examples to help coax us into what is a different way of thinking for most photo enthusiasts as we process images.

  11. Cor van der Linden (verified owner)

  12. Robert C. (verified owner)

  13. Charlie Isenhour (verified owner)

    A fantastic extension to a great course

  14. John (verified owner)

  15. Alicia H. (verified owner)

    Excellent course as usual! Great information and very inspiring.

  16. James Lassoie (verified owner)

    These were helpful in re-emphasizing points made in the Section 2 of the course; but I appreciate why they were ‘culled’ from the final cut. They reinforced your approach to communicating your artistic vision from the field through post-processing, which was very important to us students. An old adage in teaching: tell em’ what you’re going to tell em’, tell em’, and then tell em’ what you told em’!

  17. Helge S. (verified owner)

  18. Diantha (verified owner)

    These videos are a great reference because they are all different approaches to artistic vision.

  19. Robyn Aldridge (verified owner)

    This is pretty neat. I would like to acknowledge Blake’s dedication to creating the courses he puts up for photographers wanting to improve their skills and knowledge. Whichever way you turn all of his courses have great value.

  20. John Thomas (verified owner)

  21. Colin Baterip (verified owner)

  22. Ken Foong (verified owner)

  23. Tim Blake (verified owner)

    Worth every cent infact I’d pay double, and it would still be worth it
    Thanks Blake for all your hard work and research.

  24. Elisabeth Lindvall (verified owner)

  25. jan (verified owner)

    as always, very clear and interesting education

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